Best toddler tricycle from toddler ages to 5: Safety guide

The best toddler bicycles for children 10 months old and above

By Tony Zorrilla
Best toddler tricycle from toddler ages to 5: Safety guide

With the holidays approaching it is always a good idea to keep a lookout for great gift ideas, especially for toddlers. A tricycle can be that gift.

A tricycle is a great way to introduce your child to the biking world. Not only are they are safe and enjoyable to ride, but they are also a great way to teach a child to eventually ride a bike. They will learn everything from how to use the pedals and brakes, and even how to steer. A tricycle is a great toy to have and one your toddler will enjoy. But which one is right for your toddler? 

Usually, a classic tricycle would be best for a child around the age of three, but now with stroller/ tricycle combinations available, you can have a newborn and buy the tricycle that will grow into in no time. Here is a list of a few options, depending on the age of your child. 

Toddler tricycle with push handle

A push handle tricycle is a great choice because it still allows you to help control the tricycle as your toddler rides it. One thing to look for when choosing the perfect push handle trike is if the handle is removable. That way as your toddler gains confidence, you can remove the handle if necessary so your child can ride "hands-free".

Here is a list of 3 top rated ones. 

1. Schwinn Easy Steer Tricycle Schwinn Easy Steer Tricycle, Red/White: Toys & Games

Schwinn is synonymous with quality and this tricycle is no exception. It is even backed by a lifetime guarantee, and with a product that is for kids, that is commendable. Not only does it come equipt with safety features like wide tires and even a seat belt. This tricycle comes with the added benefit of two baskets, one on the front and back, so your toddler can move their toys around with ease. The handle is removable and it will allow you to push your child with ease.

Suitable for ages 12 months to 3 years

2. Radio Flyer Classic Tricycle with Push Handle Radio Flyer Classic Tricycle with Push Handle, Red: Toys & Games

With a mix of a vintage look that will bring back a moment of nostalgia, this tricycle is the real deal. Not only does it come equipt with real tires, but the removable push handle can also be adjusted to three different positions, an added plus. The seat can be adjusted as well to accommodate a growing child, so your toddler can enjoy this tricycle for a long time. 

Suitable for ages 2 yrs to 5 yrs old

3. Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer and Stroll Trike Radio Flyer Deluxe Steer and Stroll Trike: Toys & Games

Another Radio Flyer on the list, but what can you say besides that they make a quality product. Comes with a removable handle that allows parents to guide their toddler, or remove if you want your child to ride alone. Adjustable seat positions so that you can adjust as they grow. Built sturdy and with your child's safety in mind, you can't go wrong with Radio Flyer. 

Suitable for ages 2 yrs to 5 yrs old

Toddler Tricycle with no pedals

If you would rather have your toddler's feet firmly on the ground and not ready to balance, then there are options available as well. These tricycles don't have pedals, so it will be perfect for a young toddler, especially a 2 or 3 year old, starting to experience their independence riding their own tricycle. Your child will use their feet to push off to make the tricycle go and to stop. Your child will have more freedom to go where ever they would like, but still not too far.  

1. HaPe Scoot Around Bike Hape Scoot Around Ride On Wood Bike

The Hape Scoot Around Bike is different than the other models recommended due to the fact that it is made out of wood. But that doesn't mean it isn't quality. This tricycle cool colors are water-based child's safe paint, will last many years. This tricycle will help your toddler develop muscle strength and endurance as they scoot around the house. All four wheels turn giving your child the ability to make sharper turns. Your child will have a lots of fun with this one.

Suitable for ages 12 months to 3 yrs old

2.Radio Flyer Scoot About Radio Flyer Scoot About Ride on: Toys & Games

The Scoot About has the Radio Flyer classic look and feel, minus the pedals. With a wide and sturdy frame, your child will be able to ride safely. Steers with comfort and ease and comes with streamers and a bell for additional fun. Comes with a bumper in the front to protect your walls and furnishings when used indoors.

Suitable for ages 1 yr to 3 yrs old

3. Radio Flyer Scoot 2 pedal Radio Flyer Scoot 2 Pedal: Toys & Games

Just like the name says, your child will scoot their way down your driveway at their own pace. Very simple and easy assembly but comes with the Radio Flyer name. What is nice about this one is the trunk area for storage and the flip-out wheels to use when the child is ready.

