Best 8 baby monitors with wifi and night vision

The best 8 baby monitors with visual and audio settings

By Rebecca jones
Best 8 baby monitors with wifi and night vision

Being a parent is a full-time job, you have to be fully committed and determined. As much as we all love our kids, we cant deny that taking care of them and providing for their needs can be a little challenging. As a stay at home mom who is taking care of a child and juggling domestic chores or a mom back-to-work who constantly thinks of her little one, getting a baby monitor may be a good solution.

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A baby monitor, also known as a baby alarm, is a device which has a camera actively monitoring the activity of a baby while you are engaged in other activities. There are several and different types of baby monitors, all you have to do is to commit to one that is right for you and your child. Since you can’t always be in your baby’s room, it's best you go for a monitor with great visual and audio settings to monitor your baby's movement and attention.

It’s obvious we all want the best for our baby’s and a baby monitor isn’t excluded. Before you spend a chunk of your money into buying baby gadgets, it’s always important to do your research and make sure the product is exactly what you need and meets all your expectations and requirements. 

What to look out for when choosing a Baby Monitor

With so many baby monitor in the market, it is important to focus on the intent of getting a baby monitor and what features to look out for. Below are 8 key features and functionalities to compare when shopping for a baby monitor.

1. Video quality (including night vision)

A monitor most important features is its video quality. Getting a clear visible view of your little one in his or her crib while you are in your room or away in your job, all this incredible features helps connect you and your child, and giving you a sigh of relief knowing you can easily access and check up on them at your convenience.

It is also very important that the night vision video quality is still good so that you can still your little one at night! 

2. Audio quality

Apart from being able to see your baby while in their crib or when you are away, nothing beats the feeling of hearing your baby giggle, cry or moves from a distance. With each and every sound they make, it will be like you are inside the room with them. This will also relief you from the stress of not hearing your baby’s voice.

3. WiFi connection

With a good WiFi connection, you can easily connect your baby’s monitor to your smart phone with a touch of a button, relieving you from having to carry a bulky handheld device to monitor your child. saving you from bulky installation process, like wires or chords.

4. Multipurpose functionality

Your baby monitor can also function as a nannycam or security camera, it all depends on the purpose of usage and how you intend to place it.

5. Temperature detection

As a result of advancement in technology, baby monitors now have a sensor that can accurately read and detects the room temperature in your baby’s room. This makes it easy to know when the room is a little cold or otherwise.

6. Notifications and alerts

Now with latest invention, baby monitors are able to accurately read and send you notifications of your baby’s general condition in his or her room. With prompt and constant notifications when your baby moves, makes sounds and cries.

7. Motion sensor detector

Just like the name implies, it detects when your baby moves, this baby are smart and have the ability to instantly detect when your baby moves, making sure you don’t miss anything that is going on with your child.

8. Simplicity of setup

It’s easy to set up the baby monitor in your baby’s room cause it comes with less complicated installation process, light and easily assembled, with less procedure, wires and chords. 

Best 2018 8 baby monitors with reviews

Below are a list of the best 8 baby monitors with great reviews from parents and why: 

2. Project nursery smart baby monitor with Alexa

Project nursery smart speaker with amazon Alexa and smart baby monitor system

Project nursery smart baby monitor

This monitor is the first world Alexa Enabled baby monitor. It has a smart WiFi system with Alexa enabled smart speaker, which allow parents and caregivers to check in on their baby’s from anywhere on a tablet or smartphone. with just a simple voice command, you can ask questions like baby’s development, play lullabies, audio books and go as far as adding items to your grocery list. This monitor with the use of the Alexa enabled speaker takes up a lot of functions like record video, capture photos, detect motion and sounds and even read baby’s temperature. 

Whatever the device detects and records, it sends alert straight to your smartphone. Constant visits to your baby’s room can wake or hinder their sleep at night, this device saves you from taking constant trips to the bedroom.

2. Arlo baby monitor

Arlo baby smart HD baby monitoring camera with puppy, bunny character bundle

Arlo baby monitor has a great HD quality, Which means you will be able to watch your baby in clear video day or night from anywhere. At night, it has a clear invisible infrared led light that automatically switches on to let you watch your baby sleep even in total darkness. It has a motion and sensor detection system that alerts and send push notifications or mail when your baby moves, makes a sound or cry. You can listen and talk to your baby all at the same time, Some of its best features are its ability to detect temperature, humidity, and the overall ambient of the room. It comes with a built-in rechargeable batteries, which means you move the camera freely around your home. 

3. ibaby monitor M7 smart digital baby monitor

ibaby baby monitor

ibaby WiFi M7 baby monitor 1080P wireless video camera with thousands of lullabies

This monitor has a smart nursery features, it was designed to suit the needs of all parents. Whether you are a working mom, stay at home dad or a millennial parent, it features allows you to monitor your baby at ease. It plays thousands of lullabies and bed time stories for baby’s education and pacification. With a two way wireless talk, You will be able to listen and talk to your baby at the office or in the living room. It has a good quality, fast connect and free cloud storage. 

