The best lightweight stroller for the traveling family

2018 best lightweight strollers that are perfect for travel

By Caren M
The best lightweight stroller for the traveling family

If you are a family that moves around or travels a lot, then lightweight infant and toddler strollers are perfect for you. Unlike traditional strollers, lightweight strollers offer a combination that is just made for on-the-go situations. Light compact build, small size, easy maneuverability and easy fold/ unfold functionality of the strollers are some of the things you should look into while purchasing a good lightweight stroller.

For the family that is constantly on the move here are 2018's best lightweight strollers that are perfect for travel for you and your little one.

12 Best lightweight umbrella strollers for Newborns and Toddlers

1. Summer 3Dlite Convenience Stroller

Summer Infant 3D great specs for your baby

Summer Infant - 3D lite Convenience Stroller

This stroller is a best-seller among lightweight strollers in the market weighing in at only 11 lbs. It is perfect for trips and travels with its small and compact size and stylish aluminum frame. The Summer 3Dlite features a slim fold, with great storage space for your baby extras and a roomy  5-point adjustable seat to fit an infant to a small toddler. The wheels are shock absorbent so your little angel won’t feel every bump in the road and has a large canopy with a sun visor. 

Suitable for 
6 months up to 50 lbs.
Find out more at Summer Infant Website

2. BabyZen Yoyo+

The YOYO+ is stylish and convenient for travel

BABYZEN - Official Website - YOYO+

BabyZen has so many wonderful qualities they can’t all fit here. It is great for travel with its small weight - weighs about 6 - 6.2 kgs or about 13 pounds, has single-front wheels which make it easy to navigate bumpy paths without the wheels getting stuck and four-wheel suspension meaning your baby will be riding in luxury without disturbing their nap. The storage basket has impressive storage and the yoyo+ comes with a large canopy to protect your precious baby from the sun. It has easy fold and a convenient strap to carry on your shoulder when you’re not using it and the small compact fold requires very little storage space and can be considered as a cabin luggage by airlines.

The newborn pack is suitable for infants from birth to 6 months but the original Babyzen yoyo+ is suitable from 6 months onwards.
Find out more at Babyzen Website


3. Graco LiteRider Stroller

Graco Literider with detachable car seat

Graco Literider Stroller

Graco is a lightweight, easily maneuverable stroller with an easy-fold function, which makes it great for use from car seat to stroller. It has a seat reclining system that makes baby feel so comfortable, she’ll forget she’s on the move. Graco also comes with a canopy to keep your baby safe from the scorching sun and a great storage area to pack all your baby stuff while you wheel them around. When you’re done using the stroller, easy-fold it with one hand and store it away, easy as that!

Suitable from birth.
Find out more at Graco Website

4. UPPAbaby G-Luxe

UPPAbaby is one of the most convenient-for-use lightweight strollers in the market right now

UPPAbaby g-luxe stroller

UPPAbaby is so convenient to use for trips and travel, you won’t believe it till you try it. Has easy maneuverability with single front wheels that are shock absorbent and an easy to maneuver in gravel. The stroller has a one-step brake system and adjustable footrest. It also features a hand trigger for easy-fold system so you don’t have to hassle moving your baby from one point to another. G-luxe offers great storage for baby stuff, canopy to shade your baby and the seat is plush and comfy plus is removable and machine washable. Isn’t that handy?

Suitable from birth to 55lbs.
Find out more at UPPAbaby Website


5. Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller

Kolcraft is ready for you whenever you are

Kolcraft Cloud Plus Stroller

The Kolcraft stroller is a small compact stroller weighing in at 10 pounds, has easy maneuverability and easy fold with one hand using the folding mechanism on the handlebar. Kolcraft has an accessible storage basket with compartments for both child and parent and is easy to push around obstacles. While it is not a true umbrella model, it has great pricing with wonderful features you should look into.

Suitable for babies from 1 - 4 years
Find out more at Kolcraft Website

6. Maclaren Quest Stroller

What's better for your newborn than the Maclaren Quest?

Maclaren Quest Stroller

When you purchase a Maclaren stroller, you can always rest assured that you have purchased the best in the market. What really works for us with this stroller is that it’s a lightweight stroller perfect for traveling families. The manufacturer also states that: the stroller is ideal for newborns with easy recline adjustment with an extended leg rest and built-in Newborn Safety System.  It has a canopy with sun protection and the seat is removable and machine-wash friendly.

