What It Means To Have Dreams About Being Pregnant

So, you keep having dreams after dreams about being pregnant and wondering what these dreams could mean? Get in here to find out the meaning.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
What It Means To Have Dreams About Being Pregnant

What Do Dreams About Being Pregnant Mean?

It's sometimes baffling when you start having dreams about pregnancy and getting pregnant when, in real life, family planning isn't anywhere on the agenda. Dreams can be weird sometimes. But you see, when you keep having dreams about being pregnant despite not wanting a pregnancy, it calls for a closer look.
We all know that pregnancy precedes birth. Let's say you are pregnant; having dreams of being pregnant might mean that you are preparing to bring a baby into the world. However, these pregnancy dreams could also have some deeper meanings that aren't related to actual birth.
Generally speaking, pregnancy dreams often signify the beginnings of a new idea, project, or job in the dreamer's waking life. These dreams usually indicate that the dreamer is going to start something new and exciting (a real-life pregnancy co

When You keep Having Dreams About Being Pregnant

1. It Could be A Pointer To Your Health's Poor State. Yes, if you keep having dreams about being pregnant and you find them disturbing, it could be that your health needs particular attention.
Being pregnant means that you are growing a person inside your body. Having dreams about such thing making you feel uncomfortable means that your health might be at stake. Usually, if this interpretation is right for you, you would have been noticing your poor health in waking life. You should, therefore, do something about your health quickly.

2. Miscarriages. One of the features of your pregnancy dreams could be a miscarriage. The more you keep having such miscarriage dreams, the more you should be wary of the new step or project you are about to take in your waking life.

Among other things, having miscarriage dreams on a continuous basis means that your new idea, concept, or effort is likely going to be unsuccessful. You have the option of either dropping the idea or reviewing your strategy.

In practice, you would keep having dreams about miscarriages until you chart a new course. And if you keep being adamant about your proposed plan, the unwanted might happen along the line because having miscarriages in dreams is usually a bad omen.
3. You Keep Having Dreams About Someone Else Being Pregnant.
Strangely, your dreams might be about a close friend of yours being pregnant; if that is the case, what it means is that you are probably jealous of your friend's feat or new achievement.

In another way, it could also be that you are sensing a great potential in that person and depending on how you felt when you saw them pregnant in your dream, you are either happy for them or jealous about their achievements.

What To Do When You Keep Having Pregnancy Dreams

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As we have seen, there are no hard and fast rules for interpreting dreams about being pregnant. That's because being pregnant in your dreams could point to several areas of your life that are not similar to someone else's.
But generally, when such dreams become recurrent, that is, you keep having dreams of being pregnant when you are not pregnant or planning to, you are most likely not taking heed to the warning nature is trying to give you concerning the relevant subject of your life.
When you keep having dreams about being pregnant, you should check yourself carefully to see if there are some things about you or about your health, project, or life goal that need an urgent appraisal. While you expect the birth of that dream pregnancy, you should also review your preparations.

Dreams About Being Pregnant: Conclusion

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Many dream gurus have hypothesized that young men and women in their 20s and 30s are more likely to have dreams about being pregnant than other age groups. Their reason is that young men and women are at the stage of their lives where they are still trying to build themselves up.
To some extent, this assumption can be valid. You could be having dreams about being pregnant because you are actively trying to find your feet in life. Never be dismayed by such dreams. They are normal. Just heed the warnings if you sense nature is signaling to you to reconsider your steps, and all shall be well.