What Do Dreams About Teeth Falling Mean? Dream Interpretations

Have you been losing your teeth in dreams lately and wondering what the meaning of the dream could be? Get in here and find out.

By Emmanuel Onitayo
What Do Dreams About Teeth Falling Mean? Dream Interpretations

Losing Teeth In A Dream: Meaning And Overview

This is a first in a series interpreting common dream themes. One of the most common dreams people want interpreted is one where teeth fall out, this can mean many different things and the answer lies with what resonates to you: relating to your personal worries and cultural significance. For some losing teeth symbolises money worries, in some culture teeth relate to wealth. Another possible interpretation is that you're worried about aging or your appearance, teeth being one of the key symbols of youth. Inversely dreams of teeth falling out can have a positive connotation: the start of something new, a rebirth. The final meaning I want to cover is anxiety about how you express yourself, the teeth being part of the mouth which represents the words you are putting out into the world. The key to interpreting dreams is understanding how they relate to your life. Once you've figured this out try to work on the issue: sort your finances, work on self confidence and fears surrounding self expression. One of the best ways to deal with these issues outside of talking to someone you trust is journalling. Write down all of your anxieties, fear and work through them that way. #dreaminterpretation #teethdreams #teethfallingoutdreams #dreams #dreaming

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It is scary losing one's teeth in waking life and more so in a dream. Our teeth play a lot of roles in our well-being and losing them, whether in our waking life or dream, will certainly not be an experience without some fears or anxieties.

As such, you certainly would want to know the meaning of this kind of dream and if the dream can be induced or stopped at will. Of course, dreams are often expressions of our fears in waking life, but in some cases, dreams can also be a means by which our inner being warns us about impending ruin.

So, as for a dream pertaining to teeth falling off, it can be a warning, an expression of your state of mind, or a revelation of a soon-to-come change in your life. As such, in our effort to get to the root of you losing your teeth in dreams, we are going to examine some various twists to this somewhat common but scary dream.

Hopefully, this would help you come to a logical meaning or interpretation of you losing your teeth in dreams.

Losing Teeth In Dreams Meaning #1: Fear Of Ageing

Prior to now, in many cultures and places in the world, losing teeth in dreams had always been seen as a pointer to impending death. While this interpretation may not be completely false, it is more likely to be a reflection of the dreamer's fear of becoming old and not being able to help it and not necessarily a death signal.

Losing one's teeth in waking life is one of the things that accompany growing old. Aside from childhood, losing teeth happens most often when we get older. If you are in your 40s or 50s, one possible interpretation of your teeth falling off in a dream is that you are afraid of growing old.

Losing Teeth In Dreams Meaning #2: Personal Loss

Yes, losing teeth in dreams could mean you are about losing something dear to you in real life. And if this is the case, you would have been noticing such even in your waking life.

Perhaps it is a habit, goal, or an adventure that you are giving up; you might not even have paid much attention to such in real life, but your teeth falling out in dreams is most likely a way your inner being is bringing your attention to it.

Now, you would have to examine how you felt in the dream while losing your teeth. Was it painful or painless? If painful, it means the loss you are about to incur can be fatal. Consider this dream as a warning never to compromise or give up on a life goal because doing so can be counterproductive.

Losing Teeth In Dreams Meaning #3: A New Beginning

When as a child you lose your tooth or teeth, of course, it means you are expecting a more permanent set of teeth that can break bones. The same also can be the interpretation of a dream where you see your teeth falling off.

Losing teeth in dreams during pregnancy can even mean that you would soon put to bed. If you aren't pregnant, it could be that there is a new phase of your life that is about to be birthed. Perhaps, you are about taking on a new project.

Whichever way, losing one's teeth in dreams is not always negative; sometimes, it can mean you are letting go of something good for something better. And during pregnancy as earlier mentioned, losing teeth in dreams can mean that your day of delivery is near.