Suitable for Newborns and babies up to 55lbs.
Find more on Maclaren Website 

7. Chicco Liteway Stroller

Let your little newborn ride in style with the Liteway stroller

Chicco New Liteway Stroller - Sunset

You will pay a slightly higher-than price for this baby but it may be worth it. The Chico Liteway features lightweight aluminum tubing making it really light, rear locking of brakes by foot-action, adjustable canopy, easy fold/unfold mechanism using one hand and a cup holder for you. The best feature about this stroller that would work for parents with newborns is the fully reclining seat and a hideaway boot for enclosing infants when reclined. With these features, the Chicco Liteway has the sleekness of a travel companion and the style and comfort for you and your little tot.

Suitable for children 6 months to 40 lbs.
Find more on Chicco Website

8. Summer 3Dlite Convenient Stroller

The Summer Infant 3Dlite comes more than 8 color options

Summer Infant - 3D lite Convenience Stroller

The Summer 3Dlite can recline in 5 different positions meaning it inclines fully for the utmost comfort of your little newborn. This lightweight stroller can serve you from the time the baby is born to later on, and it doesn’t cost that much. 

Suitable for 6 months up to 50 lbs.
Find more on Summer Infant Website

9. Maclaren Techno XLR

Maclaren Techno is new and already pushing the boundaries on what people expect from umbrella strollers

Maclaren Techno Umbrella Stroller

This is the king of all lightweight umbrella strollers in the market right now. The Maclaren Techno is an upgrade from the previous version and it is bigger and better. It can hold up to 60 lbs. A first in its category is really lightweight compared to its bigger size and easy to maneuver too with the big four-wheel suspension system. It comes with a large canopy with a sun visor for protection from the sun, is completely waterproof and with a 4-point  adjustable comfy seat for newborns and older. Oh! And the seat is removable and machine-wash friendly. When you are done using it, simply fold it and strap to your shoulder and keep moving. Honestly, the Techno XLR just caters to all your needs no questions asked.

Suitable from Newborns and above.
Find out more on Maclaren Website

10. Inglesina Net Stroller

Inglesina net stroller is a great solution for cheaper but still great lightweight umbrella stroller

This is another fantastic lightweight umbrella stroller for a traveling family weighing less than 12 Lbs. It seats your big baby comfortably with its deep- adjustable and padded seat and you don’t have to worry about it rolling away if you let go for just a second because the center stand takes care of this for you. It can also stand by its lonesome meaning you don’t have to put it on the dirty floor meaning less washing for you!  It comes with an easy fold/ unfolds mechanism with the push of a button and a shoulder strap to carry when you are not using it making it very convenient for travel with all its great features.

Suitable from 3 months to 55lbs.
Find out more at Inglesina website

11. GB pockit

gb Pockit sets a world record as the smallest stroller when folded

gb Pockit Compact Stroller - gbChildUSA

if you are a serious traveler with a toddler and wondering how to maneuver with them plus all the luggage through bustling airports, wonder no more. The GB pockit is a wonderful travel companion. It’s very small in size making it easy for storage when you are not using- it set a Guinness world record. It has an easy fold/unfold mechanism and easy maneuverability and the seating is comfortable and perfect for your child. Traveling parents really love it, and so do we!

For 6 months up to 55 lb.
Find more at gb Pockit Website

12. Summer Infant 3Dtote

Summer Infant 3Dtote comes with lots of extra storage for all your baby gear and extras

Summer Infant - Baby Products

It is well-liked because this lightweight umbrella stroller comes with extra storage basket to keep all your baby utilities and some extra. It is easily maneuvered giving baby that smooth comfortable ride with easy fold/unfold so you don’t have to keep fumbling around with it. This is so convenient especially if you are moving around a lot and have to take your little one with you.

For 6 months up to 50lb
Find out more at Summer Infant Website

Note on using Umbrella Strollers for Newborn

Although umbrella strollers are super convenient and are considered every parent's blessing, they are generally not considered the best strollers for newborns as they are not considered safe for infants for most do not fully recline. Newborns are always best carried close to the parents for their comfort. If you prefer on finding an umbrella stroller for your newborn, always check and make sure that it has a fully reclining seat and that the strollers come with an infant headrest. 


We've touched on a lot in this article and it can all seem a little overwhelming but just keep in mind the key points when shopping for a lightweight stroller and also consider your needs and that of your little bundle of joy. Consider strollers that are the best in terms of weighing between 10-17 lbs. Easy fold/unfold system and fold-to-a-small-compact-size that can be carried in cabins comfortably. Armed with this information, you are definitely ready to go into the lightweight shopping battlefield and get your own lightweight stroller.yes