70 Most Beautiful Angel Tattoos You Will Absolutely Love

Are you looking for a beautiful angel tattoo for yourself? Browse through these 70 pretty angel tattoos that we have short-listed.

By Amanda Palmer
70 Most Beautiful Angel Tattoos You Will Absolutely Love

Angel Tattoos

Tattoos are an expression of our feelings, faith, beliefs, love and personalities. Many people get angel tattoos inked on their bodies. These angel tattoos show your belief in God. Angels are regarded as messengers of God. There are various types of angel tattoos: baby angel tattoos, guardian angel tattoos, simple angel tattoos and angel tattoos representing hope. Angel tattoos look very beautiful on the skin and range from the tiniest of sizes to those covering your entire back or front torso. Angel tattoos look very beautiful on the wrist too. 

Angel tattoos have been highly trending these days. A current fashion fad, many girls are seen with different types of beautiful angel tattoos on different parts of their bodies. While most women have a small angel tattoo on their wrist, there are some who get them on their back, chest and behind the neck. These areas can be easily covered with clothes and you can show the tattoos only when you want to. 

Angel tattoos are a mainstream tattoo design that focuses mainly on angel designs. There is a wide array of angel tattoo designs. The differences range from different textures, different designs and different sub-themes of angel tattoos. These tattoos have varied meanings and some are inked with varied hues and colors. Generally angel tattoos are large sized with intricate detailing done in the wings. 

It is believed that getting an angel tattoo inked on your body fills one's mind with placidity and peace. One feels safe and secure as an angel is always guarding them. This is just a sentiment according to their belief in the Almighty. There are many angel tattoos which are simple and breath-taking with their minute detailing and beautiful angelic designs. The shades and strokes done in a beautiful angel tattoo require a lot of patience and expertise and cannot be done by an amateur tattoo artist. 

The angel tattoos have different meanings symbolized by them. They associate with different human emotions and facets of life. These are not just merely tattoo designs but they express feelings of people. Angel tattoos are representations of a person's beliefs and faith in God. Many people worship angels as protectors of human beings and as messengers between God and humans. A typical angel tattoo has wings. They are considered to be servants of Gods. There are many varied angel tattoos such as warrior angel tattoos, devil angel tattoos, fallen angel tattoos, baby angel tattoos, angel tattoos with expressions of hope and death angel tattoos. Each type symbolizes a different meaning. Angels are a symbol of purity, beauty and kind spirits. Getting one inked on your body represents your love for purity, beauty and desired to be protected from evil. Many believe that getting an angel tattoo protects one from the evil eye and any kind of physical damage. A guardian angel tattoo is supposed to protect you from negative vibes. 

Both men and women can get angel tattoos. Wings are the main attributes of angel tattoos and while getting an angel tattoo, a lot of importance is given to the intricate detailing of wings. Angel tattoo designs look the best with open wings. 

Here are the main angel tattoo forms and some of the best designs of each category short-listed. You can take inspiration from these or choose any one for yourself. 

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Beautiful Angel Tattoos expressing Hope

Angel tattoos which feature pretty butterfly designs and wings generally symbolize pious feelings and respect. These mostly describe your belief towards the Almighty. Large or small angel tattoos with butterflies and wings are the most common angel tattoo designs. These look pretty embellished on the bodies of women but men can have it too.

Angel tattoos with wings also depict love, purity and sanctity in one's thoughts and deeds. It could be an expression of one's persona or a way to tell the world about your ideals. It also shows the power in goodness and the power of God. 

You might have also come across some people with angel tattoos having broken wings. These wings signify sadness or despair. The person must be going through a lot of sadness in his life to get such a tattoo done. The withered wings show dismay. Tattoo artists draw withered wings with sad postures or light postures to emphasize on their distressed emotions. These angels look like they are in sheer disgust and disappointment. It needs a very strong reason to get such a tattoo and you must be in your sane frame of mind. Tattoos cannot be undone easily. Happiness and sadness are part and parcels of life. You must remember that time heals even the saddest of feelings. So if you are sad today, you might not feel the same way tomorrow and at that time a sad angel tattoo will not seem right to you. Some get a sad angel tattoo in memory of someone precious whom they have lost. Such a tattoo will always give them a vivid memory of their loss. 

