Top 7 Reasons Why You Definitely Need a Pisces Friend!

Here's how to make and maintain a friendship with a Pisces!

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Top 7 Reasons Why You Definitely Need a Pisces Friend!

Characteristics of someone with a Pisces (sun)

The last of the zodiacs is the sign of Pisces. If this is your Sun sign, then you experience a dichotomy in your personality. This zodiac is represented by an image of two fish that are swimming in opposing directions. This symbol helps explain the nature of a Pisces Sun. They have an urge to establish a safe, stable everyday life and to stick to their given routine. But this is countered in equal magnitude by their desire to escape from this world and to seek a higher purpose or meaning in spiritual terms.

A Pisces is known for their understanding of human emotions and compassionate traits. They feel the need to care for those around them as it distracts from the internal struggle with their polarity. They are driven by the heart and are immensely sensitive. They can get hurt very easily. It does not take much to influence a Pisces. In a positive light, a person with their Sun in Pisces has a vivid imagination and needs creative outlets. Due to this, they often experience incredibly detailed dreams. Their weaknesses include idealism, escapism, and mood swings. They are hopeless romantics and loyal to those they love.

Top 7 Reasons Why You Definitely Need a Pisces Friend

1. They will always understand

A Pisces has a deeply empathetic nature. They acknowledge how you feel and will never invalidate your problems. They will always be there for you when you need a shoulder to cry on. Pisceans have great listening abilities and will always offer you insightful and helpful advice. Even if they do not agree with what you tell them or dislike it, a Pisces can recognize things that are different from them and accept them just as easily. If you ever need to “hide a dead body”, your Pisces friend is who you should come to.

2. They give great gifts

Creativity is a fundamental part of a Pisces’ personality. This characteristic means they have a fantastic imagination. They will always choose a career path with some form of artistic involvement. And if their career does not give them creative opportunities, they will make time for them in their leisure hours. This quality influences the presents they give to you. Often handmade or high effort gifts that you will cherish for a lifetime. For example, they could make you a painting or a portrait for your birthday. Or design some cool fondant from your favorite TV show for your cake.

3. They are loyal

If you have won the heart of a Pisces, they will never talk badly about you behind your back. A Pisces cares so much about the others’ feelings that they will never speak an ill thing about their friend even if you have hurt them. They will never expose your weaknesses to your enemies and remain honest and true to the relationship that they have established with you. It is because they do not want to lose the people that matter to them. They are too afraid, and the current issue does not concern them as much as the love between your friendship. A Pisces comes with no drama involving you.

4. They have incredible intuition

You will rarely have to say something for a Pisces to know something is not right. This zodiac sign relies heavily on spirituality and energy. A slight shift in your vibe will cause them to show concern for your wellbeing. Even if you are doing the same things as normal, pretending that nothing is wrong, a Pisces will see through the mask and check up on you. It feels almost like witchcraft how well Pisceans read another’s energy especially if it is someone they are close to.

5. They are trustworthy

If there is one zodiac who you can trust with your life, it is Pisces. They have this mystical quality to them that is hard to understand but you will always experience feelings of safety when confiding in them. They do not make you feel judged because they have a profound knowledge of human behavior. Nothing you tell them will seem bizarre or unimaginable. Even the most stubborn and closed off of the zodiac signs will not mind being vulnerable with a Pisces. They have such an aura that makes you feel comfortable telling them anything without the fear of being exposed.

6. They are generous with their love

Someone with a Pisces Sun will not hold back when it comes to expressing love and affection. They will constantly remind you that you matter to them. They will regularly reassure you in small as well as big ways on the daily. They are looking for new dimensions to their existence and often reply to helping their loved ones to give them purpose. They will go to extreme lengths and make significant sacrifices if it guarantees the happiness of their loved ones.

7. They are flexible

A Pisces friend will most often be the one who will sign up to do fun activities with you. They are not afraid to try new things. Although sometimes introverted or shy, they enjoy exploring and will be willing to go on adventures with you. As they are seeking some dream world greater than this mundane reality, engaging in intrepid activities allows them to experience a bit of the floating feeling that they are so desperately chasing.

Friend Compatibilities for Pisces


Taurus is a fixed earth sign while Pisces is a mutable water sign. This offers a great balance in their friendship as well as a romantic relationship. A bond between these two is usually healthy and long-lasting.


A Capricorn will often take control of the situation and Pisceans need this reliability to feel secure. These two do not have much in common yet show an on-the-spot connection. This friendship will help ground a Pisces.


Cancers naturally possess healing abilities. They want to help everyone who needs them and has the same compassionate nature as a Pisces. The Pisces feels joyful seeing someone care for them after doing so much for others.


Scorpios are primal and deeply understand human desire and psychology. Pisces also has an understanding of human behavior. Therefore, they are a great match and blossom a wonderful friendship. Although be wary because this can pair can easily slip into a “friends with benefits” lifestyle.


Libras value their privacy and Pisces offers them the security of secrecy and loyalty. Both signs are kind-hearted and aid each other in getting through tough times.

If you don’t have one, how do you make friends with a Pisces?

Gaining the trust of a Pisces is not too difficult. They are to some extent naïve and gullible. This is why they often get badly hurt by people. A Pisces is always there for people when they need them. So, if you show this zodiac sign that you care about them even in small ways, they will want to be near you again. Give Piscean good attention and validation for them to enjoy your company.

They can often be indecisive, so you need to be sure of what you want. They like people who can lead. But a Pisces is quite adapting to various people and different kinds of environments. In addition to this, they are a very friendly sign and will not shy away from the prospect of a new friendship. Therefore, it is relatively quite easy to make a Pisces friend. 

How do you stay friends with them?

Your Pisces friend will be there in an instant if you need them. Yet your friendship is prone to fading away. A Pisces will not get into a big fight when friendships end. They usually just let people drift away. They have a capacity for forgiveness due to their core empathetic qualities. So, even if you betray them, they are so selfless that they are willing to look past every fault. This can lead them to be in toxic relationships which they must be careful of.

Something that puts this friendship in danger is the fact that a Pisces can get bored pretty easily. They won’t show ill will toward you but will start to become distant if you don’t keep things exciting. To maintain a friendship with a Pisces, make sure to reassure them of your affection frequently as they can fall into a pool of doubt and overthinking. Let them explore their worlds of imagination while lovingly giving them reality checks when they need them.

What difference does it make for someone with a Pisces Moon/Venus?

A Sun sign determines your central and vital characteristics that show your personality and what you want in life. On the other hand, the next most important is your Moon sign. It represents your emotional behaviors. The way you express emotions is dictated by this. Venus sign is similar but shows what you want in terms of romance and partnership. It symbolizes the pleasure and love aspects of your life.

Even if you are not friends with a Pisces sun, a Pisces moon will treat you equally well. As the moon sign is what makes up your friendships and romantic personality.

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In conclusion, it can be a wonderful and rewarding experience to have a strong bond of friendship with a Pisces. So, the next time you meet one, don’t let the opportunity pass you by. Remember to reciprocate the affection and kindness they show you and if everything goes right, you’ve got yourself a life-long partnership filled with vulnerability and compassion.