20 Mystical and Spiritual Names for your Dogs

Evergreen meaningful spiritual names for man's best friend

By Kimmy
20 Mystical and Spiritual Names for your Dogs

Man's best friend: A meaningful name for your dog

All the fluffy good boys deserve some good loving and caring. Dogs are just the sweetest to humans. They are loyal, fearless, playful and intelligent, always ready to play fetch, yet never deters from a fight to protect their families. Dogs are well-loved all over the world and have a very well-deserved crown of being called "a man's best friend".

From the moment you decide to take on your dog, it's a commitment of a lifetime, in sickness and in health, you will never abandon your doggo. Under no circumstances will you leave your dog, you take him with you through hell and heaven. A true bonding between an owner and a dog comes from the first moment they interact, when the owner names the dog.

Naming your dog is a magical feeling, just like naming your child. Even though you didn't give birth to him, you know you will love this doggo till the end of your life. Some people even fuss more over naming their dog than naming their kids. It's understandable, you want a powerful name for your dog, something that stands out and make people go like "aww, that's the perfect name for your dog".

Well, you probably have read through a ton of books or even websites to look for the perfect name and still to no avail. Don't look further. Here are spiritual names for you as well so you can give your dog the most elegant and graceful name possible!

20 spiritual names and meaning to name your dog

1. Kaleb

Nothing says grace more than a blibical name. Kaleb means "faithful" in Israeli and as we would know, Kaleb is a very common biblical name. Some dog owners prefer to give their dogs human-like names, because they are our best friends, just like any one of us. You can either spell it with a C or a K, but with a K is definitely a special choice that makes your doggo stands out.

2. Pax

Pax is of Latin origins, meaning peaceful. Pax is actually a rather common name for dogs these days. It's a simple yet meaningful name.

3. Bodhi

A spiritual name from Sanskirt, meaning awakening, symbolising the circle of life. Everything happens for a reason. Your dog may come to you in this life because of the good deeds you or him had done in the previous one. The circle of life is infinite. It goes on and on. Fate brought you and your dog together in this life so what's better than naming him Bodhi? This name has a huge meaning in Buddhism. Top choice if you are a believer of the peaceful and loving religion.

4. Qi/Chi

If you have Chinese origins, you would know this word means air, or life force, in a more spiritual sense. Every breath we take symbolises our life, a proof that we are alive. Qi means wellness and life, a very thoughtful blessing anyone can give to another being.

5. Serenity

Serenity is a beautiful word on its own. Calm and peaceful, just like how life should be. Serenity has a poetic touch to it. This elegant name may be too formal for humans but for a loving doggo, it's certainly a top choice to go.

6. Christian

Another biblical name for our furry friend. Christian is a very popular name for dogs because it has a biblical meaning to it. It relates to the Saint, purity and the holy spirits. Everything about the name Christian is just so pure and holy, just the name for your furry other half.

7. Faith

Naming a dog is different than naming your child, with your child, you kind of have a certain social norms to stick to so people don't make fun of your kids for having "special names". There's nothing wrong with the name Faith but people often make fun of it if a child's name, but when it's a dog's name, it's just beautiful.

Faith is something we all need to have, whether you're religious or not, you should still have faith in things, like hamunity, love and all. No one should lose their faith under any circumstances. A person without faith always just seems to slowly fade away. Naming this to your dog reminds you on a daily basis that how important it is to have good faith in beautiful things in life. 

8. Aikido

This Japanese word means harmonious path filled with energy. Doesn't it seem like a perfect name for your furry husky? We all need that path in life where we can search for peace and quietness in life. It's actually a form of martial arts.

To walk down the path of harmony is never easy. In Japanese martial arts they always seem to have a way to find peace and solidarity. For some reasons this name seems to be great for big furry dogs because it's always the majestic creatures that need to find peace the most.

9. Chakra

Chakra means resolving around the human energy centre. A mystical name that represents the energy force of humans. 

10. Sahib

In Persian and a few versions of the Arabic language, Sahib means a friend or the Lord. You know you can always rely on a friend or the lord for guidance and comfort. When darkness surrounds you, you know where to turn for lights.

11. Mecca

Mecca is a city in Saudi Arabia, which is considered to be the holliest site for Muslims around the world. Thousands of people travel there every year. Mecca is great for Muslims living outside of Saudi Arabia and miss the holy place everyday.

12. Sinai

Mount Sinai in Egypt is believed to be the mountain Moses decended from the Ten Commandments. It's a sacred place for believers. Not only the sunrise in Mount Sinai is amazing, the name itself also has so much meaning, the best thing you can give to your best friend.

13. Tiki

In Māori mythology, Tiki is the first man created by either Tūmatauenga or Tāne. The greatest thing of all, he found the first woman, and the rest is history. Tiki has such an important meaning behind, it represents to start of all civilisations and humanity. Isn't it lovely to call your little Corgi Tiki?

14. Horus

This shouldn't be a strange name to most. Horus is an Egyptian god depicted with the head of a dog. Horus is the protector of Egypt and Egyptians and means a great deal in their culture and history. Horus will do anything for you if you believe in him. Just like your furry friend that is willing to do anything for you if you show him the love and respect he deserves.

15. Nirvana

Nirvana is considered the ultimate goal in Buddhism, from rebirths in Samsara. Reaching the state of Nirvana means reaching full liberation. You are free and liberated. Your mind is clear and there is nothing that stands in your way. Nirvana is not easy to achieve but it's the goal for everyone, whether you are a buddhist or not, we all want freedom and peace at the end of the day.

16. Moksha

The circle of life and death in Sanskirt. Death is inevitable. Your furry friend will only walk you through one stage of life and eventually they will be gone. Only if you can accept this fact, then you can fully cherish every moment you have with him.

17. Yana

Yana, a lovely name for a big, fluffy, furry girl. Yana means a spiritual journey or path. Taking care of a dog is definitely a spritual experience. You learn to feel each other's feelings and thoughts despite not having any common languages. That's what makes love beautiful. You don't have to speak the same language to feel the love.

18. Mandala

Buddhist and Hindu symbol of the universe, often represented by a complex geometrical configuration. The patterns to a Mandala can be endless, as far as your creativity goes.

19. Nasma

Body made of the purest form of lights. Every furry friend is pure and precious. They are kind and loving, their love for their owner shows no limit, and they are 100% loyal. Nasma is probably the best name to describe their pure nature.

20. Vishnu

The preserver of nature. Just like that woofy cute little thing, always playing around with mud and sticks. Vishnu is a great name of an active out-going doggo that loves a good walk in the forest.

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Satisfied with all the names? Now the only challenge for you is to pick one only from all the above awesome names! Every name has a different meaning to it. Spend a few days with your new dog to sense their personality and everntually you will just be able to look him in the eyes and know what exactly his name is.

Write down these awesome names somewhere on your board so you don't even forget these wonderful names!