How Astrology Can Help You Find Compatibility In Relationship

We all want to find our perfect pair for a lifetime. Can our horoscope signs reveal our compatibility in a potential relationship? Let's find out.

By Tashke
How Astrology Can Help You Find Compatibility In Relationship

How can horoscope affect our relationship?

When you go on a first date with someone you don't know, you want to find out more information about him/her. The further progress of your relationship will depend on that. Questions like ''When is your birthday'' or ''What is your horoscope sign" are good ways to start the conversation. Some of us will ask that just to avoid unpleasant silence. If we found our perfect match the conversation will flow by itself. On the other hand, some people take these zodiac issues very seriously. After they find out what they are interested in, they'll go home and start detailed research of how a horoscope can influence their potential relationships. They compare the horoscope charts, how their signs will get along, what are the chances for love or marriage; whether any kind of relationship is possible or not. Everything can be read from the horoscope if you are really interested in it. By interpreting the horoscope, you can find out what your partner likes, how to behave towards him and what to avoid. Also, his/her horoscope can reveal what they consider a perfect birthday gift, where to take them out, or which one of your characteristics will bother them. That is why horoscope can be useful in many ways.

The Meaning of Astrology

Astrology is a science that is as old almost as a human interest in space and all objects up there. Since ancient times, there has always been a desire to link human destinies, experiences, and events with the sky and position of the stars. Many sciences can prove the influence of Sun and Moon on Earth and its climmate and weather. Astrology also reveals the impact of celestial spheres and their positions on people and their behavior. Thus, a horoscope has been created and divided into 12 Zodiac signs. Each of them has some special characteristics depending on the constellations and the planets that dominate them. We will not go into further details about how these signs are created, but we will try to explain whether belief in the compatibility of the zodiac signs is proven and how it can affect our love life. It depends on us whether we believe in the horoscope or not. And, it is very important to clarify that the horoscope is not the same as foretelling the future; however, some aspects can certainly be predicted.

Division of horoscope

As we have already said, the horoscope is divided into 12 signs. These signs represent a certain part of the astral chart in which there are various sets of stars - constellations. In astrology, all signs are divided into groups, according to a planet and element which rule them. This division describes main characteristics of the Zodiac signs in general. Astrology is a science and according to that, this division has been scientifically proven. All Zodiac signs have something special. Each of them represents a unique combination of qualities, both good and bad. Which one will prevail, and it doesn't depend on the horoscope. Each sign must be well studied, but this should not be the only guideline. Our personality can be predicted in advance. But what characteristic will we display, depending on many things - the circumstances in which we find ourselves, the people around us, our education, etc. As you can assume, the signs from the same horoscope group have the best compatibility. But that compatibility can vary in practice depending on all aspects in the horoscope of individuals. However, it is incomparably easier to achieve and maintain a relationship with people whose zodiac signs are compatible.

Signs of Fire

Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius represent signs of Fire. The Sun, Mars, and Jupiter are spheres which dominate these signs. The Sun and mentioned planets point to the very strong character and powerful attributes these Zodiac signs possess. Therefore, you need to be very careful with the representatives of these signs. So as fire, they can warm you up and make you feel cozy and protected, but also can hurt you a lot; depending on how you stand up to them. These signs live for adventures and you will never be bored with them. If you want to follow them, be prepared for certain compromise. Let them be in charge; do not bind, but in some way, limit them. Because power without control can cause lots of damage. Although, Fire signs can get mad in a second, they soon forgive because they don't want to waste energy on negative things. They flash quickly, but they burn out quickly too.

Compatibility with other signs

Again, fire signs are very strong personalities. They are very dynamic and passionate. Their temperament is unstable, and you never know how to deal with them depending on their mood, because they can change it in no time. These signs like to have the main say and therefore its compatibility with other Zodiac signs is questionable. They can have a certain compatibility with signs of Air, but not in all aspects. Fire and Air will agree about work or career issues because ''the air burns the fire up." But when it comes to love and relationship, temperamental Fire signs will quickly be bored with Air signs and its monotony.

Being in a relationship with signs of Fire

As their name says, these signs are the true fire of love. Signs of Fire are led by the heart and are very passionate. These signs are considered to be the most desirable partners because they completely abandon love; while it suits them. Therefore, it can be said that these signs are self-sufficient. Best compatibility will match signs from the same Zodiac group. But they need to be careful. Similar temperaments can function well only with compromise and mutual will. Otherwise, their relationship is doomed to failure from beginning. In every relationship, when they are truly in love, they are completely dedicated. But also, they will easily leave you as soon as their interest disappears. They like challenges and are not afraid of change. As soon as they get bored, they will very easily break up a relationship, and in no time will get into the new one.

Signs of Air

Persons born in the signs of Libra, Gemini, and Aquarius are very special. They possess the characteristics of the air that is all around us. They can get everywhere and you can't easily tie them up. These signs are very sociable and can easily adapt to people. But their great disadvantage is that they are sometimes too rational and objective. Emotions are mostly off so their relationships are often superficial and short-term. These signs are the greatest philosophers in the horoscope. They will convince you of anything if it suits them. Signs of Air are also very good at advising. If they can help you somehow, they won't hesitate to share their knowledge with you. Listen to them, they are mostly well-intentioned.

