10 Fun Sports Games for Active Preschooler Kids

Different type of sports games to introduce to your kids

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10 Fun Sports Games for Active Preschooler Kids

Preschool stage is so much fun when little kids try to understand their environment and explore new things in their own way. However, it may not be easy to teach kids who are still trying to get hold of their own language and who cannot yet read or write. The only advantage teachers and parents can cash in on is the flexibility of kids to learn new more quickly. 

Engaging the children to make them learn is an important aspect. One of the best ways is to help the kids have fun while learning. Allowing the kids to play and engage in some sports is helpful. It helps deal with their short attention span and hyper-activeness.

Nowadays, a variety of games and sports are available that focus on varied skill development as well as the overall development of children. Some of the common types of sports/ games to introduce to your kids include board games, blocks, colors, clay modeling, jigsaw puzzles, and coloring books. Introducing these games during the early growing years of children is important to help them develop physically and mentally.

Benefits of playing sports for kids

Introducing sports activities and games for kids will help in developing pervasive skills required for supporting them for a lifetime. Involvement of kids in various physical activities will help counter the bad effects of technology. Playing with interactive toys and board games can enhance hand-eye coordination in kids.

Toddlers and preschoolers have a notoriously short attention span. These little ones can lose interest in anything that fails to generate interest. This is also the reason conventional methods fail to work with these kids. They do not respond well to endless lectures. Interactive games are the best for kids. These offer a host of benefits for children. Interactive games and sports help in requisite skills for carrying on with other classes in school.

Check out the benefits of these games and activities for toddlers and preschoolers here:

Physical Development and Motor Skills

One of the major benefits of games includes physical development and motor skills. With interactive games, children require using their hands or bodies in various ways. This is predominantly important for toddlers or kindergarten kids while developing their motor skills.

Strengthen Core Muscles

Physical games such as bat and ball, twister, and blocks can help to strengthen core muscles, improve balance and strength. These are also very helpful in improving their hand-eye coordination. Physical games can encourage little kids to focus on their brains while making a physical effort to strengthen the bond between body and brain.

Mental Development

Encouraging board games and other interactive games among children will challenge their brain. Children can actively think about various ways they can progress to the next level. It also helps them develop strong mental skills. Children with autism and having attention difficulties can benefit from these games.

Memory Retention

While playing games, kids gain a lot of experience in varied fields. They look for and make efforts towards gaining rewards, opportunities for moving up in the game and winning. These elements keep the little ones occupied and interested in a specific game. Additionally, most interactive games and activities are based around the retention of memory. It helps children develop and boost their memory skills and games. Many of these games are also aimed at improving their general knowledge and academics.

Develop Imagination

Most of these games can help kids develop imagination and creative skills. For instance, playing with blocks, beads, colors, and drawing allows them to come up with new shapes, things, patterns and situations. This is very helpful later in their life.

Develop Social Skills

Introducing interactive games in kindergarten is crucial for developing social games. These games demand a good amount of teamwork and teach kids to work together. They learn to cooperate with each other and trust one another. Social skills are an essential developmental milestone. It will stay with kids through a lifetime. Exposing kids to interactive games at a very young age can provide them with a great foundation to build on during their growing years.

Build Relationships and Friendships

Learning how to make friends early in life is very important. Kids should be exposed to an environment where they can learn how to interact and build strong relationships. This is an essential part of a kid’s development and growing years.

Interactive games are very helpful for children to work out various ways to gracefully accept losing and winning. It helps them develop a sense of sportsmanship and discipline.

10 Fun Sports Games/Activities for Kids to Play

Here are some of the best games and activities kids can indulge in during the day to learn with fun while developing cognitive skills, strengthening core muscles, improving hand-eye coordination and a lot more:

For Kindergarten

1. Hop Floor Game

Amazon.com: Learning Resources Crocodile Hop Floor Game: Toys & Games

Hopping is fun for kids. The game gets kids up and makes them move their bodies while stimulating their cognitive skills! Since kindergartners have a tough time staying still, this game is the best way to strengthen learning skills while allowing them to do what they love - hop, jump, reach, and play.

