Top 10 Interesting Parenting Podcasts available in USA

Chill with other Parents in these top rated parenting podcast

By Patti Flinsch-Rodriguez
Top 10 Interesting Parenting Podcasts available in USA

2019 Best Parenting Podcasts that are free, funny and respectful at the same time

Podcasts are a great way for adults to consume parenting information.  Once you have kids, you don't have time for much else, so every minute counts.  Who has the leisure time to read when you have toddlers?

What's fantastic about podcasts is that you can download the broadcasts and listen to them when you have free time or when you need a break from diapers and sticky baby faces.  Here's a list of 10 of the best parenting podcasts in 2019..

1. Mastermind Parenting Podcast


The Mastermind Parenting Podcast is a weekly program with tips and discussions for parents of toddlers and teens.  This podcast is hosted by Randi Rubenstein, who has raised three strong-willed children.  She imparts parenting wisdom and strategies to help you to become the calm parent that you always hoped you would be.

How many times has your child pushed your buttons to the point where you exploded? Rubenstein has been there, and she offers inspiring stories from her life that will show you how you can master your mind to stay in control.  You know you have told yourself that you don't want to be like your mother, right? Well, if you have heard yourself saying some of the things that she said to you as a kid, then it's time to listen to this podcast to learn some new parenting strategies.

2. Zen Parenting Radio

Zen Parenting Radio (ZPR)

Zen Parenting Radio is hosted by husband and wife team Cathy and Todd Adams.  Cathy is a self proclaimed spiritual and emotional mom and Todd is a practical dad.  Together, they discuss parenting through the lens of zen principles.  This means parenting consisting of self-awareness, mindfulness, compassion and connection.  

Listening to this podcast feels as if you are having a therapy session, and that is a good thing.  Their voices are soothing and the whole experience is relaxing.  You do not have to be a zen practitioner to get tips on being a better parent.  Part of practicing mindfulness is living in the moment and being fully invested, and your kids will welcome this change in you.


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3. Nursing and Cursing Podcast

Nursing and Cursing Podcast

Nursing and Cursing is a weekly podcast featuring five female friends who discuss the ups and downs of parenting.  Two of the hosts are stay-at-home-moms and the other three are juggling motherhood while working full-time.  

Source: @nursingandcursing / Instagram

This podcast is funny and there is definitely a lot of cursing so this is not for your little one's ears.  They talk about their husbands, finances, children, sex and life in general.  If your nipples are sore from breastfeeding and you are exhausted from lack of sleep, this might be the podcast for you.  They answer questions that listeners send in regarding childcare.

4. The At Home Dad Show

The At Home Dad Show

This podcast is a breath of fresh air.  Hosted by two stay-at-home-dads, Greg Baker and Adam Gershon.  They discuss what it is like doing the non-traditional parenting roles.  Baker and Gershon talk about why they both decided to take on the roles of stay-at-home-dads while fully supporting their wives' career choices. 

Source: @homedadshow / Instagram

However, they are both 100% aware that their choice to do so presents challenges that other dads may not know how to handle.  While many dads are active particpants in their child's lives, most are not in the stay-at-home role.  The At Home Dad Show reaches out to this demographic so that they don't think they are the only ones having to navigate this path and they are not alone.

5. Baddest Mothers in the Room

Baddest Mothers In The Room

The Baddest Mothers in the Room is a weekly podcast hosted by Tristan and Kayce.  They like to talk about the real aspects of parenting.  They both have toddlers and want all parents to understand that while parenting is miraculous, it is also funny, disgusting and frightening. 

Source: @baddestmothers / Instagram

Everyone likes to focus on the wonderful parts, but doing that gives people the false impression that parenting is a bed of roses.  It isn't, and this podcast will show you the underbelly of parenting that others do not want to talk about.  It is intended for mature audiences.

6. The Longest Shortest Time

The Longest Shortest Time

The Longest Shortest Time is a podcast created by Hillary Frank and currently hosted by Andrea Silenzi.  The podcast was created after Frank had experienced a difficult childbirth and recovery. She still edits the podcast but has passed the hosting to Silenzi.

The bi-monthly podcast consists of interviews with parents who are struggling with difficult child-rearing issues. They also conduct interviews with teenagers.  The teenager interviews are pretty awesome because parents can hear the kids' perspective that they do not normally get. Podcasts have covered topics such as postpartum depression, how to talk to your teenager, and what it's like being a single parent. 

7. Parenting Great Kids

Parenting Great Kids

Parenting Great Kids is hosted by Dr. Meg Meeker, a pediatrician, author and mother.  She produces two episodes a month with the focus on parenting teenagers.  She answers questions submitted by listeners of the podcast, as well as showcasing the questions she receives while talking to parents through the course of her work as a pediatrician.  She knows how overwhelming it is to delve into the murky waters of parenting teens.  Dr. Meeker offers practical suggestions on how to deal with topics relevant to you are your teen.

Dr. Meeker focuses on empowering the moms and dads to be better parents to their kids.  She covers topics such as how long you should leave your child at home without supervision and when or if you should give your teen a cell phone.  

8. One Bad Mother

One Bad Mother

One Bad Mother podcast is hosted by Biz Ellis and Theresa Thorn and they have been broadcasting since 2013.  The show bills itself as a comedy podcast about parenting. Be forewarned, there is a lot of swearing!  This is not a show you can listen to with the kids.  This is a well-deserved break you have earned, so sit back and listen to these two talk about the rocky road they experience raising their children.  It's a great reminder that you are not alone when you are feeling overwhelmed and under appreciated.  These two will make you laugh and feel better about your life.

9. The Parenting Roundabout Podcast

Parenting Roundabout on RadioPublic

The Parenting Roundabout is a podcast hosted by Terri Mauro, Catherine Holecko and Nicole Eredics.  All three women are education and parenting authors, so this podcast is a bit more cerebral than some of the others. They produce one long podcast that is about 60 minutes, one medium podcast that is between 20-30 minutes and then three "speed rounds" that are about 5-10 minutes long each week. 

The speed rounds are sometimes spawned from listener posed questions such as "gift wrap or gift bags?" and are usually a fun to listen to.  This podcast is geared more towards raising tweens and teens. They cover every topic you can imagine, jobs, hobbies, skin care, death of a pet so there is a lot of good content from which to choose.  

10. AT Parenting Survival Podcast

AT Parenting Survival Podcast

This podcast is hosted by Natasha Daniels who is a child therapist and a parenting coach.  The focus of her podcast is discussing kids who have anxiety and OCD.  She has been producing a weekly episode since 2017. 

When you have a child who has been diagnosed as having OCD and or anxiety, it is overwhleming.  You may not even have received the diagnosis yet, and are wondering whether there is something wrong with how your child interprets events.  Listening to an expert on OCD and anxiety can give you the new perspective you need to parent your child.


Podcasts allow us to get information that we might not have been able to get in the past.  When you are at the end of your rope on a particularly stressful day of parenting, it is great to have the option of downloading one of these podcasts to lighten the load.  You can unwind and de-stress as you laugh and listen to others who are experiencing the same concerns you are.

Most podcasts are organized by category, so you should be able to go to the site and find an episode that represents the issue you are experiencing at that moment. I would recommend that you listen to the very first podcast as the hosts will explain why they are making the broadcast and tell you about themselves and their experiences with parenting. With all these wonderful podcasts, you are bound to find one that suits your needs.

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