The Top 3 Sexually Active To Frustrated Zodiac Signs

Find out which are the top and bottom 3 sexual zodiac signs!

By Kimmy
The Top 3 Sexually Active To Frustrated Zodiac Signs

Astrologists tell you which Zodiac signs you’re compatible with as lovers or crash as coworkers. They all seem to be pretty accurate so far, right? Let’s try something a bit different today. Which Zodiac signs are the most sexually active and sexually frustrated?

Knowing this will probably reduce your effort in searching for your next lover. Zodiac signs do matter. You will see it. Some Zodiac signs are here to be the kings and queens of never-ending orgasms, while some are just nerds wanting to go home and can’t be bothered with sex.

Top 3 Sexually Active Zodiac Sgns

1. Aries

Aries are wild lovers. They are a beast in bed. They are dominant and enjoy taking control. With a strong personality, Aries can be impatient and leave their partner feeling unsatisfied as Aries could focus too much on themselves during sex.

Getting down to business is their only goal, foreplay and setting the mood right are all just bullshit to Aries. They don’t care about the so-called foreplay. Just put it in and get to work. Aries pair great with people that enjoy a wild and rough night.

Aries are extremely fun and wild to be with if you know how to adapt to their fast-pace. They won’t disappoint you with the ability in bed.

2. Taurus

Now, Taurus is the gentle lovers you’re looking for. They take time to enjoy foreplay until both are truly ready. Never in a rush, only want to do things right. Taurus will strive to make sure you’re having as much fun as they are. Having a huge sex drive and wanting to be a romantic lover make them one of the most sexually active Zodiac signs.

Be gentle with a Taurus, as they would to you. Take things slow and let the Taurus kiss you until your lips burn, let them caress your skin until you can’t hold it in anymore. Taurus should definitely be crowned the King of Foreplay. They just know how to get you into the mood.

3. Scropio

It shouldn’t be surprising. Scorpios are well-known for being very sexual. They just can’t seem to get enough. They’re the best version of Aries and Taurus, aggressive and dominant, yet caring for your needs as well. It’s not just about them. They want you to have fun as well.

Having sex with a Scorpio will likely make you doubt the sex you’ve been getting your entire life because it’s destined to be the best ride of your life. Scorpios are wild and have endless energy. With a Scorpio, you better prepare yourself for a sex marathon, because they can go all night.

Scorpios are emotional, making them a very good partner in bed. They don’t hesitate to scream from their orgasms and they know how to get you wild as well. A night with a Scorpio is a night you’ll never forget.

Top 3 sexually frustrated Zodiac signs

4. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is known for its hot seduction skills, how do they end up on this list? Well, Sagittarius is good at playing mind games with you, getting you to do things for them. Yet, when you get into the action with them, they’re just completely lost.

Some even say having sex with a Sagittarius blew all the fantasies and the mystic curtains on this Zodiac sign. It’s a dangerous road to go down. Believing that your Sagittarius must be just as good as actually doing it as their ability to get you to do things.

Being with a Sagittarius is frustrating. You put your hopes up so high just to get disappointed. They are never as good as doing things as they pretend to be. Sagittarius enjoys seducing people to boost confidence, but that’s pretty much it. You will probably enjoy the process up until the foreplay, after that, there’s really not much to say. Don’t raise your expectations too high for Sagittarius, they’re bound to disappoint.

5. Cancer

Cancer too much. Don’t ever dream that they will make you horny if anything, it will be the opposite. Cancer is almost the paranoid type that wants everything said, explicitly. They won’t rest until they hear the word. They just want to talk about feelings and the meaning of sex than actually having sex.

Even when you’re having sex, a Cancer might stop halfway and ask you if the speed is okay or how do you feel. Totally a mood-destroyer. Cancer has no idea they’re being annoying and think they’re being attentive. They don’t know the best way to care for someone is to shut up sometimes.

If you want to have sex with a Cancer, make sure you’re the one to lead. Not taking things over into your hands will only make the experience awkward for you, because Cancer honestly doesn’t care. They think it’s already pretty damn good.

6. Gemini

 Gemini is very selective of whom they’re loyal to, and when you’re chosen, they’ll try their best to make you feel good. But truth is, they honestly just don’t care what you do and is only showing emotions to make you feel good.

They won’t let you know if you’re doing the right or wrong move, nor will they let you know what makes them feel good. They will say tell you everything is fine and that everything feels good, when, deep down, you know you can’t satisfy them.

Don’t put too much blame on yourself. Having sex with a Gemini is just frustrating, historically speaking. It’s really not you, it’s them. They don’t know what is the proper way to express their love and affection. They are often thinking about something, but they never tell you what’s on their mind. For sure the most sexually frustrated Zodiac sign because no one is getting what they want. Might as well just stay home and masturbate first if you’re about to sleep with a Gemini.

How to get the game started

Know which Zodiac sign you’re dealing with to figure out your best move. If you’re dealing with a bossy Aries, don’t bother fighting for control. They’re born to dominate you in bed. Your best move is to go with it and try your best to enjoy what they give you. To be fair, they’re fairly good in bed so as long as you let them have the control, you will have fun.

On the contrary, if you’re dealing with more passive signs like Gemini, you will need to step up and take control as they most likely won’t have any opinions on what to do. When facing a Gemini, you need to be very observant with their expressions. They will compliment you on everything you do even if they don’t actually appreciate it, just because they like you. You need to try and tell what pleases them and what makes them feel good.

Here’re some tricks to get the game going more easily. Don’t be shy about using sex toys. Whether you’re the shy, loving Romeo type, or the rough Chuck Norris type, a sex toy can get the game started quickly as you can adjust to the level you wish. You can start off light and easy and escalate it to rough and intense when everyone’s in the mood.

Try on costumes as well. There’re awkward signs like Sagittarius that don’t know how to act in bed, role play makes it easier since Sagittarius are natural-born actors/actresses. Give them a role and they’re ready to play. It’s only hard for them to be themselves. Most Sagittarius lack a true self-personality. They like gaining people’s affection by pretending to be someone else. So if you want them to be good in bed, make them pretend they’re someone awesome at it.

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Are you and your partner’s Zodiac signs on the list? Are you happy and satisfied with the results? If you have the chance, definitely try to have it with the top 3 sexually active Zodiac signs, the sex will blow your mind and the aftertaste will linger on for a good long period of time.

No need to be upset if you’re on the top 3 sexually frustrated Zodiac signs, there’s always a chance for everything. Now that you know what you’re bad at, it’s time to fix it! Practise makes perfect. Get your partner to work on it with you until you can make your partner go “wow” all night.

Lack of partners to practice it with you? Then you better start searching for you until you can change history and make your Zodiac sign the most sexually active!