What Do Dreams About Being Kidnapped Mean? Dream Meanings Explained

Deciphering scary dreams about being kidnapped alone

By Auntrone89
What Do Dreams About Being Kidnapped Mean? Dream Meanings Explained

Decoding dreams about being kidnapped

In spiritual circles, dreams aren't just dreams but premonitions. So, if you're constantly dreaming about being kidnapped, they might mean the following:

Everyone has dreams. But in as much as most of them are indeed pleasant – especially those that are about favorite cuisines, a few have the capacity of leaving the dreamers mortified. For instance, dreams about being kidnapped by masked strangers can leave you shaken to the core.

And though many still believe that nightmares are nothing but exaggerated dreams, others believe that they, especially those about being kidnapped, have a significance or meaning behind them. Also, dreams that involve you been kidnapped come in different scenarios with each scenario having its special meaning.

It is, therefore, very important for you to take note of even the slightest details in the dreams where you’ve been kidnapped as it’s the only way you’ll stand a chance to successfully decipher the meaning behind the dream. In the event that you can’t decode the mortifying dreams on your own, then you should never shy away from asking assistance especially from the people who can.

Dream interpreters come in the form of spiritual leaders, religious leaders and if you don’t mind, seasoned magicians. Either way, you’ll first of all have to be very specific and down to the detail in order for your dream about being kidnapped to be accurately interpreted.

1. Dreams where you’ve been kidnapped by an angry captor

There are times in your dreams where you’ve been kidnapped by a very angry captor. In some cases, your captor might even go to the extent of torturing you for absolutely no reason. In such a dream, your efforts to escaping will always be in vain, no matter how many times you try.

Experts have concluded that in such a dream, your brain – and by extension, your subconscious - is trying to tell you something very important. The captor who kidnapped and tortured you in your dreams represents your emotions. In other words, you’re most likely held hostage by your emotions in your waking life, meaning you’ll have to let go of them in order for you to be free or find true happiness.

There are plenty of reasons why people get angry and you’ll have to find out why you’re feeling that way. Finding the root cause of your anger is the only way you’ll kick-start the healing process. For instance, if someone in your waking life is making you angry, try to either forgive them or cut them loose.

If you’re mad at yourself for not achieving your clear-cut goals, then, by all means, forgive yourself, set other achievable goals and start working towards achieving them. That’s the only way you’ll stop yourself from being kidnapped and tortured by your emotions through recurring, horrifying dreams.

I understand that moving from anger is easier said than done. But if other people who were once kidnapped in their dreams found their way out through taking charge of their waking lives, so can you. All that matters is how bad you want to free yourself from the negative emotion that has you kidnapped.

2. Your “kidnapped” dreams might represent lack of control

Unfortunately, we live in a world where most people live at the mercy of the chosen few. And in your bid to seek freedom, that’s if you are among the majority, you might end up triggering dreams where you’re kidnapped either as a child or as an adult. In such cases, you might try your level best to break free from your mental tethers but fail every single time hence remaining kidnapped.

In some cases, you might go to the extent of breaking free but lack the power and speed to outrun your captor. This will result in your inevitable recapture by your captor or the stranger holding you hostage. Therefore, if you ever find yourself having dreams where you have been kidnapped and are powerless, then your number one priority should be reevaluating your waking life and make a few changes.

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Once you identified the root cause of your problems, proceed to set carefully crafted goals in order to overcome whatever has control over you – or kidnaped you – and break free as fast as you can. Always remember, the harder you focus on finding solutions to the problems in your waking life, the faster you’ll end up finding the right solutions to your problems.

Also note that if you keep procrastinating or ignoring the warning signs from your subconscious, the dreams of you being kidnapped will intensify, eventually giving room for anxiety or even worse, panic attacks. Therefore, the moment you start experiencing dreams where you’ve been kidnapped, that should be your cue to start looking for a solution pronto.

3. Escaping successfully after being kidnapped in your dreams

If your dreams always begin with you being kidnapped but then you always manage to escape, then it only means that there is always hope in your situation. As we’ve already established, whenever you are kidnapped in your dreams, there has to be something that has either kidnapped or held you hostage in your waking or real life.

