The 12 Dimensions of Consciousness Explained

Dimensions of Consciousness are paths to spiritual enlightenment.

By Fred S.
The 12 Dimensions of Consciousness Explained

Why do we need to know the 12 dimensions of consciousness?

Our education systems often focus on our mental and physical education. So, we know about our anatomy. No one ever really pays attention to that X-factor that makes us more than the sum of our parts. It may be partly because there is not much accurate information around the soul and spirituality. It can be a freeing experience learning more about how our thoughts and emotions impact our spirituality and consciousness. It will aid in growth and bring you closer to a prosperous lifestyle. There are many theories and ideas as to what the dimensions of knowledge are. In this article, we will discuss some of the popular concepts of these dimensions.

What is a dimension? How is it different from destiny?

Now, the question must come to mind about what exactly is a dimension of the brain. You might have heard the term used in physics textbooks to describe the length, width, and height of objects. Although used for spatial measurement, the definition of a dimension is a condition of consciousness. It is a level of awareness. The standard we are on stems from the field of energy and at what vibration we are vibrating on a spiritual as well as physical level.

While our dimension is our plane of existence, defining the physical realm we live in, our destiny isn't quantifiable physically. Instead, the concept of 'destiny' represents how each event, occurrence and moment in time is decided and scheduled to happen before it actually takes place. Our destiny is where our existence will eventually lead us to, and the dimension just provides the platform for it to unravel.    

12 Dimensions of Consciousness (and their characteristics)

1. The Core

The core is the first and simplest state of sentience. It is present in the minerals of the earth; the rocks, the water, the sand, etc. It goes down to the roots of all things, down to the elemental level. This dimension is the one that resonates with the genetic code of human beings. It is linked to our genes, as on a fundamental level, we are made of the elements of the earth; i.e., minerals.

2. Coccyx

The second dimension is commonly associated with plants. It is an essential level. Beings of this dimension of consciousness rely on survival as the only goal. The vital activities we need to stay alive are a characteristic of Coccyx. An underlying feeling of being aware of only the moment at present is a quality of this level. The parts of the brain, such as medulla oblongata that deal with reflexive responses and necessary actions for survival, fall into this category.

3. Sacral

Sacral is the dimension in which mental awareness of oneself starts to form. The animal kingdom and humans at a ground level resonate with this. You can recognize yourself as a separate entity. At this stage, the individual is not conscious of their past behaviors and events yet. Also, they cannot connect and feel like a part of a whole.

4. Lumbar

At this dimension, the unconscious mind enters. The parts of our brain that we do not know how to explain. We have minimal control over this. It majorly includes dreaming while asleep, psychic abilities, and intuition i.e., the sixth sense. You start to feel more connected to other entities. Creativity begins at this stage too. The name of the astral plane also recognizes the fourth dimension.

5. Thoracic

Now we begin to become aware of the fact that we are not an individual with no connection to others. This level heightens the thoughts of unity. That all beings in this universe are linked to each other and what one entity does affects another. This level is free of hatred and judgment. We begin to understand empathy and unconditional love. At this stage, a being has no concept of looking down on another instead sees them all as equals.

6. Cervical

In the sixth dimension, we are capable of making our own choices and recognizing our free will, but at the same time, we let evolution have its way. We hand over the power to some higher system. You let go and in layman terms— “go with the flow.” You view life as a blessing and almost a miracle. Communication comes into play at this stage.

7. Pineal

The seventh dimension comes with a feeling of responsibility to the other people around you. The pineal is a dimension in which humans become teachers and caretakers. It is essential to one at the seventh level to pass on the freedom and the knowledge that they know. It is a dimension in which one is inviting others to try to reach the energy that they have experienced.

8. Crown

The seventh dimension comes with a feeling of responsibility to the other people around you. The pineal is a dimension in which humans become teachers and caretakers. It is essential to one at the seventh level to pass on the freedom and the knowledge that they know. It is a dimension in which one is inviting others to try to reach the energy that they have experienced.

People who reach the eighth dimension of consciousness transcend into an utterly new state of mind. This condition is entirely separate and has nothing to do with the physical Self. The 8D humans have been discussed in religion and holy texts to some extent. These people transcend into an utterly spiritual existence that is not connected to the limits of the body.

9. Soul

The ninth dimension of consciousness is almost an extension of the previous dimension. It is the stage at which complete cosmic consciousness is attained. This implies that the being knows the past present and future. Everything that has ever existed and everything that ever will is not unknown to them. A full charge of the planet is in the hands of this dimension. They must control and manage the earth.

10. Stellar Gateway

Also known as the Omni Self, the tenth dimension allows one to project consciousness onto not just one planet, the earth, but also the entire solar system. Responsibility for governing the solar system is at this level of sentience. The recognition of oneself as an all-loving and omnibenevolent entity is what the tenth dimension is all about. The Self at this dimension of consciousness proves to be loving toward itself and all of its creations. It is the job of someone at this level of awareness to be a caretaker.

11. Universal Gateway

This state is said to be the condition of the mind of extraterrestrial beings. The eleventh dimension involves galactic consciousness, that is, beyond our solar system and galaxy. There is no physical requirement at this level to exist. It is known as the place where all information is kept. It is the stage at which the Self must gather all of its parts. As it is a part of everything at this point, all souls will be drawn by it.

12. Cosmic Gateway

The last dimension concludes all the previous ones. The Self retires and returns to its origin, to its source. In a way, it could seem like the final portion of the curved line completing the circle. At this stage, the Self is at one with all. It indicates the Law of One. Total power over all things is achieved.

The Remaining Dimensions of Creation

Various theorists have suggested a different number of levels of consciousness. Some say there are 7, while others work with 11-dimension charts. There is no fixed number ascending from one dimension to the next there are no hard and fast rules or lines separating them. It is better described as a continuous flow or a gradual process of ascension. Considering this, the creations of God and all the forms of life could have theoretically infinite levels of consciousness.

Is there a 13th dimension?

The most commonly discussed number of dimensions is 12 levels, but it is theorized that there is one more. A 13th dimension is mentioned in some spirituality books. There is no proof that this dimension exists. Even if there is the 13th dimension, no one has ever been able to tap into it. This degree of sentience could never be accessed while we are in this world. As by the 10th dimension, godly abilities are attained. To go beyond that dimension is unfathomable in this lifetime.

The Integration Process of Multiple Dimensions of Consciousness

Moving from one dimension to the next is not like passing an exam and moving into the next class. According to that analogy, you remain at the same level forever but continuously add on to your knowledge. Ascension into a higher dimension of consciousness does not physically change the being. You may experience a sense of new perspective, so your physical existence, as well as your surrounding perception, will evolve. Integration of dimensions will occur in that you will have all the power that one state has to offer, and then the next dimension’s consciousness will be added onto the level you already possess.

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There are many ways to tap into the next levels of consciousness; some have been religious practices like yoga and meditation. We can only glimpse into the higher energies like the seventh dimension, but experiencing that stage requires us to pass death. In this lifetime and our given body and mind, we can only access till the sixth dimension. The universe is vast, and consciousness still isn’t something we understand too well. But studies and theories are proving to allow us new realms of knowledge.