Losing Teeth In Dreams Meaning #4: Embarrassment

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Have you considered how embarrassing it can be for an adult to be toothless in waking life? As such, when you keep having dreams that your teeth are falling off, it is most probable that you have a presentation that you are unprepared for and are, therefore, afraid you would embarrass yourself.

Most times, you just have to calm yourself and believe in your potentials. Such dreams might just be an exaggeration of the true situation. So, instead of panting, brace yourself up and face the task ahead with confidence.

Losing Teeth In Dreams Meaning #5: Communication


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Another possible interpretation of your teeth falling out in your dreams is that you are finding it hard to communicate your mind on an issue or a situation. Your speech may not be impaired in waking life, but for some reasons, you just see yourself keeping mute when you have an opinion you should have shared or aired.

This dream interpretation is predicated on the connection of teeth to sound speech. So, having this dream consistently should be seen as a challenge to rise above this limitation and learn to say your mind where necessary. In most cases, if this is the right interpretation for you, the dream would cease once you address your communication issues.

Losing Teeth In Dreams Meaning #6: Helplessness

Teeth are often used for defense and offense in many cases. They are often symbols of strength and power. As such, to see yourself losing your teeth in the dream could mean that you are losing your power or strength in waking life as the case may be.

If this is the case, your dream of teeth falling off is pointing to your need to be more self-confident and assertive. You may continue to have this dream except you change your view of yourself and start making your voice heard.

Losing Teeth In Dreams Meaning #7: Deception

The Chinese believe that you are economical with the truth if and when your teeth fall off. This can go beyond a mere cultural belief or myth to be the meaning of your dream about your teeth falling off.

Are you in business with someone with whom you are untruthful? Your dream about your teeth falling off should be viewed as a warning for you to chart a new course.

Losing Teeth In Dreams Meaning #8: Death

Yes, in some cases, losing your tooth or teeth in the dream can be a signal to the death of someone very dear to you. Whereas this interpretation can be subjective to some extent, it cannot be totally excluded.

Many have witnessed the death or sickness of their loved ones after their continuous dream of losing their teeth. As such, when considering what your dream could mean, it is not impossible that this is the meaning.

Losing Teeth In Dreams Meaning #9: Poor Health

Again, losing your teeth in a dream could be a signal that your overall dental or physical health is on the line. The dream could indicate just how poorly you have been feeding and signaling to you that you need to change.

As such, you should take the dream seriously especially if you have reasons to believe that you haven't been taking care of yourself properly in recent times. The dream is probably warning you of an impending health challenge if things don't change.

Losing Teeth In Dreams Meaning #10: Wealth

Here is another positive meaning to your dream of losing your teeth in dreams; you could just be expecting a great amount of cash soon. Of course, this dream interpretation predicated on an ancient fairy tale that says a tooth fairy would bring money to use after losing your tooth or teeth and then keeping it under your pillow. How realistic can this be? Well, events would tell.

Losing Teeth In Dreams: Can It be Induced or Stopped

Dreams, whatever their nature is, can hardly be induced. Granted, if you set your mind on certain subjects, you may end up seeing such in your dreams, but most dreams, especially those involving losing your teeth, happen on their own.

However, if you discover you have been losing and losing your teeth in dreams, you can do something to stop it. Most times, your losing teeth dream is a warning that you are making too many compromises that can cost you immensely.

Where pregnancy is not what you have, checking yourself and listening to your inner man is one sure way to stop losing your teeth in dreams.

Losing Teeth In Dreams: Conclusion

There you have some of the possible meanings of you losing your teeth in dreams. Some might apply to you; some might not. The most important thing in understanding the message of your dream is to check out what is happening to you in your waking life.

Dreams about losing one's teeth is generally a pointer to a change. Is something about you awaiting a change or a pregnancy awaiting delivery? Only you can tell. But all the same, dreams about teeth loss should not leave you depressed, after all, it's just a dream.