8 best baby slings for babywearing your little one

Top 8 baby slings for babywearing you should try in 2018

By Caren M
8 best baby slings for babywearing your little one

Babywearing has been around for as long as babies have been made and different communities around the world have developed different methods of babywearing. One such method that has really picked up over time is the use of baby slings or ring slings.

Using a sling in gardenia

Baby slings are really comfortable to use for both the sling user and the baby as they mold to your shape and give that snuggly comfortable feeling that you want to feel while carrying your baby.

It is important to note, however, that slings work best for newborns to about 18-month-old babies because of weight distribution.

A mother wearing her baby in a sling while she does farming

These slings are guaranteed to be the best in the market right now according to surveys taken, so we’ve put them all together under one beautiful article.

Overall Best Baby Sling

1. The Solly Baby Wrap

Classic Marengo Solly wrap

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This isn’t a sling, it’s a baby wrap but it is the best overall baby carrier in the market. The Solly wrap is better than a Sling in that it is made of stretchy material that would be perfect for carrying a newborn to a baby of about 5 months.

What makes the Solly wrap great was that it was designed by a mom who was looking for a comfortable baby wearing fabric so it has really considered the needs of a mommy or daddy when carrying their precious little one around for long periods of time. 

Best baby slings for newborns

Newborns require extra support as opposed to slightly older babies and a sling must offer this function for them to be considered baby-friendly. Here are some top products.

2. Caboo Newborn Carrier

#caboosling photo credit: @shellsknitwear / Instagram

Caboo Lite- Multi Position Baby Carrier (Stormy Sea): Amazon.co.uk: Baby

This is a sling carrier is perfect for babywearing a newborn. It is super comfy and made with special considerations for a newborn baby with the support they need. They are breathable and also comfortable for the sling user making it feel natural to your body and is one of those slings that you can comfortably sit while wearing your baby using one.

3. Boba Wrap

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Newborn Boba Baby Wrap Carriers | Shop Boba Baby Wrap Carriers

The Boba Wrap is a sling made of two fabrics, 95% cotton and, 5% spandex that makes it perfect for newborn babywearing and most especially a premature baby. The material fits perfectly over the child, making them fit you more naturally and is not too much that it would overwhelm the baby while also offering support for the neck and you can fit in their legs so they are in the most natural position for newborns.

Best baby slings for active parents

4. JPMBB Slings

The JPMBB knotless sling is hassle-free

The Little Baby Wrap Without A Knot - Je Porte Mon Bébé ® | JPMBB ®

The JPMBB brand slings have utilized the development of new and better fabrics specially made for babywearing. Their slings are knotless so you don't have to spend time learning how to tie one, just wear your baby and be on the move.

5. Sakura Bloom Basics Sling

Sakura Bloom

Sakura slings are made of high-quality fabrics like hand-dyed linen, silks, and bamboo which are really soft and easy to maintain and are suitable to use in all kinds of climate because it wicks away moisture, especially when you are always on the move.

They are also a great top choice for babywearing beginners as they are much easier to work the fabric around the rings and can be used from a range of 7 to 45 lbs.

Best baby slings for summer and for hot weather

Tropical climates would make babywearing a bit uncomfortable and so you must take care in buying the right baby sling for you and your baby's needs. If you have a little one, then consider these baby slings.

6. TaylorMade Mesh Sling

Mommy and baby enjoying pool time with Taylormade mesh sling

TaylorMade Baby Sling - Water Mesh

A product of TaylorMade classy slings, the TaylorMade mesh sling is made of very light, breathable polyester athletic mesh that would be perfect for summer. They are designed to absorb very little water making it ideal for babywearing on the beach or swimming pool and it is still adjustable even when wet. After a long day of fun, it dries pretty quickly so you don't have to pack another sling.

7. Hug-a-bub Organic Sling

hug-a-bub organic cotton sling

The hug-a-bub is made of breathable, light cotton mesh that’s great for the summer time. Both for keeping moisture out and keeping you guys cool with lots of breathable air so you feel comfortable. The gathered shoulder also makes for better weight distribution meaning it would work for newborns and older kids, up to 15 kgs

8. JumpSac Linen Blend

JumpSac (Ring Sling)

It is stylish, made of light linen fabric that is breathable cotton, keeping mommy and baby dry even in hot weather. The JumpSac linen sling works best in tropical climates making it ideal for babywearing if you live in constantly hot weather.

Best baby slings for plus size moms

Most slings are made to cater for all, with a one-fits-all stamp so they would work with plus size moms. A good plus size sling should have enough room to fit both the mom and the baby and here we have listed the ones we found work best. They are already listed here so you know all their great qualities

9. Maya Wrap Slings

Maya Wrap sling

Maya sling has a lightly padded shoulder making it comfortable for all wearers. The size Large Maya Wrap ring sling is  79'' long and XL size is 85'' long making it suitable for most plus-size babywearers.

10. Soul Ring slings

Rainbow Maze: Ring sling – Soul US, Inc

Soul ring slings are highly fashionable baby wearing slings hailing from India and come in a variety of color and designs. They are made from baby-friendly cotton fabric in a jacquard that is light and breathable and also really easy to maintain.

Soul slings have a good yard of lengthy fabric on them making them a great choice for plus size moms to carry their babies comfortably without feeling too much strain from too-little fabric remaining. 


Now that you are armed with the information, go buy your perfect sling so you can enjoy quality time with your baby without life getting in the way. Take your time finding a sling that works for you and that is comfortable for both you and baby and enjoy parenthood!