Try these raved 10 places to get toddler haircuts

The recommended parents choice for toddler haircuts in town

By Rebecca jones
Try these raved 10 places to get toddler haircuts

Your child might be one of those born with little or lots of hair. Regardless, they will be needing their first haircut. Babies with long hair constantly struggle with hair getting into things and places like eyes and mouth. Trimming and cutting them off is probably best, and sometimes you might want to get it done from home or a familiar place where the child feels most comfortable since this is probably their first haircut. If you are planning to get your toddler’s hair trimmed from home, you should probably get tips and guidance from professional kid hairstylist. As a first-time mom, I have no clue regarding what needs to be done. But if you prefer to skip the fussiness of having to calm and convince your toddler to sit patiently through the process, then heading to a kiddie saloon is probably best for you. 

Before your baby is ready for his or her first haircut appointment, you must have had a lot of time to do your research and find out about the kiddie saloons in your area and all the services they offer. In New York, where I reside, we have quite a handful of good toddler saloons which I will introduce later. Just make sure the saloon meets all of yours and baby’s requirements.

5 best tips for toddler haircuts

1. Mentally prepare your baby

Start having haircuts conversation a few days before your appointment to allow your baby to prepare his mind and be ready for what’s about to come when it’s time to visit a hair salon. They might have questions, and that will give you an opportunity to be able to calm them. Be sure to choose your words carefully and not use confusing or big vocabularies. 

2. Build Excitement

Talking to your toddler about how much he or she is going to have fun in the hair salon is a great way to get them excited and interested in visiting hair salons. Let them know you're looking forward to their trim or new style. 

3. Pick the Right Time

Best haircut experiences happen when children are rested and well fed. If children are cranky, anxious or tired,  the haircut should wait. Often, mornings are the best for haircuts as children are rested and ready for fun. 

5. Bring Snacks

You might decide to bring your kids favorite treat or be prepared to buy some snacks for your baby to snack on if necessary. Luckily most salons sell or offer kiddies treats.

The following are a list of some of the best kids hair salon in New York:

LuLu's Cuts & Toys


Kids Hair Salon & Toy Store ⋆ LuLu's Cuts & Toys

Lulu’s cuts & toys is a kid hair salon and toy store located in park slope, Brooklyn NY. It is a favorite meeting place for parents and their children to get a stylish haircut. They offer haircuts to kids of all ages, and adults too. It is a fun place for kids to shop favorite and latest toys and get haircuts all at the same time. They offer latest haircuts from Mohawks to curly hair, they have experience and professional stylist round the clock to cater for your toddler’s hair.

The stylists are extremely experienced, so they will be able to pull off any hairstyle you have in mind for your child. This salon is on top on our list of one of the recommended parent choice for toddler haircuts in town(Brooklyn, New York). The salon has great reviews from parents who are extremely happy with their services and believed to have a great customer service.

Milk & Cookies Kids Spa and Salon

Milk and cookie spa and salon

Milk and cookies kids spa and salon is located at 1st Avenue New York. It is a place where fun, beauty, and delicious meet. It is the ultimate experience for children to get pampered. They offer services like kids haircuts, manicure and pedicure, hairstyling services and hair treatments. They believe kids deserve to look good and feel confident. The salon gives a dessert inspired spa treatment for hair, nails and skin. They also go ahead to offer birthday parties tailored for boys and girls where moms and dads can enjoy the sweet treats experience with their kids.

This salon is also top in recommended parents choice for toddler haircuts. The ambiance of the salon is kid friendly. The place is made for parents and kids to get pampered, cut hair and bond all at the same time, since it is a unisex salon, boys are definitely not left out, there is a “cool dudes” section designed especially for them. Temporary tattoos, “booger” soap and mud pie with worms painting will suit their boyish needs. In the end, kids are expected to sit back, feel good and relaxed as cookies and hot milk are served in between.

Apple Seeds

Apple Seeds

Apple seeds play is an all in one play spaces for families with from families with children newborn to five. The space is located in New York City in the Chelsea neighborhood on the upper west side and in Peter Cooper Village - Stuyvesant Town. They have incredible indoor playground designed by well-known children museum designers. They offer a lot of services like Children haircuts, Pedicure and manicure, all activities that will involve adults and children bonding and having fun.

The playspace provides an ambiance that is rich for children mental and physical development. The kid salon is designed to give kids a sense of adventure with seats designed in a form of taxi or cars, with every child's favorite Disney and carton show and characters to entertain kids. The employees are super professional and experienced with kids and different kind of hair type.

Edamama Cute Cuts & More

Salon Services — edamama

Edamama cute cuts and more is a child-centered saloon that features cool cuts, creative classes, fun festivities, best-selling books and toys. The center has experienced and friendly staffs that provide fabulous haircuts and hairstyling in a whimsical and engaging under the sea atmosphere. Children are excited to begin their sea adventure as they climb on a chair that is designed into a sea-like creature like octopus, mermaid, or shark. They select a video and sit back to relax while We pamper them.

This kid salon got a lot of great reviews from parents. Most of the recommendations were based on their good price, great customer care and good snacks. You and your kid are being treated like royalty. The store is designed to accommodate parents and their social needs. Hang out and lounge in a cafe that accommodates both you and your child's needs. 

Cozy's Cuts for Kids

#1 Kids Hair Salon in New York City - Cozy's Cuts for Kids

Cozy cute cuts kid salon is located in 74th St New York. Cozy cuts is a kid salon with experienced stylists who knows everything about kids and their hair, so that parents can breathe a sigh of relief. Kids love Cozy's Cuts for Kids because they can choose to sit in a car styling chair or big kid chair, watch videos or play video games, blow bubbles or just sit back and relax. And the best part, every kid's haircut comes with lots of swag. Cozy's staff are also professionally trained in ear piercing for children and they use the safest ear piercing system available today. 

Cause at Cozy, it’s all about giving kids the best haircut experience, the professional stylists will make baby's first haircut easy, safe and fun. and to give parent ease of mind, Cozy's Cuts for Kids was named #1 Kids Salon in New York City by NY Magazine. With over 25 years of experience and 1 million haircuts, you know your child is in professional and safe hands.


In conclusion, when you are trying to give your toddler a haircut, pick a place and environment that gives your toddler a sense of relief and safety. Being around familiar space gives everyone a sigh of relief, not just kids. Secondly, instead of cutting hair at home, if you decide to take your child to a professional kid hairstylist (which is always best), make sure you have gotten enough time to make your research and find out about the available kid salon in your area. You don’t want to travel for miles before your child can get his or her haircuts. Always asks the hairstylist questions and what your concerns are if you need to.

You should always use a kid salon time as a special way for you and your baby to bond. Most kid salons don’t always end with just a haircut, most of the facilities are design specifically to entertain and engage kids. You can use that time to get your toddler some educational gears like bedtime story books and interactive materials. Kids learn to socialize with other baby’s their ages more easily in a fun-filled space. Thirdly is to always ask about their hygiene standards, if you are taking your baby’s clipper (which is always best) for his haircuts, always ask them to sterilize or clean it well after every use. Overall, just relax and breathe easy, if you are in a professional salon, the hairstylists are extremely experience and trained in regards to handling kids. Have fun and enjoy every haircutting experience.