The List of Toddler Games Online for your Child

Best toddler games that are educational, interesting and free

By eronsalexander
The List of Toddler Games Online for your Child

The idea behind introducing a little child to games at an early age is to aid the mental development of the child. Before your child is old enough to start schooling, introducing her to educational games can stimulate her mind to be more welcoming of the idea of attending school before time. Educational games are designed to provide educational instruction in an interesting sort of way to keep the child engaged. Playing and learning are combined into one to provide a solid educational foundation for your child.

Here are a few toddler games that are educative, stimulating and free.

The ABC's Zoo Learning Game

The ABC's Zoo Learning Game

Once your toddler starts school, the letters of the alphabets are the first educational lessons she will be exposed to. What better way to kick-start your child’s education than to expose her to all the 26 letters of the alphabet. This game provides children with their first alphabetic lessons. It is fun and engaging and specially made for toddlers who ate yet to commence schooling.

Laugh and Learn Shapes Game

Laugh and Learn Shapes Game

Rectangles and Triangles, circles and squares are the first set of shapes worth learning about and this game introduces these shapes to children in a funny manner.

Laugh and Learn Count with me Game

Laugh and Learn Count with me Game

Shapes and alphabets are not the only things your kid can learn about through online educational games, she can learn a little about numbers too. The beauty about educational games is that when the child eventually starts schooling, she would have been exposed to shapes, numbers and alphabets which are some of the building blocks of conventional education.

Little People Friend Finder Game

Little People Friend Finder Game

Kids love adventure and the more puzzling the game is, the more interested they are in it. This Friend finder game is designed to help improve the intuitive capacity of toddlers. By searching for lost characters, the child gradually develops problem solving skills in the process.

Educational Toddler Games Using Keyboards

As the world becomes fully digitalized, more children are exposed to computers and digital gadgets unlike kids of former generations. Everything has been digitally simplified, learning inclusive. The earlier kids are exposed to computers, the better they will be at handling them. Keyboard games are designed to help children become more with the use of Keyboards.

Here are 4 keyboard games for toddlers that are in high demand online.

1. Dance Mat Typing

BBC Bitesize - Dance Mat Typing

Help your toddler make her first transition into the world of computer keyboards by introducing her to the dance Mat Typing game. The dance Mat will introduce her to the letters of the keyboard at the first level of the game. At this level, kids learn the front row keys (A,S,D,G,H,J,K,L) with the expert guidance of animal friends and then progress to more complicated keys as the game progresses. Good for kids who are new to the letters of the alphabet.

2. Keyboard Climber 2

Keyboard Climber 2 |

This game is one your toddler will find fascinating. A monkey is stuck in a cave and kids are expected to rescue it by jumping off Rocky platforms. To do this, they must recognize the letters that appear on the screen.

3. Typing Ghosts

Ghost Typing - Keyboarding Practice | ABCya!

If your toddler has been exposed to computers and keyboards for a while, she can make good progress playing the typing Ghosts. This game helps children to increase their typing speed. Words appear on the screen and the child is expected to type the given words before it disappears. Some kids though find this game to be scary because of the Ghosts in the game. The Typing Ghost is best suited for kids above 5 years of age.

4. Keyman

Play KeyMan Typing | Free Online Games.

The Keyman is a slight variation of the legendary Pacman game many of us parents played during our time. The Keyman is moved to eat up all the dots before colorful Ghosts can catch up with him. It is a fun game that help children learn without them even knowing.

Free toddler games online for Preschoolers

There are games specially designed for toddlers who are not old enough yet to commence schooling. These games keep them occupied at home so if you have an attention seeking child on your hands, these type of games can provide a welcome distraction so you can catch your breath a while.

1. Music Maker

Music Maker . Games . peg + cat | PBS KIDS

Kids are fascinated by sound and the Music Maker game doesn’t only expose them to pleasant notes, they can also create their personalized sounds. They can discover their favorite sounds, play and record it and share with their friends.

2. Mud Mountain Rescue

Blaze Mud Mountain Rescue

The Mud mountain rescue is an arcade style game your child will find thrilling and captivating. Kids join Blaze, AJ and Crusher’s grandma in a race against time to save Crusher from getting crushed by a humongous mountain of mud.

3. Nella

Preschool Games, Nick Jr. Show Full Episodes, Video Clips on Nick Jr.

Problem solving is an essential part of education. Kids are invited in this adventure game to join Nella the Princess Knight on an adventure into the unknown suspense filled world.

Fun and Cure Disney Toddler games online

Disney games are fit for young kids as well as toddlers. Here are some very popular and engaging Disney games online.

Lion Guard (Protectors of the Pride lands)

Protectors of the Pride Lands | Disney Junior

An adaptation of the world-famous Lion King cartoon, the Lion guard focuses on Simba (the Lion King)'s son Kion. Toddlers find this adventure game quite captivating and engaging as they are made to lead the Royal Guardians on a mission to protect the creatures of the Pride lands.

Mickey Mouse clubhouse games

Mickey Mouse Clubhouse: Games | Disney Junior

Everyone just loves Mickey and Friends and I’m sure your little one will love this latest installment from the house of Disney. This treasure hunt game has different levels and contains all the characters in the Mickey Mouse cartoon.

Sofia the First

Sofia the First: Games | Disney Junior

A favorite for girls, Princess Sofia goes on an adventure and the kids who go with her must learn to recognize and create patterns. Not just that, kids learn how to count and skip-count as the game proceeds.

Doc McStuffins Clinic

Doc McStuffins - Games | Disney Australia Disney Junior

Another famous Disney cartoon that’s made its way into the game series is Doc Mcstuffins Clinic. Players learn the importance of personal hygiene as they assist Doc Mcstuffins in treating patients who come in for medical care.

Things to note for Screen time

Although games are fun and educative, you should always pay attention to what your toddler is exposed to on the internet. With the rise of cyber bullying and pornographic related contents making their way into game fields, leaving a young child unsupervised while playing a game is not advisable.

To ensure that your toddler is always safe when playing online games, here are 5 things to note

1. Guidelines and Classification

Always check for the guidelines and Classification of any game you plan exposing your toddler to. Read through the guidelines to be sure that the game is suitable for a child her age

2. Play with your child

To gain a clear understanding of what the game is all about, you should play the game first to be sure. If the game allows for two players, play with her and see how well she enjoys it. If she appears not to enjoy the game, change it.

3. Restrict Access

Some games allow for interaction between online players. As a safety precaution, make sure you shut out access to interaction portals using the parental guidance feature. Your toddler’s safety is paramount.

4. Reduce Volume

Reduce Volume as much as possible to protect the child’s ear drums.

5. Set Limits

Never allow your child to play games for more than hour at intervals. Set limits using remote control features.

Games are fun and an effective means of educating preschool toddlers. They provide children with their first steps in the pursuit of knowledge. Furthermore, preschool toddler games help in the development of problem solving and psychomotor skills. Rather than discourage them from playing games, they should he encouraged albeit with constant supervision and guidance of an adult.