Kids Education Guide, Tips and Advice for Early Learning

Apps and games you can use for early kids education.

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Kids Education Guide, Tips and Advice for Early Learning

Games are currently making the news almost every 24hours. A good educational game offers you and your child assessment, engagement and learning, to including game data by providing valuable invisible assessment prospect for teachers and parents. However, there seems to be a misconception that gaming, in general, has a detrimental effect on a child’s development – excluding educational games. It is important that your children should not spend every second and hour of the day staring at a computer screen, nevertheless, gaming education does benefit your child.

Free Education Games as Resource

Specifically, games often revolve around the application of memorization as it allows children to remember every aspect of solving puzzles, in tracking narrative elements and in recording critical sequences.

Here are the benefits of educational games:

Increases Computer and Simulation Fluency

Computational and simulation fluency is very important to acquire in our modern world – since we now live in a world dominated by digital technology. Playing of educational games via the internet, allows your children to get used to how digital and software technology works and thus it’s become a second nature to imbibe themselves with.

There are however games in websites that include Cartoon Network Games, which gives young adolescent children fun and exciting games that teaches them on how to utilize the use of keyboard and mouse effectively, not to mention the activities of internet navigation, internet browsing and developing of username and passwords.

Develops Coordination of the Hand & Eye

Educational games that require your children to use a keyboard or a gamepad and mouse, helps them develop Hand-Eye Coordination, mainly because children have to look at the action on screen while equally usually their hands to control whatever is happening at the same time.

Help with Problem Solving and Strategic Thinking

Many of these free educational games help your children to think very quickly and sharply. These games utilize their logic, reasoning in order to solve and complete levels. This is important as it helps children later in life as they continually develop their logical thinking, their abilities, and their accuracy. It also helps them to think outside the box and to think on their feet without stress.

Skills Building

Several games contain some major aspects that help children acquire some unique skills. Many adventures and mystery games contain maps that permit children to read, this also helps in their map reading skills and in practical thinking. Likewise, there are also games that enlighten children on how to manage finances and project management.

However, there are educational games designed to increase engagement, accessibility, knowledge, motivation and understanding among students. They are free and safe to use both at home and in the classroom. Some of the free educational games that you can resort in for your children include PBS Kids games, The Poptropica Games, National Geographic Kids, Funbrain, and PrimaryGames such as mathematics games, girl games, puzzle, and sports game, as well as reading games among others.

Free and Paid Apps for Kids Education

The inception of education has transformed a lot over the last couple of years and currently, it has led to focus on learning at home through the use of the internet. Your children’s education doesn’t have to stop after school. These educational games developed for smartphone users and it will keep your children mind active and sharp even outside their classrooms. 

Here are, however list of free and paid apps for kids’ education:



This is among the best learning apps for kids when it comes to learning a new type of language. The app was developed with varieties of languages that include German, French, Spanish, Dutch, Italian, Danish, Irish and even English for easy learning and understanding. What makes this educational app greater is that it’s completely free to download and easy to navigate and use. Equally, there are no hidden charges as it is effective, free and fun!



This is one of the few virtual classroom style learning educational apps for kids. Through the app, teachers, parents and students can all interact with one another. Specifically, a teacher can communicate with his/her students about their educational needs while parents can also stay up to date on their children’s education.  This app, however, doesn't replace the classroom experience but acts as a positive communication tool to keeping every person on the same page. This app is nevertheless not free; it costs $2.99 to purchase.

Khan Academy Kids

Khan Academy Kids

This education app for kids is free and it features a variety of topics and lessons for children. The different topics that are featured in the app include simple Mathematics, Literacy, Reading, Language, Skill and Development among others. The app equally has a huge concept of little animal characters that make it children friendly.  Furthermore, the control tool and navigation process of the app makes it easy for children and parents to use and it works for everyone – no in-app advertisements and purchases.

PBS Kids Video


PBS Kids Video

The PBS educational app has long been known for its educational content. It is recognized as one of the most under-the-radar learning apps for your children. It’s totally free with the option of buying additional shows if needed.  Everything in this app is cartoon and fun; making it the most likely app any child won’t mind watching. However, there are trackers on the app, should in case a parent want to keep track everything the child is learning and watching.

DragonBox Series

DragonBox Series

This is regarded as a set of educational games that helps your children to learn the fundamentals of mathematics. While mathematics gives many young children trouble, using this app might just be a very good way to start dealing with geometry and algebra problems. However, all of the five games in the DragonBox series require a payment, but the good news is that none of the five games have in-app purchases. It is too good an educational app that parents should purchase for their children.  This app costs $4.99-$7.00 US dollars.

Cram Flashcards

Cram Flashcards

This app for children is recognized as a study app as it allows the creation of flashcards on any subjects.  The app allows for a cross-platform syncing and works both offline and online. It is equally good for studying two or more subjects at once. The app varies in price as it can be purchased for $119.40 US dollars for a year, $29.95 US dollars for a month and $59.85 US dollars for three months.

YouTube Kids

YouTube Kids

This app has educational content and videos created for young minds. The YouTube Kids is not available everywhere, but the regular YouTube app has all the same content but should be under control and monitered by parents for kids. However, it is recognized as one of the better learning apps for kids as it costs $12.99 for a month.

Pocket Code

Pocket Code Android

This is another educational app that helps teach your children how to code. It teaches your children how to program, how coding and programming works and teaches your children some other basic programming reasoning and logic. Though this app sounds complicated, it still employs a learning style for easy navigation and understanding through dragging and dropping. It can be very fun for your kids to enjoy technology. The Pocket Code is equally free for download.

For iOS users

Google Classroom

Classroom Google

This is another virtual classroom educational app that allows parents, teachers, and children to interact with one another. Students can now interact with other students, solve assignments, and upload files among others. The app connects to Google’s classroom web platforms, thus it is regarded as one of the best learning apps for children. Nevertheless, the Google classroom is free to download and for usage.

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App utilization, however, offers several benefits for the educational industry. Students and teachers are most driven towards using smartphones and smart gadgets for every purpose, thus these educational apps are the perfect way to attract students to learn and to develop their skills and performance.

Educational apps now bridge the gap of communication between teachers and students as well as between parents.  It makes children become smarter and advanced in learning means and methods. Additionally, with the arrival of 
educational apps
, learning has now become easily accessible which in turn makes it more interesting for both young and adult children. Specifically, above are some top educational apps (free or paid) that you can download or purchase.  



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