10 Baby Keepsake Books to Document your Baby's First Year

Document Baby's Memories and Milestones with Baby Keepsake Books

By Susie Brooks
10 Baby Keepsake Books to Document your Baby's First Year

Going old school with Baby Keepsake Books

Social media sites like Facebook and Instagram have made it possible to chronicle your baby’s every move and accomplishment. However,  those sites cannot compare to the actual feel of recording memories and milestones in a hardcover keepsake book. We have compiled a list of our all-time favorite baby keepsake book and planners for you to look through. Continue reading to learn which book will work best for you and your little one.

Let's start off this list with baby keepsake books with pockets!

Baby Keepsake Books with Pockets

1. LittleLight Baby Memory Book

Source: Amazon

This best selling gender-neutral memento book is made of a thick, top quality paper and a hardcover which will preserve your photos of your baby's first year. It is designed using bright colors and cute images of animals and is compatible with scrapbooking.

Envelopes and pockets pages are key features of this product. You will never worry about where to store things like hospital bracelet, 1st lock of hair, handprints, footprints or ultrasound photos. All pages within the book are pocket pages, thus it's easy to keep all the small bits and pieces safe within the book forever.


Feature your favorite image of baby in the window on the front cover of the book.


LittleLight Baby Memory Book is easy to use. It records all the necessary and unforgettable milestones of your baby starting with pregnancy and pregnancy announcement all the way through baby’s first year. The easy to fill pages make this an amazing shower gift for any expecting parent.

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2. New Seasons Baby's First Year Memory Keeper

Source: Amazon

This keepsake book features guided fill-in pages and space for favorite photos, birth announcement, growth chart, milestones and more.


This one of a kind keepsake book encourages parents to capture memories and record milestones within its pages that are easy to personalize. Keep a record of your baby’s hand and footprints, family tree, ultrasound prints, milestones, and many firsts.


Pocket pages allow for easy storing of special baby keepsakes such as hospital bands and doctors notes.

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Baby Keepsake Books and Planners

Source: https://mindyweiss.com/

Juggling schedules, keeping track of baby's appointments and regularly recording baby's milestones in a keepsake book can be difficult to accomplish. 

The Baby Keepsake Book and Planner by Mindy Weiss will help you tackle and complete all these task with confidence. 

3. The Baby Keepsake Book and Planner by Mindy Weiss

Source: https://mindyweiss.com/

This one of a kind baby book isn't only for recording baby’s milestones, it can also be used as a planner for parents.


Within its pages are checklists and trackers for immunization records and doctors visits to help keep parents organized. Keep track of those records while you take note of precious moments such as baby’s first steps, growth, and other first memories. Special sections include schedule, “all about us”. first feelings, favorite things, and birthday party memories.


Its binder format is completely customize-able and allows you to track everything from pregnancy through age four. The books tabbed dividers make organization easy. Add and use the pages that suit your personal journey with your baby.


Other key options include a plastic pouch for odd-sized items like a hospital bracelet, 10 pages of heavyweight stock to keep pictures safe and secure, a page growth chart and an envelope for a lock of hair.


The binder comes with three portable booklets, “Prenatal Doctor’s Visits,” “Nursing Tracker,” and “Pediatrician Visits” that are sure to keep you organized while you keep track of your loved ones milestones and growth.

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Baby Keepsake Books for Baby's First Year

Baby's first year is significant and filled with lots of growth and firsts. Keep track of all your baby's first year achievements in these keepsake books for baby's first year. 

4. Baby First Year Journal: Modern Memory Keepsake Book & Photo Album for New Parents

Source: Amazon

The artwork on the cover of this first-year baby journal was more than enough to make me want to purchase it. Though it is designed with a beautiful illustration, the book has more practical value, such as tracking the milestones of your baby’s first year.


These 8 by 8-inch spiral bound journals need to be protected from the sun so don’t ever place them under direct sunlight.


The gender-neutral journal's30 pages are easy to fill and use. Featuring a family tree and page for first-day notes make this keepsake book unique. The 12 months of milestones keep track of height, weight and keep track of all of babies firsts. From the first tooth to the first word.


Made of acid-free and pH-neutral paper, using Soy-Based Inks makes this journal super eco-friendly.


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5. Baby's First Year: A Keepsake of Milestone Moments

Source: Amazon

Author Annabel Karmel presents us with this beautifully unique keepsake journal for tracking baby’s first year.


Use this journal to write down thoughts concerning everything your baby is learning, as well as all the new experiences, such as the feeding and sleeping patterns and baby's favorite bath time toy.


The well-thought-out pages include areas for recording developmental milestones and baby firsts. A unique feature is the space to note information about the world your little one was born into, such as who was president, popular music and prices of stamps and milk.


Along with keeping track of baby’s first year, Annabel has included other fun and useful pages in the book including pages for mapping a family tree, list for baby names, 5 recipes that will inspire you to prepare delicious and healthy food for your loved one through various stages of growth, and first thoughts upon your baby's arrival so that you can record memories before your little one arrives.