But the fact that you always escape simply shows that you possess both the power as well as the potential to overcome or rise above whatever situation or person that has you “kidnapped” in your waking life. These waking life situations can either be emotional, financial or physical.

Either way, you’ll have to find a solution or way of escaping captivity before it’s too late.  Simply put, if you ever find yourself always escaping from your “kidnapped” dreams, then you should not only be hopeful but work towards a much better tomorrow.

But first, you’ll have to find fitting solutions that will end up quelling your current situation and do so as fast as you can. Remember that despite having the power to free yourself from whatever person/situation that has you kidnapped or held hostage, you’ll need a lot of guts to access it.

4. Kidnapped with no captive or tethers in your dreams

There are those dreams where you’ll be kidnapped and tortured either as a child or as an adult. Then there are those dreams where you’re kidnapped and locked away in a dark room. Dreams that have you kidnapped but have no captor either torturing or keeping an eye on you simply mean that despite being kidnapped, escaping is within your reach.

But the reason you still stay kidnapped is simply that you either don’t believe in your abilities or simply you lack the courage to overcome the situation that has you kidnapped. Therefore, whenever you have dreams about being kidnapped but without chains or torture, or strangers for captors, then your next order of business should be finding the courage to break free.

Get away from whatever situation or person that has you captive and never look back. There are times where you might need someone to help you find the courage to break free from a situation that has you kidnapped. If that’s the case, then don’t shy away from reaching out to friends/family and ask for their assistance.

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5. When you’re always kidnapped after escaping

When you are kidnapped in your dreams, things can get a little stranger especially when you always find yourself kidnapped even after escaping several times before. Sometimes you might attempt escaping only to end up in the same place – back in captivity.

As frustrating as this might be, such dreams always have a very important meaning behind them. Such dreams might point to your need for finding the reason why you are always running going in circles. You might be trying to break free from a toxic person or habit but there is only one thing that keeps you going back is your lack of willpower.

Therefore, you’ll have to train your mind to shun things that don’t build you because that’s the only way you’ll ever overcome your situation. If not, then you’ll stay kidnapped in your dreams without any hope for freedom. 

6. When you’ve been kidnapped by your lack of ambition

If you find yourself dreaming about being kidnapped but can’t find a reason or meaning behind it, then this might be your subconscious’ way of telling you to do better.  More often than not, people tend to feel “kidnapped” by simply settling for less. “Settling for less” might come in the form of a shitty job, a shitty relationship, shitty friends or worse, even childhood traumas that you simply don’t want to let go of.

Therefore, your subconscious might use these dreams to show you that you need to carry out thorough soul-searching. And once you’ve discovered the exact reason you’ve been held hostage, then, by all means, break the cycle as fast as you can lest you continue being tortured by these mortifying dreams.

7. When you’re “kidnapped” by your poor finances

Apart from anger and fear, dreams about being kidnapped might stem from your very bad financial situation, meaning that you might find yourself in some sticky situations in the near future.

Therefore, instead of waiting for the strangers in the name of collectors to come knocking at your door, you’ll be required to proper ways of escaping the pending financial trap in your waking life. Thankfully, there’re a lot of ways to bail yourself out. The only thing you need is the motivation and you’ll be good to go.

The final word on dreams about being kidnapped

As we’ve already seen, dreams where you’ve been kidnapped or held hostage can come in different forms as well as scenarios. Therefore, you’re required to always be careful especially when recounting the events so that you don’t miss a thing. Note that the recounting should be carried out as soon as you wake up.

Dreams, especially those where you’ve been kidnapped, have a tendency of evaporating from memory much faster than morning due at first light. As such, you should make a habit of writing down all the details about your dreams as soon as you wake up instead of waiting to do so when you are ready.

And once you make out what the dream, in which you were kidnapped is all about, it’s important for you to find fitting ways to change your waking life. The same applies to dreams where you’ve either been kidnapped and tortured or kidnapped when you are just but a child.

Whether you believe it or not, dreams, where you’re kidnapped, have a high tendency of coming true. Some spiritual quarters also believe that your ancestors who are watching over you from the spiritual realm use such dreams as a way of forewarning you of the impending danger. That said, you’ll have no other choice but to take these warnings with a pinch of salt. 

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