4. Safety 1st HD WiFi baby monitor camera with sound and movement detecting audio unit

Safet 1st HD baby monitor

Safety 1st HD WiFi baby monitor camera with sound and movement detecting audio unit

The safety 1st HD WiFi baby monitor is designed for you to stay connected with your baby where ever you go with a one of a kind camera that lets you see and hear more than ever right from your phone. It uses less WiFi and data for more reliable video streaming. It has a 720p crystal clear video quality with 30 frames per seconds, with a 15 feet infrared ultra clear night vision. Did I mention it has a Noise and motion activated technology. If you are a working parent or a stay at home mom, you can easily monitor and comfort your baby while committed to other things. Works perfectly well both on iPhone and Android.

5. Baby delight HD tablet and WiFi video baby monitor

Baby delight HD baby monitor

Baby delight snuggle nest 7 HD tablet and WiFi video baby monitor

This baby delight monitor is the first complete baby monitoring system that allows parents to see baby inside or outside the house. It features includes a HD camera that is fully functional 7 HD android tablet with a stunning, best of class ips display for crystal clear viewing .it is a WiFi video monitor that delivers a total peace of mind at home or on the go.
the 7-android tablet arrives pre-loaded with the baby delight app. Set up is fast, easy and secure. The night vision and two way communication makes it easy to communicate and keep track on your baby with a crystal clear view.

6. Infant optics DXR-8 video baby monitor with interchangeable optical lens

Infant optics DXR-8 video baby monitor

Infant optics DXR-8 video baby monitor with interchangeable optical lens

This monitor has a lot of fantastic features. A lot of parents agreed that the video display is very high, with great vision quality either in the day or night. The two way intercom allows you communicate to your child at ease without moving out of the bed. Isn’t it exciting to be able to sing comforting lullabies or bedtime stories to your baby. 

It has a good battery life even when it’s not plugged in. It is also mobile friendly, you will be able to move it to the front and back yard without encountering any reception issues. It has the ability to monitor the baby’s room temperature. The infant optics DXR -8 video baby monitor is also expandable, which means it expands up to 4 cameras to place in various locations in your home. Overall parents who tested this baby monitor fell in love and had great things to say about its versatile functionality. 

7. Philip avent smart baby monitor

Philip avent smart baby monitor

Philip avent smart baby monitor

The Philip avent smart baby monitors provide an easy way to keep a watchful eye on your infant using your phone or tablet, The monitor has a kid-friendly features that you don't get in a typical baby monitor including the ability to play soothing lullabies and apply soft night lighting. With the Philips Avent SCD860 you can monitor your baby's room temperature and humidity. It delivers very sharp day and night video and installs in minutes. 

8. Nanit smart baby monitor

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Nanit smart baby monitor

This monitor is for the tech and data obsessed parents who wants to know and track everything about this their baby. It is an over the crib WiFi camera that not only offers standard video monitoring capabilities, but also provides sleep insight reports and sleep scores via the app. The birds-eye view camera provides real time HD quality video and uses computer vision to track whether your child is awake, sleeping or fussing. The baby monitor market is not going to be left behind in terms of having the latest technologies and high quality options, Nanit baby monitor has been able to incorporate the use of high quality options that uses WiFi camera connected to an app on your smartphone. 

3. Safety with baby monitors

A baby monitor is an important baby accessories for every parent, especially with a new born. It helps gives you the opportunity to Keep an eye on your baby While engaged or away. Its undeniable that a baby monitor provide you with a sense of security and relief knowing that you can see and hear your baby from any where you wish is incredible, am sure our great grandparent wish they had something similar to this during their time. With that said, even though baby monitors seems like a lifesaver, people need to be aware that just like any other thing, if not properly used and managed, it can be a source of danger to your baby.

The following are some of the most important things to look out towards ensuring the safety of your child around a baby monitor.

1. Give distance between the baby monitor and the baby

When installing your baby monitor in your baby’s room, it is advised by the consumer product safety commission to at least a distance of 3 feet away from the crib. Do not install or place a baby monitor inside a baby’s crib, the device is not meant to be touched or reachable to a child.

2. Avoid strangulations

Even if the monitor is cordless or wireless, please always makesure the monitor is far away from the baby. Keep it up high and away from reach, you don’t want a baby getting trapped or accidentally chok from the chords.

3. Keep away from wet or damp area

Please do not place a baby monitor in or around an area you believe has the possibility of becoming wet and damp.

4. Have complete privacy

If your baby’s monitor is connected to the internet, makesure you have a strong sense of security and password regarding your connections. Reports has shown that hackers are able to hack and get access to parents through the baby monitor.

5. Don’t be over confident

The device is there to monitor and give you access to your child when away and as a device to assist you with this need. If you feel the need to constantly check on your baby the old fashion way, please do that. Cases like sudden infant deaths (SID) in children is still a risk and can’t be prevented through a baby monitor.

6. Replace a worn out wire or cord

If you notice a frayed tear or cuts from the baby monitor, please do not hesitate to get it fixed or replaced to avoid unaccounted situation.

4. Conclusion

Overall, we all love our baby’s, and want to ensure their safety and well-being. When it comes to the happiness and security of our kids, I believe we shouldn’t compromise, and therefore should choose the best baby monitor you believe meets the requirements of both you and your child. For as long as you are doing the right thing, and making sure you follow the Guideline regarding installing and using a baby monitor, you should have nothing to be concern about, enjoy every moment and milestone with your child and make beautiful memories.