35 Difficult Questions Children are asking their Parents

Difficult questions from children that made parents dumbfounded

35 Difficult Questions Children are asking their Parents

We all know that children are always very curious, they want to know everything. Sometimes the questions can be about the world, fathers, and careers. The difficult part is that most times the mothers are the ones who are faced with these challenging questions. Sometimes it can be really difficult telling these kids that you don’t know the answer to a question because they look up to you and they believe strongly in their hearts that you know it all. So the question now is knowing how to answer these difficult questions that they ask. In this article today, I would be addressing those difficult questions that children ask parents which leave these parents dumbfounded.


Here is a list of difficult questions that children ask parents

  1. Why do people die?
  2. Where do people go when they die?
  3. Where do babies come from?
  4.  “We can’t afford it”, what does that mean?
  5. Why can’t I stay up late as you do?
  6. Why do I have to go to school?
  7. Who are God’s parents?
  8. Who do I live with when you die?
  9. Why is the sky blue?
  10. Why does the moon keep following me?
  11. Is Santa Claus real?
  12. Who is my father?
  13. Why can’t I smoke like you do?
  14. Why can’t I have alcohol?
  15. Why do my friends have different skin colors?
  16. What is the F-word?
  17. Why is your boss ugly?
  18. Where do boys and girls come from?
  19. Why can’t I drive?
  20. What is a kiss?
  21. What is period?
  22. Why are some kids born with disabilities?
  23. How big is the world?
  24. What does time mean?
  25. Why can’t we see the wind?
  26. Where does water come from?
  27. Why do people get sick?
  28. Why aren’t you rich?
  29. Why is grandma or grandpa old?
  30. What’s inside the moon?
  31. Which is faster, fire or dust?
  32. Do doctors get sick too?
  33. Why are we on earth, why not Jupiter or Saturn?
  34. Where do imaginations come from?
  35. Why do fishes breathe with gills and not nose?

Well, how many of the above questions are you able to answer them boldly?

At what ages do children start asking questions?

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Children are born with a lot of questions stuck up in their head only waiting for the right time to ask their parents. Majority of the children start asking these questions between the ages of two to four years old. It is at these ages that their imaginative portals open the more and their curiosity to know everything becomes at its peak. This is because they see things that they don’t understand or things people do that they do not understand people do these things, so they need answers.

Funny yet difficult questions that are the hardest and toughest to answer

There are a lot of questions from children that make their parents dumbfounded because they are funny and difficult to answer. A lot of people are curious naturally and children are no exception to this. Sometimes children ask some questions that sound very funny that we would want to laugh our stomachs out but at the same time provide an answer for them. Kids will always keep wondering and asking you same question unless you give them an answer, not just an answer, a convincing one at that. Some questions these kids ask may seem funny but they are quite difficult questions that made parents dumbfounded. Sometimes kids can ask you funny questions like:

1. Am I pregnant because my stomach hurts?

Am I pregnant because my stomach hurts? This is really a funny question that would definitely get you laughing but at the same time, you may not have an answer because you weren’t expecting such questions. The truth could be that the kid has seen his or her mother during labor and assume that before a woman gives birth to a baby, she goes through stomach upset. This would definitely influence what the child reasons and think whenever she has a stomach ache. If you give her an answer like "no you are not pregnant" this would spring up more curiosity.

2. I can see other people’s eyes, why can’t I see mine?

This is a funny and a hard question to answer. Children wonder why is it possible for them to see other people’s eyes but can’t see their own eyes. This can be really funny because who would ever think of seeing their own eye and how can they do that without a mirror?. The difficulty is how you answer to them about why they can’t see their own eyes.

3. Do ants get married?

The normal reaction every parent would be bursting out in laughter because asking if ants get married is a funny question and surprising one. At first as a parent, you would laugh but how do you answer such questions about if ants get married? The truth is you don't know anything about ants, the only thing you know about ants is that they are just small creatures that live in underground holes.

Common why questions with the most appropriate answers

Children love asking 'why' questions and this is just normal. Just like I said earlier, kids are most curious about anything you can think of, they definitely want to know why things are the way they are. So if you have kids you should always expect the weirdest questions from them. Don’t get scared when they ask these difficult questions that may leave you pondering what to say. 

Here is a list of the most common why questions that children are definitely going to ask you and the most appropriate answers that you can give.

a) Why am I little?

Well for such a question, a good answer should be that, all things were born or created little, let them know that there was a time you were little too and with time they will grow to be like you.

b) Why was I born?

This can be quite deep and hard question, but the most appropriate answer to a question like this would be "because mummy and daddy love you very much"

c) Why aren’t we rich?

This actually can be the most difficult questions because children see and talk to other children at school or in their neighborhood. The most appropriate answer would be that "we are rich to buy you all the things you need to happy, but we can’t buy everything in the world”

d) Why is the sky blue?

This is one of the most common why question. So, will the answer to this question should be because the light in the air is blue but during sunset and sunrise, the colors can change to orange? or because of sea reflection in the sky?.. what will be your answer?

e) Why can’t I let people see my private parts?

As a parent, you should expect this question because children would want to know why it’s wrong to let people see their private parts. The right answer would be that “because we use them to do things that we don’t do in public, so because of that you can’t let anyone see them except you because it’s very private”.

f) Why does Kimberly have more toys than I do?

As adults, we choose the way we want to spend our money, it’s totally up to us if we want to spend our money on toys. Kids sometimes get jealous when their friends have more toys than they do and they definitely want to know why they can't have as many toys as their friends.  In answering this kind of question, you have to be very careful, start a conversation with them, and explain to them how you and your partner work to pay the bills and why it would be unreasonable to spend it all on toys but also spending it on the basic things they need.

When answering these questions, always try as much as possible for the answers to be within the context of the questions, in other words, they should be related to the questions asked. 

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Children are always curious and want to know everything in the world, sometimes the most difficult questions we as adults have to answer comes from kids. A lot of times we wonder how they make up these questions, the truth is that kids have really high imaginations and want to know why things are the way they are. So as parents always expect the worst, difficult and funny questions from kids.

Always be prepared because as they continue to grow, they keep seeing new things, hearing new things and they definitely want to know why it's the way it is. Probably the questions would stop when they grow older to understand some certain things on their own. All the same, kids are the best things anyone could ever have despite their complex nature. Hopefully, this article would be able to tackle some very difficult questions children are asking their parents and to enable you as a parent know how to answer some very difficult and surprising questions.



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