Guide on teaching your children how to show respect

Children showing respect should be a primary character trait

Guide on teaching your children how to show respect

Respect is an important factor for everyone. Just like they say "respect is reciprocal". Usually, children are born with this inbuilt character of showing respect to older ones but also children can be easily influenced by the things they see and what they hear. Parents play the most important role in grooming their children to be of good behavior and character to society. Starting early is very vital because, at a very tender age, it’s very easy to install the kind of person you want the child to be.

Respect has always been something that holds so much value in our society and it’s important to hold on to it very tight. In today’s article will be discussing tips and guide on teaching your children how to show respect. Probably if you have kids or an expectant mother checking for techniques on how to groom your children to be respectful, then this article is for you.

Children Showing Respect should be a Primary Trait

Children born are just like empty disks waiting for software to be uploaded into them so as to perform as expected. And now of the primary software that should be installed is respect. Respect should be a primary trait in every child. Children get influenced by their environment, that’s why as a parent, your major responsibility is making sure that your children learn the best characters because when they pass some certain age it becomes very difficult. Teaching respect to children can be very beneficial to the society, in fact, respect should be the first thing that should be thought before education as respect is very important not just for the well-being of the society and parents but also for the child. Where a child has respect as a primary trait, it gives birth to other traits which include:

1. Good manners

Once a child has traits of respect, the child would definitely have good manners, saying things, like 'thank you' and 'please', is very important and can become very natural to a child that is respectful.

2. Listening

Having a good conversation requires listening and for a child that has respect traits in him or she is always a very good listener.

3. Being openminded

It’s the responsibility of parents to teach their children the act of respect as when a child is respectful, it makes the child have an open heart so as not to quickly judge someone without knowing the person. The trait stays with the child until they grow older and becomes part of them.

4. Conflict management

What respect does to a child that it makes the child able to handle conflicts when they arise in the best possible way they can.

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Teaching children how to show respect to parents and elders

Respect is an important value that is beneficial to everyone and society at large. Teaching children to show respect is not just the job of the parents, society and the school plays an important role in molding the child to be someone with good values. 

What can you do to teach children how to be respectful?

1. Demonstrate respect to them

Showing respect for them is one way of teaching them to be respectful. There’s a saying that one cannot get what he cannot give. The saying means that to get something, you must be willing to give it out too. Respect is something that you must give to get in return, children are easily influenced by things and behavior around them. So one way to teach child respect is first showing them what respect is. Start by demonstrating respectful behaviors to them and setting an example out of yourself. Try to start off conversations with them by making them understand that you are interested in their conversations and a proper way to make a healthy and respectful conversation.

2. Teach them how to answer politely

Teach them to be polite when talking to not just their elders but their juniors too. Teach them to say 'please', by saying 'please' to whenever he asks for something or needs help since 'please' is a powerful and humble word. Also the act of saying 'thank you' is very important and it shows respect. Explain to them people only get to help when they are polite to those they are asking for their help and you as a parent should practice this with your children.

3. Apologize to your Children

Apologize when you make mistakes, sometimes most parents do not apologize to their children when they are in the wrong. Most parents and elders feel because they are older, they are not obligated to apologize when they offend their children. If you want your children to show respect to elders, first of all, show respect to them by doing this little thing. Apologize when you are wrong so they can always apologize when they are wrong. Doing so will make them understand its importance.

4. Positive discipline

Use positive means of discipline whenever your children are wrong. Instead of using harsh punishments or do things that would reduce their self-esteem. Everyone makes mistakes and so do your kids.

5. Teach them the importance of respect

One thing as a parent or an elder, it’s a very important duty on your paths to let a child know the importance of showing respect. Let them know that respect is a virtue that will certainly take them to places that they may not even really work so hard for. Everyone loves to be respected and when some certain kids exhibit respect, it makes them stand out from other children as more organized and intelligent.

Teaching children how to show respect in school

Teaching children the essence of respect in school only puts them on the road to success. When children are taught how to treat one another with respect and respond to activities and school curricular activities positively without negative distractions, makes them respond to academic activities positively and bad behaviors are lessened.

a. Teaching children some acts of service

When children are taught in school how to show some acts of kindness to probably the less privileged, goes a long way to mold a child into a respectful person. Usually schools these days engage children in partaking in certain community services that would help the community. This actually makes the child understand that the community is too respected and also those in the community too and beyond. 

b. Teaching what honesty means encourages respect

The school takes a major role in grooming a child to what they become tomorrow. Every child believes what their teacher teaches or tells them so that is why it is important to check the kinds of schools we send children to and the kind of morals the school teaches these children. One major role the school does is teaching honesty, now honesty is a very important personality that needs to be instilled in a child from little because it creates trust and worthiness in the life of the child. The school plays an important role in making sure a child passes through every stage in life to become an honest and disciplined person. 

Teaching children how to show respect to others

It’s very easy for children to adapt to anything you frequently teach them, at this tender age, their brains are wide open to receive any kind of training that is being shown to them. Respect should not be left out as respect plays an important role throughout the grooming of a child. We find out that most children that show respect to others tend to be more successful than other children who grew up to be very arrogant and disrespectful. However, there are certain ways to each a child to be respectful to others.

a) Teaching children how to be polite to others

Teach your children how to act politely to others even in times when they are under pressure. It's a good sign that the children are very respectful and can make them attain certain heights in society.

b) Teach them to say thank you when they receive gifts or compliments from others

Teach your children how to say thank you to other people when they receive gifts or compliments. Having an attitude for gratitude is a very good thing and can open a lot of doors to your children throughout their entire lives.

c) Teach them how to say sorry to other people

It’s very important to let a child know the importance of saying sorry to those they offend. It’s a sign of respect and such attitude becomes part of them.

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Examples of Children showing respect scenarios

There are different ways in which showing respect can be demonstrated by children. This will enable them to understand why it’s important to be respectful to others. Here are examples of how children can show respect to others.

  1. Having children communicating assertively with each other or to their parents. 
  2. Some Children sharing their lunch with the other kids that can’t afford instead of mocking or laughing at them
  3. Helping others when it is in our power to do so. " children helping other children with classwork and other activities in school"
  4. Being grateful "when your child appreciates what you or somebody else have done to him or her"
  5. when a child apologizes after making a mistake.


Respect is a virtue that people hold with so much value since time immemorial, it goes a long way to mold somebody into being a responsible and reasonable person. As a parent, guardian or teacher, it’s very important to teach children the essence of respect so as to make the society gain from the unseen possibilities that these children will bring forth tomorrow.