A List of Impressionable Character Traits from Kids

A list of good and positive character traits kids can develop

By Michele
A List of Impressionable Character Traits from Kids

When a kid is growing up, different personality traits start materializing. Kids learn a lot from their teachers, parents, relatives and of course, friends too. You might have noticed your kid doing something new that you have not seen or heard of before. Upon inquiring, you will come to know that your kid has learned this stuff from someone close. They learn and imitate easily.

Kids also learn a lot from the videos they watch. Your kid will imitate a certain cartoon or movie character too. In this sense, the media plays an important role in shaping the character traits of your kid too. They learn the positive and the negative traits of that particular figure that they are fond of. Don’t be amazed if they talk and behave in the same manner, as of their animated character.

The main issue is to how to shape the personality of your kid. You need to notice what your child is learning and what type of effect it will have on his/her personality in the coming years. Actions speak louder than anything. Watch carefully what type of behavior your kid displays.

Characteristics of a Good Child

Recognize and understand your kids character traits by observing a few important things. The first thing that you need to see is the circle of friends your kid hangs around with. It tells a lot about his/her preferences and personality. You also need to see what type of kids your kid is avoiding or doesn’t feel comfortable with. And at the last you need to see what type of adult friends are your kids’ favorites. We have certain brothers or sisters or uncles or aunts or even teachers, who are their special friends. They serve as a source of inspiration to the little one.

A List of Positive Character Traits A Child Can Develop and Learn

As a reality check, try to focus on developing a sound character of your kid. It is actually very important to help your child mature in a flawless manner. Academic education is just one aspect of your child’s overall development.  If you a have a kid who has a fine personality and follows etiquettes, it will eventually help him/her to achieve a lot more in life.

So, here we are going to share a list of positive character traits that your child needs to make a part of their personality. It all needs to start at a very young age.

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1. Patience

It is one of the most important and rare personality traits. Teaching your child, how to be thankful enough and wait for the right time for the desired things to happen, is a real job. Restlessness brings a lot of problems. You need to make sure that you count your blessings in front of your child and always assure him/her that every person is different and the beauty of life rests in this diversity.  Life will always give you something new and interesting each day so, accept what you get and be thankful.

2. Gratification

After patience comes gratification. Teach your kid at a very young age on how to put balanced effort in different matters of life and be pleased with whatever the result turns out to be. When you work hard it means that you are serious about a certain goal or objective in your life. That level of determination makes you happy and when you are happy it will make you feel satisfied. 

3. Humility

When you teach patience and gratification it ultimately leads to humility. Teach your kid how to appreciate the role of different people who shape his/her life.  Each person has a certain level of contribution and that needs to be acknowledged.  Teach your kid to remain humble and credit those, who help attaining positive accomplishments.  When you groom your kid right from the beginning, humility will become a strong part of their personality for the years to come. There won’t be any difficulty for your kids in their adulthood in facing challenges, maintaining a social circle, making right decisions and staying focused towards their objectives.

4. Determination

Won’t you love it if your kid develops into a well determined adult? It means that you have taught your kid how to work hard, stay committed, show dedication and never lose hope. If you, as a parent, possess this ability to ignite the spark of determination in your kid trust me no failure is going to serve as a hurdle. Your child will become resilient and continue to achieve the set goals through determination. 

5. Honesty

Now, it is the responsibility of parents on how to teach their young ones to always speak the truth. Most parents, at a very young age, start scolding their kids when they relate truth. If they get injured while playing, you need to understand that no one wants to invite trouble, just don’t get mad. Don’t scold them or punish them in a harsh manner that they stop speaking the truth and instead start hiding things from you. Discipline your child in the right parenting style so that they don’t fear you. Make them respect you and your guidelines.

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Guide to Teaching and Impacting Kids with Positive Traits

It is a fact that most of the parents are only concerned about their kids getting a quality education. Academic education will help in securing a bright future. But have you ever thought that completing homework on time, securing good grades in a test and winning a debate competition is not all what your child needs?

Learning anything new and different is not less than an adventure for your kid. Avail this opportunity, gifted from nature, to bring the best out.

1. Teaching Kids on How to Be Happy

Kids often compare their clothes, toys and other accessories with friends. Everyone has a unique buying power. Teach your kids on how to accept their lifestyle and be happy with it. Praise the way you dress your child and honestly tell them how beautiful they look. Buy them what you can and support the idea of being content and happy with what is available.

2. Teaching Kids on How to Be Respectful

No one likes interacting with a rude kid. Show them how to be respectful with others. By being a responsible parent you need to start this right from your home. Speak with respect, always use words like ‘please’, ‘thank you’ and ‘you are welcome’. Tell them that their certain demands can be met, if due respect is shown. It is one of the most important traits that you need to induce in your kid.

3. Teaching Kids on How to Become Loving and Sincere

If you have an affectionate bond with your kid, it will help a lot in cultivating sincerity. Love always grows in different manners. Speak gently and softly with your kid. Make them feel special when they do something remarkable. They will feel loved. When your kids will start accepting and realizing love they will also learn how to remain sincere. Develop a strong base, which will shape their future and trust me they will always be thankful to you for your appropriate consideration and struggle. 


Challenges are a part of our life. Most of the parents get extremely worried about the bad behavior of their kids. Let me tell you, a child is never bad in behavior. It’s your attitude that shapes his personality. So don’t lose your patience. You will need to overcome all obstacles and make sure that your kid has flawless etiquettes. When your kid will grow under the influence of love, confidence and proper training it will get a lot easier to analyze hidden potentials.

Helping your kid develop a fine character will make the journey of success a lot easier and attainable. Make your life great by spending time with your kid so that he learns all the good things from you. Don’t worry; your kid will also portray those good and positive traits once you allow him/her to be responsible enough. Learn from your kid and teach him in the right manner so that you do not hear any sort of complaints related to personality. 

Only you can shape the future of your kid! 

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