9 Top Baby Cabinet Locks To Get For Child Proofing

Summarizing the best baby cabinet locks to keep your child safe.

By Portia S D
9 Top Baby Cabinet Locks To Get For Child Proofing

What to child proof in your house?

Prevention is better than cure

Moms-to-be start preparations for that cutely adorable bundle-of-joy as soon as they know that they are expectant.  Ensuring that the baby’s new home is a safe zone is paramount to every parent.  The costs of having a baby in this day and age are quite exorbitant and force parents to investigate every economical and eco-friendly option in order to safeguard the little one.  There is a medley of baby-safe products available on the market. The common zones to protect are cabinetry and appliances throughout the house, study, and garage. 

Babies are very smart and curious and constantly learning. Sometimes these inquisitive moments can cause harmful conditions.  The old adage “prevention is better than cure” means that it is easier to stop something from happening in the first place than to repair the damage after it has happened. 

Therefore the learning environment for a baby should be safe yet stimulating for healthy learning and discovery.   Every mother would attest to the fact that the baby’s first exploration sites in the house are the kitchen cabinet doors and drawers.  Therefore procuring the best cabinet locks are crucial when systematizing what to child-proof in your house. 

Mayapple Baby

Cabinet corners are also a safety hazard and it needs to be covered.  It can be quite painful bumping onto the sharp corners when moving around the house.  When child-proofing the corners of cabinets and tables, using easy, soft and durable safety bumpers are pain-savers.  These are specifically designed for the sharp edges and corners of cabinets and tables for greater peace of mind as baby scrambles around the house.   

The soft cushion corners come in various wood-based colors and the adhesive tape keeps it firmly affixed without any fuss.  They are also available to purchase in 16-piece value packs.

Best Cabinet Locks for Doors

1. Safety 1st Magnetic Locking System

Safe enough to keep children and animals out

Amazon.com : Safety 1st Magnetic Locking System (1 Key and 8 Locks) : Cabinet Safety Locks : Baby

There is an excellent brand available on the market; named the safety 1st Magnetic Locking System which comprises of 8 cabinet locks and 1-key.  This system safeguards those dangerous products such as knives, medicines, cleaning liquids and tools although drilling is required on the inside of the cabinet.  These locks are safe enough to keep babies and animals out.   The magnetic locks can be used on doors up to 1.5" thick before the magnets start to lose contact with one another. 

2. Dream baby cabinet slide locks

They do deter the young-uns

Another quick and easy solution is the cabinet slide locks which are fairly reasonably priced.  The cabinet slide locks are a good locking mechanism.  A word of caution though, first measure the distance between the cabinet handles before purchasing in order to ensure ease of installation.  Otherwise, it would be a waste of money if the handles are too far apart.  On the upside, they can be easily removed and leaves no marking on the cabinets.

However, they might not be suitable for cabinetry that needs to be regularly accessed such as food cupboards and cleaning detergents.  It can be an inconvenience for adults to be constantly removing the locks.  However, in terms of baby safety, they do deter the young-uns’ from getting in.  I doubt you will ever find rice, flour and cereal grains strewn all over the kitchen floor again. 

Best Cabinet Locks Without Any Drilling

3. Magnetic Cabinet Locks

Jambini Simply Safe Magnetic Cabinet Locks

These magnetic cabinet locks are very easy to install.  No need for drilling into expensive cabinetry and easy to mount.  The locks are installed on the inside of the cabinet so there are no unsightly gadgets visible on the outer doors.  After the 24-hour waiting period for the adhesive tape to set, the locks should be very secure and not break off.  Unfortunately, they are not designed to be affixed onto drawers.  They are available in a 4-per package so additional packs might be needed to secure all cabinetry. 

4. Eco Baby Magnetic Locks

These also work on cabinets without knobs

Eco-Baby Magnetic Cabinet Locks Child Safety for Drawers and Cabinets

With so many pressing issues to attend to, one of the least of any mom-to-be inconveniences should be having to drill holes to install cabinet locks for doors.  That is why it is a super benefit that Eco-Baby has a drill-free, easy to install a double-sided adhesive tape option.  Once they are installed they are adequately concealed providing a strong bond that is not easily removed. 

A very good feature is that stickers are also provided that affords quick detection of the location of the lock on the inside of the cabinet.  Also, a lever functionality allows the cupboard doors to remain open when you are needing regular access and don’t want to close the doors. 

5. Locks and latch plates

Eco-Baby Magnetic Cabinet Locks

Two strong magnetic keys, 12 locks and latch plates, docking stations for mounting to non-metallic surfaces as well as free 3M replacement adhesive tapes are included in the packaging.  The adhesive tape can be easily removed when no longer required.

A large range of the Eco-baby safety products can be found on the Amazon website also offering coupon discounts at checkout

Best Cabinet Locks you can get from Home Depot

6. Dream Baby Safety Catches

Available from Home Depot

Dreambaby Safety Catches 12 Pack
Child Safety Tip - Dreambaby Slide Away Catches

The Dream Baby brand is a child safety brand that manufactures top quality and durable products which are available from Home Depot and guarantees to put your mind at ease.  The baby safety catches are very popular and the products have received many good reviews on the Amazon site.  Normal wear and tear will not cause these catches to break off.  These durable products are not easy for babies to breach.  Correct installation of the latches will not cause them to pop out or break off. 

7. Dream baby 46-piece kit

Great deal with a good price point

Dreambaby Home Safety Value Kit- 46 Pieces

Ditch the search for many little baby-proofing safety items and rather procure this 46-piece kit for its relatively good price point.  This is the perfect kit to start safety proofing your house and comes with very clear installation instructions.  The pack contains door knob covers which are available in plastic as well as the soft rubber type.  Only two are provided which means that you would need to buy additional if you have many more handles.

8. Munchkin Xtra Guard Dual Action Multi-Use Latches

Bend and Flex around corners

Munchkin Xtraguard Dual Action Multi Use Latches

It can be used on all cabinets, drawers even on stoves and toilet seats.  A soft elastic band making it easy to bend and flex around corners. These latches are very user-friendly and it requires only one-hand action to click off the dual button for removal.  Because they swivel they can be kept out of the way when not in use.  There is no hardware required and installation is effortless with adhesive tape which will not mark surfaces when removing. 

9. Angle locks available in 2-packs

Coosin Drawer Child Safety Lock

Angle locks are suitable for the corners of drawers, cabinets, and appliances.  These locks are lightweight and easy to install with adhesive backing tape, also easy to remove later.  They are self-locking and with one simple swift action adults will be able to open cabinets.  Not so simple for children to access cabinets though.  Relatively inexpensive and comes in a 2-pack range.

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So if you are looking for cost-effective, user-friendly and simple baby proofing systems to protect your home, here is listed a selection of useful products that are easy to install.  However, it is important to note that any self-adhesive product, albeit simple and quick to install each face the same challenges of falling apart.  This is dependent on the surface, environmental factors and strength of the adhesive tape. 

There are a number of reasons why adhesive tape will fail.  Following these simple steps to guarantee a no-fail adhesive setting will improve the attachment.  Firstly, ensure that the surface is clean, dust-free and wipe with an alcohol-based cleaner over the surface area.  Is the cabinetry exposed to direct sunlight?  Direct sunlight can cause the adhesive tape to become hard and brittle over a period of time.  Was the product stored in cold, wet conditions at the supermarket or warehouse?  Just like fresh milk can spoil when stored in bad conditions so also can adhesive tape stored in moist climates lax its bond.  Remember to remove the liner, apply sufficient pressure and allow to stand at least 24-hours before use.