30 Best Newborn Baby Gifts To Get For A New Baby

Sort out what newborn baby gifts to get with this 2018 list

By Merri
30 Best Newborn Baby Gifts To Get For A New Baby

What are the gifts to get for a new baby in the upcoming 2019? Before the arrival of a newborn baby, a ceremony is organized to commemorate the birthing of the unborn. Usually, baby showers are events to shower gifts, eat and drink. More so, the party never ends without gifting the would-be nursing mom (celebrant) different types of items for her baby. So, don't attend the next baby shower when you have no baby gift to present. Instead, sort out what newborn baby gifts to get with this popular 2018 list. However, choose body-friendly gifts that have been made from soft materials like wool, foam, and fabric. Here are 30 best newborn baby gifts to consider.

Best newborn gifts for baby boy

Blue is the most common color that people prefer for baby boys. Any shade of blue gives the impression that the unborn child is a boy. At baby showers, decorators use the gender of an unborn child to determine the predominant color to display. You'll often find every item for decor; from ribbons to balloons, and table covers reflecting the gender of the celebrant's unborn baby.

What are the best newborn gifts for baby boys? Choosing an adorable gift for a new baby boy can be a daunting task. It's because you might be interested in gifts that can be used by male toddlers, and not for infants. It will take a couple of months for infants to become toddlers, and this might not align with your purpose. However, there's nothing to worry because there are loads of adorable gifts for boys even when they come in other bright colors.

1. Feeding set of eco-friendly spoons

Amazon.com : Avanchy Baby Feeding Bamboo Spill Proof Stay Put Suction Divided Plate + Baby Spoon - Great Baby Gift Set, Green : Baby

With eco-friendly material in the trend, this makes a great gift due to the sustainable nature and chemical free materials.

2. An activity gym

Amazon.com : Baby Einstein Caterpillar & Friends Play Gym with Lights and Melodies, Ages Newborn + : Early Development Activity Centers : Baby

It has fabric and mattress materials with designs of hanging toys, sun, and stars. The soft cushion has a pillow and little animals to cuddle. An infant in lying position can gaze at the roof of this activity gym and watch colorfully hanging toys swing gently. More so, one of the hanging toys is a musical sheep singing lullabies.

3. Double Imprint

Memory Makers Gift Experience- Double Imprint in Wooden Frame | impression kits | Mothercare

This gift is a paperboard substrate craft that's lightweight like a certificate. The aim is to impress the baby’s foot or hand prints onto the paperboard at a certain age. Then, his name and age are written before framing the material. The imprint can be done in any local art shop. It’s a creative and an amazing way of preserving memories!

4. Set of baby clothing

Clothes remain a widely accepted gift for infants. Choose soft and comfortable fabrics made from pure cotton. The set includes stockings, undershirts, sleepwear, body suits, etc. They are suitable for 0 to 6-month old babies, and the set comes in a gift box.

5. Set of skincare

The skin of babies is the most sensitive parts of their bodies. Every touch gets their attention while awake, and a little irritation upsets their supple skin. So, present high-quality hypoallergenic skincare and bath items to infants. You'll find a set of foam shampoo, hair combs, body lotion and other items for newborns.

6. Bouncing cradles

Amazon.com : Dporticus Baby Bouncer Balance Soft Rocking Chair, Automatic Swing Bring Fun Experience, Cotton : Baby

Boys are adventurous, help them start early with smart tools. Innovation has turned traditional cradles into smartly built crafts with small sizes that fit babies. The bouncing cradle mimics natural motions and has audio devices. It's safe for infants because it features a variable speed setting.

7. Superhero-themed booties (Spiderman, Superman, or Batman) that are made from wool materials

Amazon.com: Marvel Baby Boys Captain America, Mitten And Socks Take-Me-Home Set, 0-3 Months: Clothing

Make a superhero character out of little children by using costumes like booties.

8. Diaper bags with extra pockets

Amazon.com : ALLCAMP Diaper Bag Pockets in Pockets, Support Baby Stroller with Changing Pad, Large, Black : Baby

Diapers are among the most used sanitary materials. Diaper bags are important in organizing newborn baby stuffs.

9. Baby neck pillow

Amazon.com: Baby Neck Pillow - Travel pillow and neck rest support specially designed EXTRA Small - Great for Car Seats - 6 months+, 1, 2, 3 year old toddlers: Toys & Games

Babies have tender neck muscles and soft skull. Using the neck pillow will aid physical development.

10. Animal-themed booties

Amazon.com: Bearington Baby Cottontail Plush Stuffed Animal Pink Bunny Rabbit Sock Top Slipper Booties: Shoes

Babies are quick to learn from what they see around them. The gift of animal-themed booties will help babies to the recognition of creatures.

Best newborn gifts for baby girl

The best newborn gifts for a baby girl are personal care items, and colorful toys. However, baby girls can use male items; it's only colors that differentiate most items for boys and girls. Infants (baby girls and boys) can use similar product also when the items are unisex. Pink is the predominant colors for baby girls because it's more eye-catching and cool. A baby shower is an uplifting event for any expectant woman. If you plan to attend the celebration, a good idea of baby gifts will add glamour to the occasion. Here are other inexpensive gift items to consider for baby girls.

11. Grooming kit

Amazon.com : Baby Grooming Kit - Girl |100% Safe Health Care Pack | Made from High-Grade Stainless Steel & BPA-Free Plastic | Nursery Essential Set for Babies | Includes Infant Comb, Nail Clipper (Pink) : Baby

Girls are born beautiful, so early grooming keeps them on track. Find a set of grooming tool with safety features. The typical grooming set for babies contain nail file, clippers, baby hairbrush, cotton swabs, etc.