Suitable for ages 1 yr to 3 yrs old

Convertible Toddler tricycles for 2 years and above

If your toddler is not ready to have independence, but you still want them to get the experience of the tricycle there are options available. There are tricycle and stroller combinations that combine the security of a stroller but the looks of a tricycle. 

1.Vilano 3 in 1 Tricycle & Learn to Ride Trike : Vilano 3 in 1 Tricycle & Learn to Ride Trike, Blue : Sports & Outdoors

The Vilano was designed with comfort in mind. With a combination of padded seats and a padded bar that wraps around your toddler, your toddler will not only be safe but comfy as well. This tricycle also comes with a shade canopy that will keep your toddler shaded and cool. The handle is also removable on the Vilano and it can be adjusted as your child grows. It also comes equipt with a basket on the back and a cup holder as well. 

Suitable for ages 2 yrs to 5 yrs old

2. Joovy Tricycoo 4.1

Tricycoo 4.1

This tricycle/stroller combination is the real deal. From the age of 10 months to 44 lbs, you and your child will be able to enjoy long walks, especially with the 50 SPF canopy for additional protection from the sun. Front wheel locking footrest makes it easy for you to maintain control. Remove the handle and now your child has the freedom to ride without assistance.  

Suitable for ages 10 months to 5 yrs old

3.Costzon 4-1 Kids Tricycle with Steer Stroller : Costzon 4-in-1 Kids Tricycle Steer Stroller Toy Bike w/Canopy Basket

The 4-in-1 design, allow you to customize the tricycle according to your child's age, meaning one purchase can potentially last many years. The adjustable handle allows control of the tricycle until they are ready to ride then just remove it and it is a classic tricycle. This trike also comes with a safety belt that will secure your child as they ride, and a canopy that will protect them from the sun. This trike also comes with a cup holder and a bell which will give your toddler an enjoyable ride. 

Suitable for ages 10 months to 5 yrs old

Safety Guide when using toddler tricycles

So before you go out and buy your next tricycle, remember to continue to think about safety. As safe as they are making tricycles today, you still have to remember to think about additional safety. Make sure that they are built low to the ground and have wide tires. This will make them less likely to tip when they go flying around those curves. 


Always, Always, Always, have them wear a helmet. No exceptions. Make sure they put it on every time they ride. It is a great habit to instill early on so that it will not become an issue later. If they don't want to wear a helmet, then they don't ride their bike. Helmets are so important to safety that strict standards are being set by governments. Make sure your helmet comes with a sticker with the letters CPSC ( The Consumer Product Safety Commision) on it. This means that the helmet has met all safety standards.

Make sure it fits properly. It should not be too big or too small, and no hats should be worn underneath them either. The helmet should cover the forehead and make sure straps stay fastened. Also don't throw them around. It could damage the protective material on the inside. They say that if you do have a crash, to replace the helmet because they don't hold up after a crash.

Cute boy with safety helmet on Radio Flyer @taliapearson_ / Instagram

Where to ride

The area where your child rides is important. Make sure they are away from street and roads where they can encounter cars. Since tricycles are so low to the ground, it makes them quite difficult to see when. Keep them away from pools or any other body of water. Make sure that they are under supervision at all times, even if it is in your own driveway.


As your child grows there are going to be plenty of moments where you will be doing things together. Whether it's taking a walk in the park or just playing in the driveway, these are all moments that are vital to a child's development and happiness.

Usually, by the age of 3, a child is ready for their first tricycle. A child's first tricycle is an important moment in not only that child's life, but for a parent as well. It is their first real form of independence and we need to make sure that they enjoy it. When choosing a tricycle, think safety more than style. Even though they are all similarly built don't negate safety and quality due to its looks.

With these options available you can now pick a stroller and tricycle combination so that they can start experiencing the joys of riding a bike at an early age. So if you haven't bought one yet and are still deciding now is the time. Go pick out the right one for you and your toddler and start enjoying those walks in the park together.