A monthly section will encourage you to keep track of all your baby’s achievements, growth, and changes. Annabel gives advice to parents throughout the pages of the journal. The book includes pockets and spaces for holding photographs and important items.


Pay tribute to your baby’s first year by purchasing your keepsake journal here.

6. Baby Memory Book for First Year

Source: Amazon

A lot happens in baby’s first year. Turn every moment and milestone into an eternal memory in this beautiful keepsake book.


This book is designed to record milestones and add pictures as you note every memory.


Split into specific topics, this book will make sure that you record every important milestone, from your first ultrasound picture through baby’s first Christmas.


These important categories include;

  • Family tree
  • My Family
  • My Home
  • When I was expected
  • Baby shower
  • My Birth
  • 0-3 months
  • 4-6 months
  • 7-9 months
  • 10-12 months
  • Bath time
  • Dreams
  • Favorites
  • Handprint and Footprint
  • My First’s
  • Mother’s Day
  • Father’s Day
  • Christmas
  • New Year’s Eve
  • Adventures
  • First trip
  • Health
  • Growth
  • Teeth
  • Vocabulary
  • Menu
  • First birthday
  • Astrology
  • Home and away
  • Memories - For those moment that don’t have their own topic within the book.  
  • Baby’s first drawing


Extra space and ages are included to track memories through baby’s second year.

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7. Ronica First Year Memory Journal

Source: Amazon

This ideal family heirloom records baby’s growth, development, and milestones through 80 modern designed pages with Instagram friendly photo squares.


Available in 3 variations titled; “Our Little One’s First Year”, “Our Little Girl’s First Year” and, “Our Little Boy’s First Year”.


The book is designed to capture your baby’s firsts, such as baby’s first tooth, baby's first step, or baby's first word. Monthly birthday pages make tracking major milestones and holidays easy.


This ideal baby shower gift is sure to warm the hearts of expecting parents with its beautiful illustrations and hardcover design.


Preserve memories and pass them the down through generations with this book that is designed for all families and parenting scenarios.


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Personalized Baby Keepsake Books

Source: SimplyPersonalized.com

We have searched the web and found this Personalized 1st Year Baby Memory Book produced by SimplyPersonalized.com is the best option when it comes to adding that extra special touch to your baby's keepsake journal. 

Give your baby a keepsake they can keep forever that has his or her name printed on the cover and footer of every page of the book. When they look back on this book in their later years, they will know that extra special thought went into this unique and astonishing gift. 

8. Personalized 1st Year Baby Memory Book

Source: SimplyPersonalized.com

Creators at simplypersonalized.com made it possible for parents to customize their baby keepsake books by printing the child’s name on the cover and on the footer of every page.


The book (two variations designed for both boy and girl) features an area on the opening page where parents can add a special message to their little one. This hardcover memory book is filled with nursery rhymes, places for photos, pages to record milestones and mementos and more.


During pregnancy, pages allow you to track everything from the moment you found out you were pregnant to the names you have considered for your baby. Upon arrival, record every step of your baby's development as well as their favorite nursery rhymes from the book.


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Memory Books for the Entire Family

From past generations to the birth of your baby, record your family's history and memories in these keepsake books that were made for families. 

9. Our Family Tree - A Keepsake Book

Source: Amazon

Our Family Tree Keepsake Book was designed so that you can record everything about your families history. The 28 separate sections encourage you to document your family ancestry and traditions. Prompts within the book will help you determine what information is important to record in the book.


“The Story Begins” section was designed to take note and record information on your families earliest ancestors while “Branching Out” is specifically for information on loved ones you have lost touch with.


Keep track of family heirlooms and keepsakes and record holiday tradition and memories. There is even a spot for you to write down family recipes that have been passed down through generations. Wrap it up by adding pictures of your family so that future generation will know their faces as they bond with their family through this book.


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10. Our Family: A Keepsake Album for Your Memories, Milestones, and Stories

Source: Amazon

This beautifully designed album, filled with your own personal reflections, will secure your family legacy and inform your family for years to come.


Keep track of your family experiences in this keepsake book and record all of the information and memories of your ancestors to your present-day family. Capture important information of your family and your ancestors—from the birth of a great, great grandparent to the birth of the newest baby.


This beautiful hardcover book makes up of a ribbon closure and provides you the opportunity to note down occurrence in your life as well as record the information of your family.


Filling the book out has been made easy with the use of heading and prompts that tell you what information goes where and what information is important to take note on. The book features durable, ornamental image frames, that are added into the album to feature heirloom images and pockets to store mementos from landmarked events.


Chronicle your family by adding detailed information on past generations, information on your family's work and community life, memories from family vacations, favorite family memories and much more.


Purchase your copy here.


One of the items new parents can consider purchasing before the arrival of their baby is a baby keepsake book. The books are used to record your baby's memories and milestones as they grow and develop. Your baby will grow up in a blink of the eye. When years have passed and you have forgotten the magical feeling of parenting, you and your loved ones will look back on these cherished keepsakes.