Easy Spells That Really Work For Protection, Love & Healing

Nothing good works for you? Maybe you're absorbing all the negativity around you! Turn your life around with these easy spells for positivity

By Neko Yama
Easy Spells That Really Work For Protection, Love & Healing

Absorb Positivity With Magic Spells

There are people who are just that lucky in life. They have all the positivity in the world and the gods seem to always be in their favor. But then, there are also those who absorb nothing but negativity. From morning when they wake up until they go to bed in the evening, things just go from bad to worst. Just thinking about it already sounds like a complete pain in the neck. Are you one of the latter? Some people say that you just have to go with the flow and eventually, everything will work out fine in the end. But if you’re tired of waiting for the natural solutions to work, it’s time to find your own. Have you ever thought about spells that may turn your life around? Okay, the first picture that probably comes to your mind when you hear the word “spells” is witches with their pointy nose, cackling while stirring a huge pot, or that spells cause nothing but revenge and hatred. That may be true too but you have to know that not all spells are bad. Some spells are meant for protection, healing, and love or that there are also spells that are for good intentions. So, do you want to try? Get your healing with these easy spells we listed down for you!

What Are the Effects of Magic Spells?

Of course, it’s understandable that you will feel a bit cautious in casting spells no matter how easy they are or even if they’re meant for a good cause. So what are the effects of these magic spells? Will they just really provide love, protection and healing? Or will somebody else suffer in exchange of your good fortune? There are urban legends where some of the spells we thought are good caused pain—like the girl who casted a love spell to find a perfect man only for their relationship to end tragically, or the man who casted a money spell in which his father died in an accident and ended up getting his inheritance. Well, that sounded serious and we can’t blame people who feel anxious about magic spells. But to answer your fear, the spells will only have their negative effects if you believe there is something wrong that’s going to happen. Casting spells relies on the energy inside you so if there is just even a little bit of negativity or doubt, it will have a huge effect on the result.

Things To Consider Before You Engage In Magic Spells

So if you are a beginner, here are some tips that you might want to consider before you try out your first easy spells. 1. If you are feeling unwell or sick, don’t try to cast spells as your energy needs healing and restoration first as having an imbalanced energy may cause imbalanced results as well. 2. Never try to cast spells even if they are just easy ones if you are angry, frustrated, or annoyed. Casting spells that are meant for revenge is the most dangerous of all. Plus, having negative emotions while casting spells shows weakness and may invite bad results. First, you may regret it later; second, as your mind is troubled, you don’t really know what you seek. 3. Never cast spells simultaneously as each needs full focus. 4. Just because we’re saying love, protection, and healing doesn’t mean they’re already for a positive cause. For example, you must know what you seek—if the love you desire is a controlling one, it’s a spell that might hurt others. There are many things to think about but these are the most important ones. Are you ready to try out these easy spells?

Easy Spells: Quick Love Drawing Spell


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This is one of the simplest and easy love spells for you to try. It only needs a few minutes to cast but you will have to wait for a couple of days for the spell to work. Easy spells are meant for beginners so you have to expect that the results will not be as strong as the powerful spells emit. This specific one will not make someone love you but you will get their attention drawn to you. Ingredients for the love spell: 1 magazine photo of a rose Envelope and stamp Red marker Steps to cast the spell: 1. On the magazine photo of a rose, write the name of the person you desire in big letters using the red marker. Or if you don’t have a specific person you’d want to attract, just write “my ideal partner”. 2. Fold the photo and put it inside the envelope. Address it to yourself and mail it. The farther the post office you can send it from, the wider the effect of the spell is. 3. Once you have received the letter, keep it in your bedroom and do not open it until you start to notice some attention coming your way.