2. Monster Feet

Amazon.com: Toysmith Monster Feet Walking Toy: Toys & Games

The kids will have fun walking like a monster with this innovative Toysmith Monster Feet. These toy feet are fit for ages 5 years and up. They bond firmly to a child's shoes, transforming her into a gigantic monster. Monster feet are sturdy and can easily support weight up to 110 pounds. The toy is appropriate for both indoor and outdoor play. Monster feet improve motor planning, balance, and coordination.

3. Stepping stones

Amazon.com: Gonge Riverstones: Toys & Games

This fun game is available in a wide range of colors, sizes and heights. The game works really well in helping kids learn to balance and body awareness.

4. Pogo Jumper

Amazon.com: Flybar My First Foam Pogo Jumper for Kids Fun and Safe Pogo Stick, Durable Foam and Bungee Jumper for Ages 3 and up Toddler Toys, Supports up to 250lbs (Blue): Toys & Games

Children can use it as an indoor and outdoor game. The game helps train hand-eye coordination and improves gross motor skills. It also works on balance and boosts cardiovascular fitness among kids. The bouncy boing game is perfect to inculcate fitness habit early among kids.

5. Parachutes

Amazon.com: Little Dynamo | Rainbow Play Parachute for Kids (12ft with 8 Colors) | Durable Handles and Carry Case | Indoor and Outdoor Party Games | Montessori and Gross Motor Skills Toys for Toddlers: Sports & Outdoors

This multi-colored play parachute will instantly capture kids’ attention and help them learn group interaction skills. It is also helpful in building social confidence and keeps them entertained for hours.

For Preschooler

6. Learning Colors

Outdoor Fishing for Kids: Games & Skills Building

Fly Fishing is a popular technique involving getting fish to bite on artificial bait. The kids will enjoy creating and designing the bait yourselves. Kids love the design aspect of the game. It helps enhance creativity among kids and improves social skills.

7. Tennis Throw Catch Bat Ball Game

Amazon.com : Pevor Paddle Tennis Toy Ball Toss and Catch Sports Ball Throw Catch Bat Ball Game Set Toys Game Set for Kids : Sports & Outdoors

This is a great way to include Kinaesthesia-training in schools. The game promotes physical health of children and develops motor skills. Another benefit is hand-eye coordination via tossing and throwing. The action will also strengthen the upper limb effectively.

8. Scooter Board

Amazon.com: GSE Games & Sports Expert Kids Gym Class Plastic Scooter Board with Handles (Purple): Toys & Games

Kids love to race around. This game gives them ample of opportunity to race on their knees, backside, and tummy and have fun the way they want. It is perfect for playing various types of chase games. 

9. Beach Sand Toy Set

Amazon.com: 9 Piece Beach Sand Toy Set, Bucket´╝îBeach Molds, Shovel, Rake, Watering Pot Sandbox Set for Toddlers and Kids: Toys & Games

The game will help kids have fun with creative shapes and sculptures. The game helps promote cognitive skills of a child. It also boosts creativity in children. The set can be used indoors as well.

10. Detachable Hula Hoop

Amazon.com: Liberty Imports 32" Snap Together Detachable Kids Hula Hoop for Playing: Toys & Games

An effective fitness workout game for pre-schooler, the classic hula hoop design stimulates core muscles and also works for weight loss. This is a great way to get kids moving and indulge in some activity.

General Safety Tips when Playing Sports

Playing games or sports can be a lot of fun. However, it is not uncommon for kids to get hurt. Here are some safety tips to help kids prevent injuries when playing games:

  • Always make the kids wear protective gear, such as knee pads, helmets, and other gear.
  • Start a physical activity with warm-up and end with a cool down.
  • Do not start without knowing the rules of the game.
  • Strictly prevent kids from playing when they are injured. Get permission from the doctor before continuing.
  • Keep the first aid box ready for emergencies.

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Kindergarten and preschooler kids have a very short attention span. Hence, it is very difficult to make them sit at one place and listen to long lectures. The best way is to teach them by encouraging them to indulge in various games and sports. Schools can equip classrooms with various games and tools that encourage kids to participate mentally and physically. These games and sports can help kids improve social skills, hand-eye coordination, strengthen core muscles, retain memory, and much more.