30 Most Popular Dream Catcher Tattoo Ideas For Men

A dream catcher is a sacred Native American item. No wonder they make for such beautiful tattoos! Check out these best ideas for dream catcher tattoos for men!

By Daina
30 Most Popular Dream Catcher Tattoo Ideas For Men

Dream Catcher Tattoos for Men

A dream catcher is an artifact originally made by the Chippewa tribe, a Native American tribe that originates from the northern tip of the central United States and the southern part of central Canada. It is intended to be given as protection to children against bad dreams. 

Since current generations have adopted it as a cute design and a spiritual symbol, the dream catcher has been used for fashion statements, including tattoo designs. Although mostly girls receive dream catcher tattoos, there are plenty of designs of this beautiful item for men. These are 30 ideas for dream catcher tattoos for men.


Here are different design-based ideas for dream catcher tattoos for men. 

Traditional Designs

Traditional designs for dream catcher tattoos for men rely on the original design of dream catchers, as made for spiritual reasons by Native Americans. Typically, dream catchers are made with thread that wraps around the wooden hoop and creates a simple mandala-like woven design in the middle of the hoop. It is adorned with beads, feathers, and sometimes sea glass--mostly things that are from nature which means a lot to Native American tribes. 

These are the designs that stick as true to simple traditional designs as you can get!

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Non-traditional Designs

Non-traditional designs are dreamcatcher tattoo designs for men that use creativity and use the dreamcatcher idea as a base for the tattoo design but then add in other elements. 

These non-traditional designs combine the idea of dreamcatchers in with another idea - in with the word "dreamer," incorporating a wolf's face which is also something sacred to Native Americans, a Yin and Yang symbol, and a clock, respectively.

Position of the Design

When choosing a tattoo, one crucial decision to make is where to get the tattoo placed. It is a decision that should not be taken lightly, and it should be thought about for some time.
For instance, quotes would not be suitable for a finger tattoo. Names of a loved relative would not be proper on the bum. But there are other places quotes and names would look great!  

A dream catcher tattoo may not be appropriate everywhere, but here are the areas of the body these tattoos look great on the body.


Arms are an excellent place for dreamcatcher tattoos for men. The long feathers of the dream catcher may stretch down the arms, which make for a great starting point for an arm sleeve.

The first two arm dream catcher tattoos are so beautiful and perfect for men! They both include an extra element of nature into the design--the first includes the images of roses along with the dream catchers, and the second includes the beautiful face of a wolf. 

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A chest is a great place for tattoos for men because of the masculinity it exudes. I grouped chest tattoos with side tattoos because in this case, the side tattoos are close to the chest and are still very masculine.

A dream catcher chest tattoo adds tribal qualities to the already masculine placement. Native Americans typically got tattoos on their chest as a sign of power and strength in time of war. Some tattoos also indicated which tribe that man belonged to. It’s no wonder that a dream catcher tattoo on the chest is perfect for men!


Many times, men will opt to get a tattoo on the back of the shoulder blades. Many tattoos that go down the middle of the back can be girly and unsuitable for men. However, these are a different story.

The back is a great place for these dreamcatcher tattoo designs. Both of them are placed in the middle of the back, with the feathers stretching down the spine. These both have a traditional design and are great for dreamcatcher design ideas for men!


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The legs are another popular place for men to get tattoos, whether it’s a single tattoo or a leg sleeve. Typically leg tattoos are great because they are easy to cover up and easy to show off.

These dreamcatcher leg tattoo designs are the best to get on the legs! This dreamcatcher looks excellent on the quads stretching down over the kneecap! That is certainly a unique placement, and it is executed well!


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Use of Color in Dreamcatcher Tattoo Designs

Many dream catcher tattoos are black and white. After all, the spiritual significance is not in the colors of the materials, but in the materials themselves. However, a splash of color gives new meaning and new life to these dreamcatcher designs.

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The Most Popular Dream Catcher Tattoos

Choosing a tattoo is hard enough as it is, but choosing one that’s significant to groups of people and getting it right is nerve-racking. However, these 30 ideas of the most famous dreamcatcher tattoo designs should help you narrow down some options and pick out a design that is unique and perfect for you!

May you find the right design of dreamcatcher - and may your dreams come true and keep the evil spirits away.