Easy Spells: Letter of Love

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Are you experiencing pain from a failed relationship? Are you thinking of having sweet revenge on your ex or perhaps, you want your ex back? Get over your ex, you don’t need them anymore. Why not try one of our easy love spells to find a new ideal person? Don’t worry because it’s so easy you won’t need the traditional magical ingredients for it, you can cast this spell with just the items you can find at home. Ingredients: 1 sheet of paper Red marker 1 piece of envelope Your favorite perfume Your favorite red lipstick 5 fresh red rose petals Steps in casting the spell: 1. Using the red marker, write down the traits and qualities you want in a person on the paper. You have to be specific and realistic, plus, don’t use names! 2. Give the paper a little spray of your favorite perfume. 3. While holding the rose petals in your hand, imagine yourself with your ideal lover. Just let the happy energy revolve around you. 4. Put the petals inside the envelope along with the paper and seal it. 5. Put on your favorite lipstick and kiss the outside of the envelope. 6. Keep the envelope in a safe place until you find your new lover. 7. When your ideal person comes, throw it away or burn it but never open it.

Easy Spells: Open Their Eyes

Do you have someone you are really attracted to but you can’t just get their attention? Well, you just need to try this easy spell we have for you. But hey, just know that it won’t make them totally love you. But it will put you in their thoughts everyday at least! That’s what matters, right? Ingredients for the spell: 2 pieces of white candles 1 piece of clear glass (not a mirror) Red marker 2 pieces of red yarn or red string Rose oil Steps in casting the spell: Note: For the glass, it could be a broken piece of a jar or window. The important thing is that it needs to be clear and a few inches in size at least. Be careful with your fingers! 1. Put some rose oil on the candles and tie a bow around them using the red yarn or string. 2. Set them up in candle holders a few inches apart 3. Using the red marker, draw an eye with a heart in it on both sides of the glass 4. Put the glass in between the candles and light them. 5. Think about the person you desire and murmur their names a few times. Look through one side of the glass and watch the flame through the eyes you drew. 6. Let the candles burn out on their own. Now that the person you desire’s eyes are open, they won’t be able to stop thinking about you. So take advantage of that because sometimes their attention is just what you really need. Love just comes after!

Easy Spells: Make Me A Money Magnet

One of the biggest problems we encounter in our daily lives is the bills we have to pay—electricity, rent, water, etc. There are just so many but the money is always lacking. It would be a dream come true if we can just get money the moment we wish for it, don’t you think? Well, why not make yourself a money magnet with this one of the easiest money spells we provided? Ingredients: Silver bowl Dill A few stick pieces of cinnamon Patchouli Pine oil 1 piece of malachite Steps in casting the spell: Note: The spell should be casted on a Thursday. 1.In the silver bowl, mix together the herbs and put on a few drops of pine oil. The measurements aren’t important but you have to make sure that every ingredient is there. 2. Place the malachite in the bowl with everything else and cover it up. 3. Leave it for 7 days until the next Thursday. 4. Take the stone with you and keep it in your pocket. 5. Just leave the bowl on your altar until money comes your way.

Easy Spells: Heal My Broken Heart

Having been broken by someone can be the most devastating and most painful experience. There will come a time where you can’t just function well because of the heavy feeling it gives you. And you’ll go through mixed emotions too—sadness, anger, feelings of revenge, doubt, etc. But why would you have your revenge if you can just heal your heart? It’s much more soothing to fix yourself than any revenge in the world. Try out this simple and easy spell for healing your broken self. Ingredients: Beet Piece of paper A pen or a pencil A carving tool Steps: 1. Wash the beet and remove all the greens so that the root will be the only thing left. 2. Prepare for the spell in whatever way you prefer—cleanse yourself, cast a circle, light candles, etc. 3. The beet will represent your heart. Take it and draw on it the pain you’re feeling in any way you want to express it. 4. Release your pain onto the beet—stab it, yell at it, pour all your negative emotions into it. 5. When you’ve completely calmed down, write this down on the piece of paper:

My heart endures, healing and growing stronger for its trials. I am open to love from within myself and from others

6. Create a small hole in the beet, roll the paper up tightly and place it inside the hole. 7. Bury the beet on the ground. As the beet decomposes overtime, your healing starts as your pain will disappear eventually too.

