The 101 Guide To Couple Sleeping Positions And It’s Meaning

What Your Couple Sleeping Positions Say About The Relationship

By Diana Nadim
The 101 Guide To Couple Sleeping Positions And It’s Meaning

Couple Sleeping Positions And What They Mean

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When people are in a relationship some little things that they do subconsciously can say a lot about how the relationship is.

One good example is the couple’s sleeping positions. When people fall asleep, their subconscious mind automatically takes over. This makes the body languages that people exhibit while asleep to be surprisingly accurate which is why the sleeping positions of couples can be used to show the nature of the couple’s relationship. The following are some of the sleeping positions common with couples and their meaning:

Legs intertwined or hugging each other

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In this position, the couple sleeps with their legs hugging each other throughout the night.

This sleeping position is a sign of either sexual or emotional craving from the couple. It can also mean that these lovebirds cannot get enough of each other even in their sleep which is awesome.


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This is where a partner takes all the space for himself or herself. This mostly involves the partner pushing the other partner out of the bed so that he/she can have all the space.

When one partner sleeps like this it shows that the partner is selfish and you need to take a closer look at the relationship for more signs of the partner’s domination so that you can have a talk with him/her before it’s too late.

One partner chasing after the other

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This sleeping position almost resembles spooning but the main difference is that one person is chasing the other. One partner drifts to the edge of the bed with the other partner chasing after him/her forming a spooning position.

This kind of sleeping position can mean that the partner drifting away is either playing hard to get or simply wants to be pursued.


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This sleeping position for couples is an interesting one! It shows that one partner is protective of the other; it also shows trust among the couples.

This position is loved by couples as it is sexual hence it improves intimacy.


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This sleeping position involves couples being intertwined while asleep. This makes the sleeping position extremely intimate which is why it mostly occurs when the couple has an amazing and active sex life.

This sleeping position can be a good sign if it occurs because of intimate things such as lovemaking and it can be a bad sign if it happens due to the couple being too dependent on each other.

Spooning loosely

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This type of sleeping position is common with couples who have stayed together for a while. Unlike new couples who are always on fire when sharing a mattress, couples who have been together for a while are not always eager to spoon hence they end up leaving a space between them while in a spooning position but touching lightly.

This means that the couple trusts each other.

Back-to-back & touching

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In this position, the couple sleeps back-to-back with either their backs or behinds touching.

This sleeping position shows that the couple is not only complacent with one another but also relaxed. You would, however, expect this position to be more popular with couples who have been together for a long time but that is not the case as its more common with couples who have been together for a year or even less.

Interlaced then later apart


In this position, the couple starts while interlaced but they separate after some time and they sleep independently.

This is sleeping position is interpreted as one of the signs of a strong and healthy relationship as it shows both independence and intimacy.

Facing each other without touching

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This position involves couples sleeping facing each other but without touching. This is interpreted as a sign of a very emotionally stringent relationship.

When couples sleep this way, their relationship is lacking good communication and affection and this is why the situation can be made better by improving communication and increasing intimacy.

Back-to-back & separate

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This is one of the most common sleeping positions among couples! It involves partners sleeping back-to-back but with a space in between them.

The primary reason why this position is popular is that it’s comfortable and practical. This sleeping position shows that the relationship is healthy and the couple is secure and also connected.

Head on the partner’s chest


This position has one person mostly the lady sleeping with her head placed on her partner’s chest. This is sleeping position is more common with rekindled or new relationships when the couples cannot get enough of each other.

This shows close communication and intimacy in the relationship.

Funny Sleeping Couple Positions

Not all sleeping positions are charming as others turn out to be hilarious. The following are some of the examples:


Comfortable Sleeping Positions

Having a good night’s sleep is very important and has many health benefits with some of them being; helps to improve your memory, to reduce stress, to lower your blood pressure, to improve your mood, to keep your heart healthy, makes you to be more attentive, and helps you to maintain healthy weight, among many others.

The best way of ensuring that you have a good night’s sleep is by having a comfortable sleeping position. The following are some of the examples of comfortable sleeping positions available:

Side position

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This is where you sleep on your side while ensuring that your legs and torso are straight. This position helps to reduce the chances of you snoring in your sleep and also helps to reduce acid reflux.

Do this to provide relief to your parent especially if snoring is making the night unpleasant for the other party. 

Back position

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This is one of the healthiest sleeping positions available. It allows the spine, the head, and the neck to rest in a neutral position, therefore, eliminating pains such as sore neck and back pain that comes as a result of bad sleeping positions.

This sleeping position also reduces acid reflux but it has a minor drawback in that, it increases the chances of snoring.

Fetal position

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This is by far the trendiest sleeping position with over 40 percent of adults choosing it. This sleeping posture involves you sleeping on your side but with your torso draw in and your knees bent. What makes this position ideal is the fact that it helps to improve circulation in your body which is why it is recommended for pregnant women.

Starfish position


This is where you sleep on your back with your arms and legs spread wide apart. This position has the same benefits as the back position. It is ideal for someone sleeping alone as you have all the space you need. The only drawback for this healthy sleeping position is that it increases the chances of snoring.

Log position

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This is where individuals sleep on their side with both their arms down and legs straight. It has the same benefits as side sleeping position as it helps in reduction of acid reflux.  

Memes On Couple Sleeping Positions

A meme can be defined as a practice or a concept that is mostly in the form of a picture or a video that spreads via the internet.

The following are examples of the memes on couples sleeping positions:

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When we sleep, our bodies rest helping to bring down our heart rate, our body temperature, and our breathing; this in return helps us to conserve our energy. Our brains, however, remain active even when we are asleep. This is why a couple’s sleeping positions can be used to interpret the kind of relationship they are having as the positions are as a result of their subconscious brain activity.

Therefore, the healthier the relationship is the better the sleeping positions will be for you as a couple.