6 Beautiful Moon Night Lights to Decorate Your Bedroom With

Recreate the outside night sky with creative ideas using moon night lights.

By Adina Mazilu
6 Beautiful Moon Night Lights to Decorate Your Bedroom With

A while ago, there were no such things as lamp or night lights that looked exactly like the moon. However, with technological advancements and people’s craving for artistry, these beautiful decorative objects have begun appearing on shelves and online and gaining lots of popularity, especially among young people. What’s even more interesting is that most of these night lights are created using 3D printing technology so that they can replicate the surface of the moon in great detail. This is probably where that authenticity and eerie feeling they offer comes from.

Another great thing about them is that they are both cordless (just like the moon) and rechargeable (not like the moon), while also producing a special kind of soft light, meant to help you sleep better. Also, they look incredibly beautiful in any bedroom and offer a special feeling of peace, just like sleeping under a full moon out in nature. So, because these lamps are so in right now, in this article, we will show you some of the best moon night lights that will help you decorate your bedroom in style. Here we go!

6 Best Moon Night Lights or Lamps in 2019

However, before deciding on a certain type of moon night light to have in your bedroom (or in your child's bedroom), it’s important to know how to choose the best one and what to look out for when buying one, especially if it’s your first such night light. Keep those following things in mind when shopping for a moon lamp:

  • Durability: A good moon lamp should firstly be durable because you don’t want it breaking after a few days or especially if it's meant or your kid. Make sure you pay attention to the material it’s made of, avoid going for very cheap options, and check if the lamp is eco-friendly. You do want to protect the environment after all, right?
  • Battery: Again, make sure that the moon lamp you have your eyes on has good battery quality. It should last for a relatively long time and charge fast enough for you to start being annoyed. You don’t want to ruin the experience because you need to charge your “bedroom moon”. Also, make sure that the batteries are safe and won’t make any problems while using the lamp.
  • Design: Finally, the lamp’s design should matter a lot, even if most of the models on the market look similar (they all replicate only one moon after all), there are small differences between them like the color, texture or accuracy in regards with the moon we see on the night sky. So make sure to buy whatever type of night light you find suitable, regardless if it's a full or crescent moon. 

On the wall

1. Super Moon In My Room Remote Control Wall Decor Night Light with Sound

Super Moon In My Room Remote Control Wall Décor Night Light

This super cool wall moon lamp is definitely a must-have if you want to decorate your bedroom in style. Apart from looking exactly like the real moon, this product comes with a remote control which allows you to switch through 12 lunar phases. It’s an LED lamp that actually turns off during the night in order to save energy and allow you to sleep better. Finally, what’s even more special about this lamp is that it can produce moon landing sounds and offer you a full experience, something that a normal lamp would never give you.



Another very good solution, if you want a spectacular moon night light on your bedroom wall, is the National Geographic one. For once, its surface comes directly from NASA, meaning that it replicates the moon precisely. Other than that, this lamp has that nice glow to help you sleep and you can also remotely set a timer for it to switch off during the night. Finally, it comes with seven color combinations that you can flip through and an AC adapter which allows it to glow throughout the entire night with no issues whatsoever.

Personalized and with pictures

3. Custom Made Moon Lamp: Put Photo, Text, Pattern On The Moon Light

Custom Made Moon Lamp

This special moon lamp, apart from being already pretty and producing that calming glow in your bedroom, can be also customizable. After sending your photo, quote or pattern, it takes about five days for it to be created according to your wish. It is an incredible gift for a special person because you can customize it beforehand and make them a huge surprise. Moreover, the lamp is durable, replicates the surface of the moon exactly thanks to NASA images, it’s rechargeable, and it will look incredibly pretty in any bedroom. Definitely something to consider for a gift or for yourself!

4. Customizable Moon Lamp Night Light with Your Own Picture & Text

Customisable Moon Lamp Night Light

This customizable moon night light can be modified according to your preference. Simply send the manufacturers your photo or quote, and they will make your tiny bedroom moon carry an even more special meaning. What’s interesting is that it has a built-in battery that lasts for a long time (4 to 20 hours depending on the brightness you prefer), and it only takes two full hours to charge completely. This is an amazing gift either for your beloved or for a dear friend or member of the family. What can be cooler than an actual moon in your bedroom with your picture or favorite quote on it?

Crescent moon

5. Children's Yellow Moon Wall Lamp

Children's Yellow Moon Wall Lamp, Bulb Is Included

This time, we are talking about a different kind of moon night light. More precisely, one that resembles a crescent moon and which looks amazing in a bedroom, especially kids’ one. It has a soft and peaceful glow that helps anyone sleep better. Moreover, its installation is very simple to use and assemble on the wall and it also comes with a cord with an on/off switch. What’s even more important, especially if you want to place this lamp in a child’s room, is that its material is non-toxic and doesn’t contain lead.

6. Pooqla Decorative LED Crescent Moon Marquee Sign

Pooqla Decorative LED Crescent Moon Marquee Sign

This is yet another, slightly different type of moon night light that represents a crescent moon. However, the base principle is the same, as well as its purpose: to help you sleep better. It works with two batteries and it has eight LED warm lights. It can be either placed on a shelf or hung on the wall thanks to the hook holes that it has on the back. This moon night light is perfect either for your kids or for yourself when you are feeling restless and want to look at something peaceful.

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All in all, it appears that those interesting and very pretty moon night lights haven’t started a trend in vain. They are indeed beautiful and useful at the same time, providing you with a peaceful atmosphere and light in your bedroom. Some of them are also incredible gifts for your beloved ones or for your children. We all know that they hate sleeping in complete darkness so such a night light can do wonders for them while creating an otherworldly experience, complete with sound and light.

So, in case you don’t know how exactly to decorate your bedroom or that of your kids, take a look at the aforementioned moonlights and maybe you will find what you are looking for: a full, realistically-looking moon created after real NASA images or a more cartoony, childish crescent one that works very well in a child’s bedroom surrounded by toys. It’s definitely up to you, your preferences, and desires when it comes to such a special night light.