Easy Spells: Power of 3 Healing Spell

Healing spells are not only for those who are broken emotionally. You can also cast spells to emit cure for the physically ill. This is one of the easiest healing spells we provide for you. You can use this for other people or for yourself if you can give your full undisturbed focus. Ingredients for the spell: 3 candles (purple, blue, and white) Myrrh oil Mint oil Sandalwood oil 3 pieces of quartz stones 3 pieces of small paper Steps in casting the healing spell: 1. Put all of the oils in each candle and set them up in a shape of triangle on your altar. 2. Put the oils on all of the stones as well and place one stone in front of each candle. 3. Write the ill person’s name on each piece of paper and place them in the center of the triangle of candles. 4. While lighting each candle, put your focus on the ill person. Think of them being healthy and without their illness 5. Chant this for three times:

Magic mend and candle burn, Illness leave and health return

6. Leave the candles burning for 3 hours then blow them out. The person’s health will improve but it will be more effective if you can cast the spell for 3 nights in a row.

Easy Spells: Easy Home Protection Spell

The world is getting tougher and evil is spreading everywhere. We get anxious and we find several ways to protect ourselves. But do you know that there also magic spells which emit protection for you? Keep in mind though that spells are not always guaranteed to work. They won’t keep your doors locked or your windows closed. Anyway, this is one of the easiest spells you can try out because the steps are just really simple! Ingredients: A handful of coarse salt A teaspoon of garlic powder (You can use minced garlic as well) Steps for the spell: 1. Mix the salt and garlic together. 2. Put a few pinches of it on every opening of your home (doors, windows, fireplace, etc.) Salt and garlic is very well-known as one of the most used items to take any negative influence away so it’s a good protection for your home.

Easy Spells: Herbal Protection Bath

Protection spells are not just to keep your home safe. There are also spells that add more protection for you personally whenever you go. This is one of the easiest and probably most relaxing spells we can provide for you to try out as all you need are a few herbs and you’re good to go! Ingredients for the spell: Rosemary Rue Lavender Basil (If fresh, it’s better) Mint A handful of coarse salt Steps for the spell to work: 1. Run a hot bath and put in all the herbs and coarse salt. Let the bath steep for a couple of minutes before you get in. 2. Sit and soak in the tub while visualizing your body picking up all the protective energy from the herbs in the water. 3. When you think you’re good, save a bit of the water and herbs in a bowl and throw it outside.

Easy Spells: Personal Purification Bath

We can’t live like hermits. Every day, it’s going to be unavoidable to spend time with unpleasant people and this type of people carries a lot of negative energy that you’ll surely don’t want to be left on you. We have spells that will help you avoid unwanted energy but there are also magic spells existing if you need some cleansing. And here is probably the simplest purification spells for you! Ingredients for the spell: Anise seeds Fennel seeds Rosemary White sage Hyssop A pint of cedar oil Cheesecloth Steps for the spell: 1. In a bowl, mix all the herbs together and put on a few drops of cedar oil into it. The measurements are not at all important but put on a spoonful of everything if you can. 2. Bundle the mixture up in the cheesecloth. 3. Before you soak in the tub, add the herbal charm while the bath is filling up. Note: Don’t add any other bath products to have the herbal charm’s full effect. Soak in the tub for at least an hour to assure that all the negative energy will be cleared away from your body. 4. After your bath, dispose of the herbal charm. (Never use the same herbal charm for your next bath)

A Bit Of Reminder

Remember that magic spells are not always guaranteed to work. They exist for added protection but one must not solely depend on casting spells in their everyday lives. If your solutions don’t work for your issues and problems, the best alternative before anything else is asking support and help from other people—your friends and family. Keep in mind too that these are just easy spells so you can worry less about any negative effects. Easy spells are less likely dangerous but always consider the side effects anyway. Another reminder, don’t try out on more complicated magic spells if you’re just a beginner. Always seek for a professional spell caster before you move on to the next level.