One should study the different types of angels and their postures and significance before getting a particular angel tattoo inked on the body. 

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Beautiful Angels as Messenger of Gods Tattoos

Angel tattoos are messengers of God. Many girls get these pretty tattoos to represent messengers of God. With such tattoos, they believe that the messenger of God is always by their side. A typical messenger tattoo is an angel with folded hands and closed eyes in a prayer posture. These tattoos also signify certain important things. 

These messengers from God tattoos represent special talents and skills. People believe that they have special virtues and powers and have the ability to convey messages and wishes from God to humans and vice versa. These also give a constant memory to the person that messengers traverse from the heaven to earth and can witness all the doings. This automatically spreads good vibes around us and a general notion to the world at large about spreading goodness, kindness and love. It gives one a memory that God is watching us always and we must be mindful of that before committing any crime. 

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Fallen Angel Tattoos

Fallen angel tattoos have a very deep meaning. They typically represent a memory of a very sad event that occurred in the life of the girl. 

Angels are believed to have both evil and good characters in them. There are some angels who bring in hope and wisdom but there are a few which are disowned by heaven due to their misdeeds and rebellious behavior. The biblical significance of such fallen angels shows how these angels had been thrown out of heaven to earth and were never meant to return again. To get such a tattoo inked on one's body represents that the girl has gone through a very rough patch in her life. She feels saddened by her past memory and feels that nothing can bring back her happiness again. Such girls get a fallen angel tattoo inked on their bodies to express their pain and sadness. These angels can never return back to heaven again. These tattoos depict the emotional hurt and pain. 

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Baby Angel Tattoos

Baby angel tattoos are simple and very popular. Most people get these baby angel tattoos on their wrists or arms. Baby angel tattoos generally symbolize love. These cute cupids are not typically huge like other angel tattoos and are very cute and adorable. These also symbolize happy feelings of togetherness and love. 

These tattoos are generally inked by soft-hearted and simple girls. These express the emotions of innocence and simplicity. Girls who get these express their inner personas. The cute baby face on an angel tattoo is a spectacular design for those who love simple things. 

Another aspect to these tattoos is first and true love. Girls who are experiencing their first and true love might also get a cupid angel tattoo to tell the world about their feelings.

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Guardian Angel Tattoos

A guardian angel tattoo depicts protection and strength. Guardian angel tattoos are generally done by girls who have a strong determination and will-power to overcome all hurdles. The designs of guardian angel tattoos are generally seen as floating designs. In these designs, a male or a female angel is seen with a sword or a weapon. Carrying a weapon, they indicate the end of evil and the onset of protection and goodness. 

Guardian angel tattoos look beautiful on girls who have a strong mind. They are courageous enough to face their life and overcome all odds. Getting a guardian angel tattoo indicates your belief that God will protect you in your life.

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Getting a tattoo is not as simple as selecting a random design and telling the tattoo artist to ink it for you. If you are not too confident of the design, you might regret it later and a tattoo is forever. It can fade over time but it is not easy to remove it completely. Many people resort to laser treatments to get their tattoos removed and some get other designs re-inked on their existing designs to hide the old ones. 

One must do thorough research on all the tattoo designs and then choose the one that suits her or him perfectly. Angel tattoos require strong motives and you should be confident about your personalities and ideals in life. If you love an angel tattoo but are too skeptical about getting a big guardian angel tattoo, then it is best to go for a baby angel tattoo as these look adorable always. The area of your body where you get your tattoo done is also very important. If you do not like too huge ones, get a smaller tattoo on your wrist. You can also choose areas of your body which you can easily cover with clothes. 



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