The Meaning Of Dreaming About Not Being Able To Breathe

Woke up in cold sweat and thought you died? Find out what this means

By Diana Nadim
The Meaning Of Dreaming About Not Being Able To Breathe

Nightmares And Dreams That Tell Us About Our Life

Should we always give our dreams a closer look? Do they carry any importance to our day to day activities? Do virtual things matter as you go about our daily activities? The above set of questions guide a certain belief about dreams. This is in an attachment to how and what we give of importance in our activities. Notably, your dreams tend to be influenced by a couple of things, such as:

  • What meal you had for breakfast, lunch, and supper


  • The images you paint on our mind


  • The recurrent and persistent problems that eat you up


  • The aspirations, the dreams, the likes, the dislikes, and the hopes that define your faith towards things


  • Short term and long term plans for your future

The puzzle human beings struggle to solve is the virtual to real connection. The disparity in human thoughts and complexity of minds permits this. The big question being, how do nightmares and dreams connect to our waking life?

Though we hardly trace their origins, they are important to our lives. An unexplainable drift in mood tends to make people forget about their dreams. Nightmares, on the other hand, are hard to forget since every morning, the dreamer is left with its effects. This could be a slight increase in heartbeat, sweating, and severe body aches.

Additionally, studying your dream life is key to every individual to bridge the connection between waking life and dream life easily. Dreams are of many kinds; some are complex, while others are simple. Simplicity and complexity can be attributed to the mode of interpretation.

Interpreting dreams and nightmares give clear insights about life. Before and after one goes to sleep, he/she should go through his/her mind. Here are several ways nightmares and dreams tell us about our life:

Seeing the dead

If you have recently lost a loved one, it can be different. This may be a way of processing your grief. In most cases, however, dreams like these might mean; you are struggling with an increased awareness of your mortality. It can also mean that you are psychologically struggling to let something go.

Dreaming your teeth is falling out

You may have disturbing images of your teeth falling out one by one. The teeth may also seem to be forcibly removed. This means that you are about to leave your comfort zone for your reason.

Partner leaving

This signifies an origin of fear for some reason, such as worries of infidelity. It may be a wakeup call to the dreamer to respect his or her marriage. If not dating, however, it may signify the anxiety about the possibility of not meeting the right person.

Getting injured

It may be attributed to the feeling of being weak or powerless in a certain aspect of your life. If the injuries are directed to you face in the dream, it symbolizes insecurities your mind has regarding your appearance.

Being trapped

Reflects a phobia or common fear. Psychologically, your mind tends to be trapped in a certain way you are trying to figure out. It can also be a trap on debts, unfulfilling relationships, and work.


In the same way, dreams about flying signify positive future outcomes, falling symbolize negative future outcomes. Dreams like falling from an airplane and not being able to reach down, tend to be disturbing.

Being chased and attacked

Psychologically you may be facing massive fears of being confronted. This can either be by the employer or the spouse. Personal type of confrontation can be annexed to another person being the source.


You may dream of being naked in public places that are full of people you know. This can be humiliating and degrading. Symbolically, this means you are afraid of being judged in life. It also prompts you to find and follow their purpose in life.

The Meaning Of Dreaming About Not Being Able To Breathe

Notably, it is so difficult to interpret these dreams. The uncomfortable environment it presents to the individual makes it hard. Health problems such as breathing difficulties reflect on the dream. Parasomnia is a disorder linked to sleep. It includes temporal paralysis of muscles, thereby inhibiting movement. The person is unable to speak, open the eyes, has persistent hallucinations.

A person with parasomnia finds it hard to breathe, having a lot of weight on the chest. The dreamer feels the chest is being crushed with great pressure. Parasomnia patients also experience shortness of breath due to fear of anxiety presented in their dream environment.

Such come with special meanings. The diversity of the meanings directs to proper understanding and analysis of the dream. Pay attention to unique details in your dream. They may signify exhaustion in your waking life. This may mean you are working too hard. You are also not creating time for resting during the day. These dreams are most likely a red flag and a wakeup call to fixing your health. Exhaustion in the health may be in the mental and physical state.

Dreaming of not being able to breathe may result from stress. Work pressure, relationship pressure is among causative factors. Health practitioners recommend not only to relax more but to enjoy life. During sleeping, for instance, unkempt beddings, weak beddings, less spacious beddings tend to contribute. The act of being uncomfortable is reflected in the dream as shortness of breath.

Additionally, disturbing experiences surface at night. The dreamer experiences shortness of breath as events unfold. Mistakes happening during the day also surface while dreaming where one feels so restless, especially if the problems were unsolved.

Having troubling problems is a contributory factor, for example, practicing procrastination in solving life puzzles. A dream may mean that you are procrastinating to solve your problems, thereby battling with them as unsettled scores in the dream. The events reflect in dreaming as being unable to breathe.

Improving Lifestyle As A Way Of Dealing With This Nightmare

Asthma and other respiratory illnesses in your life greatly contribute to this nightmare. This is in joint with you having an irresponsible kind of lifestyle. For example, when you don't rest despite overworking, disregarding your health status.

You should always ensure that you find enough time to rest, live a responsible lifestyle, avoid the use of drugs, and regularly consult a health practitioner for optimum respiratory checkups. Here is how you can improve your lifestyle to curb nightmare:

Brain relaxation

Get a break from frequently done activities. Evade normalcy by engaging the brain in something different but cheerful. Aim at tasks that don’t overwork your brain.


Excessive involvement may malfunction both physical and mental processes. Frequent visits to the doctor for body checkups. Create enough time for muscle and body relaxation. This can be through frequent visits to the gym. Moderate your work-life balance by spending some quality time with the family.

Proper planning and organization

Have well-structured plans and routines systems. This advocate for realistic timelines and manageable workloads. This helps in the massive reduction of anxiety and panic.

Controlling thoughts

Frequently strive to fix what you think about. How you think about things, the manner with which you think and the people you decide to think of. Avoid being a pessimist. Negativities are critical undermining factors of dream shaping.


Solve all your problems at once. Avoid postponing as this builds up problems. Make me deal with situations by yourself. Always strive to make up for all the things done, as this reduces reoccurrence.

Engage in stress management techniques

This can be done by creating adequate time for relaxing both mental and physical processes. Delegate tasks to reduce workload. This is a form of appreciating that other people can best solve certain problems. Have manageable workloads both at home and workplace. Advocate for planning that ensures realistic timelines for the delivery of tasks.

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Many factors in life push us to get nightmares. After a long day of work, a healthy mind will require enough rest. This is a break from problems, pressures, thoughts, and anxiety. In addition to this, these dreams and nightmares manifest respiratory illnesses such as Asthma. When they reflect on such illnesses, you should be proactive. Let this become a wakeup call to readjust your lifestyle and advocate for a healthy and balanced living.