A Cold Pisces Man As Your Bae? 8 Ways to Make Him Miss You

A Pisces man can be as cool as a fish so what can you do?

By Fred S.
A Cold Pisces Man As Your Bae? 8 Ways to Make Him Miss You

Believe it or not but being in a relationship takes a lot of effort, emotions, time, energy and the list goes on. Every person wishes to have a partner by their side to share beautiful moments with them. Life is incomplete without a partner who loves and cares for you. However, being with some people is not as easy as it may seem. Let’s take an example of a Pisces man with whom you’re dating. There are two types of Pisces men;

The Passionate one:

A passionate Pisces man will never let you down! You’ve got to trust us on this. The man would want to stand out because he does not believe in cliché trends. A Pisces man will love you and will be ready to do anything and everything he can do to keep his girl happy.

The Cold One:

The girls don’t really appreciate the cold ones because it is comparatively harder to tackle them. A girl has to be extremely careful around them as they may lose interest in them, which a girl would never want to happen.

To know how to make a Pisces man fall in love with you to the extent that he misses you badly when you are not around; you must know the characteristics of a Pisces man.

The Character of a Pisces Man

  • Pisces men care a lot. They hear out people and very well grasp the emotions around them. They are highly sympathetic and emotional. They are also extremely compassionate. When a person is so thoughtful and caring, a girl feels blessed and lucky. The entire relationship has a positive vibe.
  • These men do not reason most of the time; they are emotional, so they think through their hearts. This is fine but doesn’t always turn out well. If a man is thinking through his heart, it is useful only in positive and happy situations, but it can get out of hands if that man is angry or frustrated.
  • Pisces men are incredibly romantic. They take time to open up in front of people, and that is why they only open up in front of people who they think they are safe with. Pisces men are also considered to be selfless, and that is a very positive factor.

  • Pisces men are highly loyal. Let’s face the truth; people in the present time cheat on their partners more often. Dating is another form of gambling. Sooner or later, you’ll have to place your trust somewhere. Pisces men are loyal, and this quality helps girls overcome their insecurities, which are common in almost every other relationship nowadays.
  • Pisces men can become clingy and a drama queen when they don’t get enough attention. They are lazy beings and also too submissive. They demand attention if their partner fails to give them enough.
  • Pisces men love animals and are more likely to have pets around them. They are good caretakers, and that is why they tend to have a soft corner for all living beings.
  • Pisces men are peaceful, and they love to share details with their partners.
  • Pisces men are good in bed, and they have this unique connection with their partners that they enjoy.

When Your Pisces Man is Colder than Most

It is such a pain when you have a partner that is not expressive enough. It is better when couples communicate, and if they don’t, then the communication gap becomes super harmful. Girls generally need more attention than the boys; that’s just how it is. If a man is less romantic or does not communicate with his girl, this gets frustrating for the girl.

A person may be cold for many reasons, but since he is not communicating well, it will be hard for anyone and everyone to know what is going on in his head. He might have a fear of overdoing things and could be controlling himself so that his girl stays with him. Maybe he is being careful and does not want to participate in a heated argument that may lead to a breakup. Little does the man realizes how vague the act may look and is equally harming the relationship. Usually, when a person acts this way, girls fear that maybe the guy is cheating on them. However, there are fewer chances of Pisces men cheating on their partners because their personalities are different.

Feeling distant is not comforting. The girls end up overthinking and start fighting, and that's not healthy for any relationship. Few ways can make him miss you more often, and they are;

8 Ways to Make Him Miss You

  1. Giving your man a fair amount of space will always help you bring him closer to you. People sometimes act opposite of how you think they would. Giving him space and less attention will make him curious, and he would want to have your attention.
  2. Meanwhile, you give him space, be loyal to him, and make him feel secure. Love him with all your heart and hold on to the relationship.
  3. You have to be patient and stay positive. If you give out positive vibes, only then will a person be attracted to you.
  4. You don’t have to meet a lot. Meet lees but make it worthwhile. That he starts craving for your presence, small gestures can make a good impression on him.

5. If you try to control him, he will grow distant. Controlling gets toxic, and men generally don’t like getting held. They love their freedom.
6. Knowing what he is going through is essential. Solving problems for him will make him get attracted to you.
7. Send him good pictures, wear his favorite color. Act a little mysterious, and that will make him curious.
8. Be active on social media. He will see that you’re busy and calm even when he is not missing you. It will make him even more curious.

How To Make Your Pisces Man Super Attracted To You

There are a few things that may help you attract your Pisces man attracted to you. Invest your time and energy in him, but don’t overdo it. Focus on yourself. Always groom yourself. Don’t lose yourself while pleasing your partner. Give him reasons to love you and know your worth. You must focus on yourself because if you believe in yourself only, then others will also believe in you. Relationships aren’t easy. People become toxic, and love turns into a craze.

Don’t be too demanding because a person gets frustrated if their partner is always demanding. Make him feel special through your words. If you help him in boosting his confidence, he will trust you and will be there by your side. Pisces, men are emotional. You need to be practical if you are in a fight or arguing. Pisces men love their partner unconditionally, and they expect the same level of love and affection. Things might get out of hand if they don’t get the same kind of emotional support.

Just go with the flow. Give your man love, time, energy, and don’t rush onto conclusions. Being patient is the key. Dressing up and meeting now and then will also help.

Initiating romantic dates and movie nights are always charming. Loving an individual is not easy. Having a worthwhile connection is essential. Taking care of small things in his daily routine will make him closer to you. Booking appointments on his behalf, making him coffee, desserts will make him have a great bond with you.

Doing these little things will eventually make him miss you when you are not around as we stated initially that a relationship requires efforts, time, energy, and emotions.

Trust is also a crucial factor. If a person is acting cold, you need to trust him, and at the same time, you have to make him place his trust in you. Staying together in shared positivity is vital to avoid toxicity and vagueness.

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Pisces men are a little complicated. Being a little more thoughtful in your approach towards him can go a long way. However, they are the best partners because they are feelers. Passionate about love. They can be cold, but that does not mean that a girl cannot have a healthy relationship. A little hard work and lots of love can help in having a healthy relationship. Pisces men are beautiful partners to be with. Don’t let their coldness come in your way.