Toddler slipper socks that look presentable for any occasion

Go out with style and ease with these toddler slipper socks

By Caren M
Toddler slipper socks that look presentable for any occasion

What are slipper socks?

We all love socks, especially when the weather is too chilly for our feet to remain warm by themselves. Socks are nice and cozy and they add a cuteness factor but they have one very big problem, they skid all over especially if the floor is slippery. For young toddlers and even older people alike, this could turn dangerous because you might get hurt or even break something. 

This is where slipper socks come in. Whoever invented this is a godsend because they take care of the whole slipping and skidding bit by typically adding a rubber sole to your usual warm fuzzy socks. The best thing about them is they can be used for outdoors too in case you want something light and warm to protect those precious feet.

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Consideration while buying slipper socks for your toddler

There are lots of brands of slipper socks out there and they might confuse you as to which would be the best for your baby. 

Slipper socks for toddlers are generally warm and come with a rubber sole. The rubber sole should be anti-skid, otherwise it will defeat the purpose of getting the socks in the first place. Find something your baby is comfortable in and long-lasting as they will be making a lot of their trips in the slipper socks.

Best toddler slipper socks with non skid rubber soles

Get your toddler feeling warm and cozy in these slipper scks that we specially selected for you.

1. SEEYAN Childrens Toddlers Moccasins Anti-Slip Slipper Floor Breathable Cotton Kids

SEEYAN Childrens Toddlers Moccasins Anti-Slip Slipper

These very nice Toddlers Moccasins shoes-socks can be worn at home or outside. The sock is made of highly elastic material so it's not too tight but is really comfortable when worn. The sole is made from TPR safe anti-skid rubber that is long-lasting and feels breathable to the baby. The rubber sole also features an anti-collision shoe head that acts as a buffer, protecting your baby's toes from injury when running around. They are great for both boys and girls so you don't have to spend time deciding.

2. Capelli New York Pick A Sport Slipper Socks in Black

Capelli New York Pick A Sport Slipper Socks in Black

Keep your little cutie's tiny toes toasty in these Slipper Socks from Capelli New York. Designed to look like a shoe, this ribbed pull-on provide maximum warmth and traction; perfect for taking on adventures in the home as well as a little outdoor fun as well as motivating your sports-obsessed kids with its adorable patterns of various sports like football and basketball. They are also machine wash and super affordable so you know you can never go wrong.

3. SEEYAN Toddlers Moccasins Anti-Slip Fuzzy Slipper

Baby Toddlers Moccasins Anti-Slip Fuzzy Slipper Floor

These slipper shoe socks are designed to care for your baby’s feet. The shoes are weaved from soft cotton blend fleece, no printing or dying. The socks are smooth and breathable and won’t irritate your baby’s delicate skin and will keep him or her warm during those cold months or at night. They are fitted with silicone grips on the bottom to prevent sliding on slippery floors and like all Seeyan slipper socks, have an anti collision slipper head to protect yor baby's toes.

4. Fire Frog Infant Baby Cartoon Patterned Soft Rubber Bottom Anti-Slip Floor Socks Boots

Fire Frog Infant Baby Cartoon Patterned Soft Rubber Bottom Anti-Slip Floor Socks Boots

The Fire Frog slipper socks are the perfect fit for toddlers are just beginning to take their first steps. The rubber sole is so soft that your baby is just going to love them and TPR safe anti-skit so they won't slip and fall on slippery floors. The slipper socks also have some great animal cartoon designs like bears so don't be surprised if they end up naming them.

5. iEndyCn Baby Socks With Rubber Soles Infant Toddler

Baby Socks With Rubber Soles Infant Toddler Non-slip Breathable Cotton Shoes Socks

These breathable cotton sock shoes feel just as good as they sound. They are flexible and stretchy so your child's feet don't feel restrained especially if they are just beginning the journey that is using their feet for more than just kicking in the air. The rubber soles are anti-skid so your toddler will not slip on unsteady feet especially if you have slippery floors and the socks come with some interesting designs to get your little one interested in wearing them for long. 

Safety with non slip socks with grips

Non-slip socks with grips are a bit different compared to normal socks and slipper socks. They are just like normal socks in that they come without the rubber sole but their sole is fitted with a non-slip sole made from safe materials such as silicone and TPR safe rubber. Non-slip socks can be used in the home if your toddler isn't too keen on the whole 'feet in shoes' idea or walkable surfaces like hospitals.

Here are some non-slip socks that we think would be great for your baby's little feet.

6. Marrywindix Assorted Kids Socks 12 Pairs Anti-slip Socks Toddler Socks

12 Pairs Anti-slip Socks Toddler Socks, Marrywindix Assorted Kids Socks

The Marrywindix company has got an assortment of non-skid socks for your boy or girl and it's almost like a gift because you get a dozen pairs for a really cheap price. The material of the socks is breathable and comfortable and the bottom is fitted with cute non-skid beads to give them steady feet on the floor.

7. Emperor of Gadgets Anti Slip Socks for Infants and Toddlers (12 Pairs)

Anti Slip Socks for Infants and Toddlers (12 Pairs)

These are way too cute for even the most hard-hearted person to resist. These ankle-cut socks come with a rubberized pattern of floor gripping dots that makes it easy to walk around the house wearing only the non-skid socks. The gripping soles let your kids wear the soft anti-slip socks around the house without your having to worry about them slipping and falling. They also have a really soft and cuddly feel to them and they are unisex so you have absolutely no reason to say no. 

8. LA Active Grip Ankle Socks - 6 Pairs - Baby Toddler Non Slip

LA Active Grip Ankle Socks - 6 Pairs - Baby Toddler Kids Boys Girls Non Slip

These socks have a strong, environmentally-friendly grip pattern that covers the entire sole from heel to toe with extra non-slip grip on the heels and balls of the feet to support your toddler as they learn to make their feet useful under them on surfaces that are too slippery indoors and even outdoors. The material is breathable and stretchy to support your child's growing feet and also sports a padded heel tab at the ankle for ease of wearing and taking off. 

9. Aminson Anti Slip Non Skid Ankle Socks With Grips

Aminson Anti Slip Non Skid Ankle Socks With Grips

We don't want to call these socks the best in the market, but they are seriously close to it. Made of soft, highly breathable, close skin cotton, they are suitable for all seasons to keep your baby's feet warm and cozy. Furthermore, they are odor resistant and absorb sweat for your baby's ultimate comfort! The anti-slip socks also feature a beaded anti-slip sole to provide a sufficient anti-slip grip on slippery surfaces while your little munchkin takes their steps.

10. LA Active Grip Ankle Socks - 6 Pairs Non Slip colored

LA Active Grip Ankle Socks - 6 Pairs Toddler Boys Girls Non Slip

La Active has yet another line of anti-skid socks that are perfect for your growing baby that taking their tentative steps around the house and outdoors. 

If you didn't like the mostly blue and grayscale colors of our first option then you'll love the assortment of vibrant and bold colors on this half-dozen pairs of socks. The quality of the socks is the same with the stretchy breathable fabric and non-skid grip on the entire sole surface to provide extra support.

To sum it up

Slipper socks, in general, are a great investment to make if you want to avoid those fitful trips to the emergency room for your little baby and they are quite cheap so so you end up saving a whole lot.

Slipper socks shoes are great for toddlers that are beginning to learn how to walk while protecting the baby's feet indoors and outdoors while non-slip socks are meant to be used indoors where the floors are quite slippery and the baby might fall on their unsteady feet. Choose the non-skid that works best for you and remember to always enjoy the little milestones in your baby's development journey because they do grow up really fast!