Who is the Most Hopelessly Romantic Zodiac out of all

The easy to falls in love and romantics based on zodiac signs

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Who is the Most Hopelessly Romantic Zodiac out of all

What does it mean to fall in love easily?

Most of us think love is a long process. A development of feelings over a period of time. So, when a friend says that they are in love with someone after a week of knowing them, it can seem strange.

People who fall in love easily often are the ones who desire it the most. When you are out there constantly searching for love at every corner, it is more likely that your mind will find it in places that may not always be right. Falling in love easily can also mean that you do not demand much from your partner. You want simple things that are not as difficult to find.


This kind of love is based on infatuation. You become very quickly obsessed with a person and go to extreme lengths to please them. This love is usually short-lived but if you get lucky, it can also turn into a long-term fulfilling relationship.

The Top 3 and Bottom 3 Zodiacs Who Fall in love easily?

The Top 3


This water sign is known to nurture others. They tend to help the people around them in whatever way, shape, or form it is possible. Cancers love being there for people. And this intimacy that they are so open to leads them to fall in love fast and a lot.


If you know anything about Pisces, you know they are driven by emotion. They are sensitive people and love easily. Someone who shows them even a small bit of affection catches their attention. They like being cared for and seek this comfort from whoever they can get it from.


This sign has fire as their element, this signifies that they are impulsive, spontaneous, and impatient. An Aries just can’t wait to fall in love. They hurry into it because they just want to experience the rush again. It may come as a surprise but this is the sign who falls the quickest.

The Bottom 3


People born under this zodiac do not just hand over their hearts to everyone. They are picky and choose who to love very carefully. They are calm and collected and do not throw themselves into relationships.  They are grounded and take their sweet time deciding their distribution of affections.


The animal that represents Leos is the lion i.e. the king of the jungle. They like to be in control. They have a high opinion of themselves. A negative aspect of this sign is that they are overly critical. This inability to accept faults holds them back from falling in love.


An Aquarius does not like to commit fast. They need to be sure who they are falling in love with before engaging in that vulnerability. They want you to stick around for the long haul and to connect with you they need their time. Once they have decided on you, they will remain loyal and affectionate.

What does it mean to be hopelessly romantic

We have seen the term hopeless romantic largely used in negative connotations as if it is a bad thing. But another take on this intense idea of love is that it can be a positive thing.

Hopeless romantics are dreamers and their dream is perfect love. They keep on believing that there is an idealistic grand fairytale romance for them out there even if they have been let down dozens of times. They just can’t seem to let go of this search for their soulmate. Hopeless romantics are looking for that intense passion you find in movies like The Notebook.

1. They believe in grand gestures.

An individual with this kind of idea of love will want a relationship with fireworks. They want it big. They want an all-consuming reckless love. Once they are in love, they will not stop with passion.
A hopeless romantic will go to every extreme to show their partner they love and care for them. Travel across an ocean, buy things they can’t afford, and sacrifice their comfort in the name of love. If it’s not all sparks and flames, life is just not for them. They are intense and have a vibrant romantic experience

2. Bad romantic experiences can’t hold them back.

It does not matter if this person has been hurt a million times. If over and over again their romantic partners betray them. They are not the least bit afraid of getting their heart a little beat and bruised up.

It almost like a holy experience for them. They will chase what they desire to the ends of the earth and then beyond that.

When something terrible happens to them in a romantic context, they let themselves feel the pain and then go on to think this heartbreak is a part of their journey to their soulmate.

3. They are idealists.

Hopeless romantics sound dreamy and wonderful. I mean who would not wish for perfect love? But this is the major reason it is considered a negative trait to idealize love like this.

They become blind to the reality of the situation. It is not very likely to find the perfect person in this lifetime even if they exist. Many relationships can seem flawless and passionate but anything long-lasting requires a loss of intensity. Love takes different forms and hoping for fairytales is honestly toxically optimistic.

4. They won’t settle for less

So, they found a partner who is loyal and caring. Everything is going well but the hopeless romantic doesn’t feel home in this relationship. It is dull and bland, and they are chasing something divine.

They want their heart to experience a volcano explosion. So, a couple of butterflies just won’t cut.  They want to feel as high as the stars. They want to float and dance on the moon. They refuse a small earthly love confined to the ground.

5. Love is what they live for

In many ways, this chase is the goal of life. Before they die, they want to have found this dream.
The idea that a special someone is waiting for them out there, that they have a better half to complete their story gives them hope. It keeps them going and they continue the search for “The One”. It feels as if the purpose of life revolves around the idea of intense romance.

The Top 3 and Bottom 3 Zodiacs Who Are Hopelessly Romantic

The Top 3


This zodiac sign is probably the best example of a hopeless romantic. They don’t fall in love very easily, but it is not that hard either. They have an idea of love. They adore the concept of falling for someone and will get their heart broken many times.


This is a hard one. With a tough and stubborn exterior, a Taurus may not seem like the type to swoon over things like cheesy romances. But the truth about them is that they are very family-oriented and want a partner to dedicate their time to. They believe in soulmates and crave that special affection.


If you are a Sagittarius, you have a lot of specifications for who you want. You will put a lot into your romantic life. They love planning special surprises and showering you with love. It is not often that they find someone who fits their standard.

The Bottom 3


The least romantic zodiac sign by far is Gemini. You have just not decided on who you are yet, which leads you to be so distracted by yourself that you can’t even make time for a partner. Flings and all are easy to indulge in, but you hate opening up because you’re afraid that your partner will find nothing there.


As a Virgo, you are very organized and like neat things. Love and relationships on the other hand are the messiest things ever. Which is why they do not appeal to you much. They are bad at compromise and hate having to accept that they are not always right. 


This sign is very controlling and this quality travels into their love life. Scorpios love engaging in physical intimacy but when it comes to the vulnerability they are hesitant. They are skeptical of love. With a practical mind, the complications of romance are not something they want to deal with.

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Love is a complicated thing. It comes easily to some and others, well they may never experience it. Your idea of love is immensely influenced by your environment and your childhood. Your parents’ relationship and presence can also affect it. Since all these concepts are formed at a young age, it is not surprising that the time you were born has power over your romantic life.