What is Spiritual Wellness and 5 Ways to Improve it

Spiritual Wellness Explained and How to Get the Benefits

By Fred S.
What is Spiritual Wellness and 5 Ways to Improve it

Holistically, your well-being is dependent on more than your physiological and physical status. Harms such as small cuts and bruises, blatant ailments like the flu and other obvious deviations from the normal state of human health are very evident to the naked eye. But, even science is of the notion that health is not just composed of how well you are outward. The entire paradigm of your well-being involves the state of your mind and your spirit, which can only be maintained and cured by delving deeper into the meaning of your being and the existence of everything around. It is important to acknowledge the fact that the universe and its components are not just present; they have a purpose that needs to be fulfilled continuously, giving you a sense of responsibility towards every perceptible aspect. 

What is Spiritual Wellness?

Spiritual wellness is more of an umbrella term that includes each facet of your soul and spirit, which ultimately ascertain the state of your health. It is the pinnacle of peace and harmony attained by a tireless quest for searching for the reasons for which you have been bestowed with the gift of life and its sustenance. When one is able to find the answers to his questions, these solutions form the basis upon which you are able to establish beliefs and values that will be the main motivation for every action that you undertake in your life. The accomplishment of spiritual wellness gifts man with the highest level of comprehension about himself and mother nature, giving him the tool to tread through this journey in the right way, without falling off course or going astray, as the resultant beliefs act as his compass. 

It rescues you from the clutches of ego and hatred for those around you by instilling within your soul the concept of tolerance and acceptance. It brings you face to face with the fact that those around you are not you but are beings of their own with their unique experiences that have molded them into who they are today.  

In short, spiritual wellness is the way to find that unshakable inner peace that you have lost to your greed for this world and is your pathway to a discord-free living. 

Benefits of Spiritual Wellness?

1. Connection with the rest

Spiritual wellness acts as the robust web that helps you to connect with the rest of the network of beings in the universe that you live in. It allows you to amalgamate in perfect harmony with the already functioning meshwork using your set of beliefs as the main joist. This paves a path for the establishment of a more profound and more reliable connection with oneself, which brings inner peace. 

2. Open Minded (And An Open Heart)

It helps you adjust easily and aptly within the society by letting you open up your heart to those around you. The elimination of hatred and the deeper fathoming transpire a tolerance that is sure to propagate unity between you and your peers.

3. Become peaceful internally and externally

Spiritual wellness enhances your reasoning and understanding of events and behaviors, you are better able to handle situations that are adverse. When you understand that life is anything but meaningless and that you are not placed in this world aimlessly, you become more defiant against depressive episodes and are able to fight your demons in a better fashion. 

4. Build mindfulness

Spiritual wellness helps you discern between the things in life that are under your firm control and those that you have no power over. With the passage of time, you become adept at comprehending and letting go of things that are not for you to maneuver, which helps you with anxiety disorders, keeping apprehension at bay. 

5. Unlearn negative thought patterns

Your brain starts to unlearn the negative patterns of your thought process and there seems to be a more positive approach towards life. This considerably lessens the strains on your neurons, permitting you a greater slot for mental peace, resulting in a peaceful sleep. If one is on chemical aids to help maintain slumber at night, there might be a gradual giving up of the habit as healthier patterns are adopted. 

6. Better physical health

Significant improvement in pathologies of the heart, vessels, and disorders such as diabetes can be seen as you continue to have a better relationship with yourself and those around you via spiritual wellness. This could lead to a longer, healthier life. 

6 Ways to Get to Know Your Spiritual Wellness

Assessment and Quizzes

There exists a certain set of questions that can help you determine the state of your soul and its connections with the universe. These tests are specifically designed to bring to the surface the deepest blemishes in your spirit and to direct your attention to the aspects that need work. 

1. The Spiritual Wellness Inventory, Elliott Ingersol

Spiritual Wellness Test - Elliot Ingersol

This is a questionnaire consisting of 55 queries that need to be answered. Each answer is given a score, which is later arithmetically manipulated to give you a value that can be measured on a scale. The score gives you an idea about how well you are doing spiritually together with user-friendly guidelines as to how you can improve your rating on the scale by getting rid of the scourge that plagues your soul.  

2. Livewell Ucsd Spiritual Wellness

Livewell Ucsd Spiritual Wellness - ProProfs Quiz

A short quiz that has direct questions that pertain to the numerous dimensions of your spirituality, this online test allows you to easily determine your efforts in finding the harmony within yourself and gives you reliable results regarding how good you are doing. This tool can also be used to assess the improvements if any, as you incorporate more and more habits in your life that contribute positively to your spiritual wellness. 

3. Spiritual Wellness Assessment, Illionis State University

Spiritual Wellness Assessment - Illinois State University

It is an assessment that asks you to score how true a statement relevant to spiritual wellness stands when it comes to judging it in your own life. A scale is given for easy comprehension of the results together with a response form that needs to be filled to learn how the questionnaire has impacted you during its completion together with mentions of your active and future efforts to improve spiritually.  

Activities in Physical Centers

4. Yoga

These set of exercises are an excellent means of reaching the depths of your spiritual core. It allows you to focus on the good things within you and the universe around you, while performing exercises that are going to enhance your flexibility, cause the release of endorphins and other relaxing hormones and help you get a toned and a stronger body. Most centers offer yoga in groups, allowing you to bond better with others and joining them in the efforts of attaining a common goal. 

5. Meditation

The contemporary man is being bombarded with stimuli from his phone, TV screen, laptops and the highly competitive goose race that does not allow him to relax enough, leading to burnout. Meditation allows you to slow down, breathe deeper and better and focus on one thing at a time, mostly on a thing that you can control and feel while you delve within yourself for who you really are. This activity is instrumental in helping its followers to combat depression and to feel more relaxed, giving them some space to sit down and relax in this mad world. 

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6. Forest Bathing

Spirituality has an undeniable connection with nature. We've all felt the positive vibes from being surrounded by nature ourselves, even if the feeling just came from a spontaneous walk under trees. Following the same idea, the concept of "Forest Bathing" was first derived in Japan, called "shinrin-yoku". It focuses on achieving the positive feel-good energy stemming from the forest's sounds, it's distinct scent, the sunshine piercing through the leaves and fresh air. These aspects of the wilderness have a one-of-a-kind impact on our mental health, easing our stress and soothing the senses. It's a process of rejuvenation, and you'll feel it once you try it.

Contrary to the name though, a forest bathing session doesn't have to include water or getting wet, it's just spending time in nature - far away from all sorts of signals, devices, and honks. Just consuming the pure atmosphere of the forest for as short as 2 hours can cause your stress levels to plummet, promoting positivity and the sense of hope from within. 


More than what is apparent it is what is on the inside that determines how well you do in your life. The harmony between the mind, the body, and the soul is very important if you wish to not only look better but also feel great. 

More than what is apparent it is what is on the inside that determines how well you do in your life. The harmony between the mind, the body, and the soul is very important if you wish to not only look better but also feel great. This is why spiritual healing is very important to the mind and body, read on to know more about spiritual healing. Trust us you will feel much happier 

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