12. Pillows

You can get a pillow that measures at least a foot with customized designs like the shape of a heart, or princess prints. Pillows are not only for sleeping, but they act as cushions for resting positions.

13. Baby clothing

Amazon.com: Alicado Cotton Newborn Baby Girls Bodysuit, Baby Shower Gift, Baby Girl Clothes Pink, Take Home Outfit: Baby

Clothing items are important gifts for infants regardless of their small sizes. You'll find a pack (between 3 to 8 items) of booties, bodysuits, two-piece wears, readymade onesies, socks, and accessories that make a perfect baby shower gift.

14. A basket of soft toys

Less than 6 months old infants might not identify objects, but they can't get their tiny palms off soft toys. There are playsets of toys - rattlers, blocks, and baby spoons for the little girl.

15. Infant pacifier for teething babies

Amazon.com : 3-in-1 Baby Pacifier Teether with Silicone Fruit Feeder Pouch (2 Count) | FDA-Approved Teething Toy for Babies/Infants/ Toddlers | 100% BPA-Free Feeding & Soothing Teethers for Boys & Girls : Baby

Some of this silicone product comes in different patterns of animal characters. However, read their labels to check they're BPA-free before purchase. Plastic medicine cabinet - get a first aid box for babies.

16. Teddy bear

Bigger toys of teddy bears are suitable for older infants. However, you can get small teddy bear toys for baby girls.

17. Hydro-cotton toweling robe

The White Company | Homepage

It’s easier to dry the body with a toweling robe because it wraps babies in one piece. The hydro-cotton is an ideal grooming material.

18. Pack of newborn socks (unisex)

Amazon.com: Mengna Unisex Newborn Baby Infant Cuff Cotton Looped Pile Socks: Clothing

Get colorful pairs of stockings, especially pairs that have been made from cotton materials; they bring warmth faster than silk.

19. Baby neckties stickers with hilarious inscriptions

Neckties with funny inscriptions attract attention, and uplift the mood of people around the wearer. They might not necessarily be stickers, but fabric scarf or ties for babies.

20. A pack of bibs (100% cotton) with unisex colors and patterns

Babies love to feed; water and food shouldn’t create a mess. So, send newborn baby girls some packs of bibs.

Luxury newborn gifts for both genders

Apart from racking your head to find the perfect gift before a baby shower, the question of gender pops up. Most gifts for infants are unisex, except for fashion accessories, and costumes. However, there are luxury newborn gifts for both genders that will amaze mothers-to-be. A luxury newborn gift must come in a package of high-end designs.

21. Photo album

Pioneer Photo Albums 200-pocket Embossed Baby Leatherette Frame Cover Album for | eBay

A collection of photographs of cute newborns can be preserved with a photo album.

22. Baby carrier

Amazon.com : Baby Carrier Soft Sling All Carry with Hip Seat 360 Positions Award-Winning Ergonomic Child and Newborn Seats (RED) : Baby

Before babies learn to walk independently, It’s easy to move them safely with baby carriers.

23. Wardrobe

A plastic cabinet that is portable and fitted with drawers is ideal. The sorting and storage device is an ideal gift that promotes good health for infants. This gift helps to keep medicines, thermometer, cotton wools, ointment, and other health supplies safe from sunlight and impurities.

24. Baby’s nursery toys

Amazon.com: Step2 Love and Care Deluxe Nursery Playset: Toys & Games

Some high-end toys for babies come with auditory stimulation and can be controlled by your smartphones.

25. Smart toys

You can get classic teddy bears with stylish designs of inbuilt MP3 player, and other innovative features.

Gift sets for twin babies

It's natural for twin babies to share gifts; so, always choose unisex items before attending a baby shower for twin babies. Set of gifts are more affordable than a collection of single items. However, you can add more style to your choice of fabric gifts for babies by customizing them. More so, they can come in pink and blue colors when you are sure of the genders.

26. Hygienic silicone tether

Check the label before buying non-toxic tethers for babies. Get silicone tethers of distinct colors for the twin babies.

27. Soft and cozy cashmere blanket

Amazon.com: Cashmere Baby Blanket – Pure Cashmere Baby Blanket from Cashmere Pashmina Group (Baby Blue): Baby

A large sheet of soft blanket for two is a cozy way to sleep restfully.

28. Footie Pajamas

Footie pajamas create warmth and ensure comfort for babies. You can purchase a set of pajamas with distinct colors for the twin babies.

Useful newborn baby gifts for parents

29. Name books

Have you considered gifting parents and celebrants of baby showers a name book? It might be tricky to go through random baby names and pick one. So, as naming a baby becomes confusing because of an endless list of option, many couples will find the name book with their respective meaning useful.

30. Parenting books

You can balance parenthood after learning and accumulating an overwhelming wealth of experience. It's only the use of parenting books that guides would-be parents. Even when couples are expecting their second child, parenting books brings innovative ways to balance their lifestyles. So, add this gift to your list of useful newborn baby gifts for parents.


Baby showers are memorable events for moms to usher the birth of their infants. It's a dream come true for new couples, and would-be-moms to host friends and family members. If you plan to attend a baby shower, kindly pick stylish and sleek products that are body-friendly. Kids' books and products from substrate paperboards must be non-toxic. However, reading the product label of baby gifts will give an idea of their composite materials. It's a beautiful moment when children are born. They are cute, innocent, and priceless gifts to our families.