Compatibility and relationships with other signs

Completely opposite from being sociable and friendly, there is their ability to fall in love. These signs can socialize and commercially cooperate with everyone, but as far as love is concerned, simply nobody suits them. They can find certain compatibility with Fire signs, but their relationship won't last unless there is a compromise on both side. If they agree, they can achieve a lot. The air spreads everywhere, so these signs do not like to be tied and limited. Their free spirit is their good and bad side. They are always on the move and you need to be very special if you want to get in a relationship with them.

Signs of Water

The farthest planets of the Solar system control these signs. Neptune is the leading planet of Pisces and Pluto is the leading planet of Cancer. The exception is the Moon, which has a huge impact on Scorpio. It is well known that these signs are very emotional. But that's not always good. Also, they are very sympathetic and caring about other people. Water signs always try to help and give advice, sometimes at their own risk. You may have thought that these signs are naive good doers and that they can have compatibility with everyone. You are so wrong. Water can easily become a wave and turn into a dangerous tsunami.

How Water signs get along with other signs?

Water extinguishes the fire, and the Earth absorbs water. So, the Fire and Water signs don't have any compatibility. At the other hand, signs of Earth are their perfect match. Signs of Water are a synonym for emotion. Love, empathy, and caring for others. When they are in love and in a happy relationship, they cannot be objective. Sometimes they are very passive and don't want to change a routine that suits them. A partner who can support and understand their complex emotional needs, that's what these signs are looking for in a relationship. But when you riffle the water once... It can be very bad. If you hurt them, they will find a way to hurt you more. Anyway, anyhow, and anytime.

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Signs of Earth

Loyal, tough, and stubborn. These features can best describe the signs of Virgo, Taurus, and Capricorn. These signs are low-minded and very rational. They can be very tolerant, up to a certain limit. If you lose their trust, you'll never have it back. So as Earth, they are reliable and stable. The ego of these signs is very sensitive and once when you hurt them, forget about them forever. The signs of Earth can be very petty sometimes, so they can easily offend if you forget about their birthday i.e. However, they'll be very grateful if you let them borrow a simple pen. They will criticize you for small things; but also these are what they appreciate the most.

Relationship with these signs

These signs are too impulsive and don't consider future consequences. When they make a mistake, they rarely admit it. This is a feature of their stubbornness. So they'll have compatibility with someone who will tolerate them forever. If you want to be in a serious relationship with a sign of Earth, you'll need a lot of patience. These signs simply love to be spoiled and sometimes they can act childish, but that's the part of their charm. They will make you happy if you keep them happy. As we said, signs of Water can be a perfect couple for these signs. They are complementary to each other - signs of Water need stability and security and signs of Air just want to be loved and appreciated.

How to find out do you have compatibility

When we start a relationship, we never know how long it will take and how long it will be. We want to know, do we have compatibility with our partner or not? It's a certain risk. But, if we don't take a shot, we'll never find out is it worth all that. Some things in our relationship are predictable and astrology can help us find out what those are. With a certain calculation, you can find out how the position of stars and planets can affect your love life. The compatibility of your Zodiac signs can be one of the fundamental factors for your relationship. How you two will get along and whether the differences among you are acceptable. One can find all this in a natal chart that should be done by a certified astrologer.

Simple explanation of the natal chart

Probably most of us heard about the natal chart. In this chart, you can find out many things about your life and, in some way, it can predict your future. But it's not augury; the natal chart just gives you guidance for your next movements. Also, it can point out what will happen in the field of love, is your partner the best choice for you, why you have problems in a relationship, etc. According to your birthday, a natal chart will be created. It actually represents the position of the planets at the time of your birth. The natal chart doesn't change. It's strictly determined by your birthday. And, to create this chart as precise as possible, it is necessary to know the exact time of birth. The combination of planets and certain points discover our character, good and bad sides of our personality. It can reveal do we have a talent for something and what is the best career for us. Also, it will point out to people who will pass through our lives and what kind of influence they will have on us.

Compatibility according to natal chart

A natal chart can show you will you be happy and satisfied in a field of love. Also, it can tell you how many times you will get married or divorced. Of course, the chart cannot tell you exactly if someone particular is an ideal partner for you, or when he or she will appear in your life. It can only give you indications that some changes are expected and you need to be ready for them. To find out whether you're compatible with someone or not, compare your natal charts. Maybe your partner might think you're weird if you start to question him about the horoscopes and how it can reflect your relationship. Mostly men are those who are suspicious about the compatibility of the Zodiac signs. Therefore, in this section, we turn to women: All you need to know is your partner's birthday and possibly a time of birth. Nowadays, most of the astrologers you can find online. For a symbolic price, they will make comparative natal charts and then are explained to you. Although there are plenty of websites that have made some kinds of simple natal charts just for fun, this is something that a professional should do.

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What if horoscope says NO

Of course, we must mention that what is written in the horoscope doesn't always have to be true. You really don't need to blindly follow the instructions that the horoscope tells you. It should primarily serve to entertain and help in making some decisions, but it should not be a determining factor. Although you might not be compatible with someone by their horoscope, maybe that person fulfills you in some other way. The horoscope doesn't choose who our friends and lovers will be. You are Pisces, your partner is Taurus and best friend is Scorpio. All these signs are totally different and according to the horoscope, don't match at all. Now what? The practice has shown that we often get along with people who are totally opposed to us. So we mustn't be exclusive according to the horoscope. Imagine so many people with similar characteristics in one place. Imagine hanging out only with people who get along with everyone and everything. Does that sound fun to you? Not at all. The beauty of love, friendship, and of life after all, is in their diversity.