20 Celebrity Moms you should follow on Instagram right now

Hottest and down to earth A-list celebrity moms to follow on IG

By Caren M
20 Celebrity Moms you should follow on Instagram right now

Best celebrity A-list moms that you should follow

Being a mom is one of the hardest jobs known to man. But it is also so much fun and opens a whole new world for us. Here are some top celebrity moms that totally get mommyhood and aren't afraid to share it with you.

1. Chrissy Teigen

Chrissy Teigen with her two munchkins: @chrissyteigens/Instagram

Chrissy Teigen tops our list because she's super mom extraordinaire.

Chrissy with Mile: @chrissyteigen/Instagram

She's not afraid of speaking her mind either and constantly posts hilarious quotes and body positive pictures on her IG and twitter handles. Mom's love, love her for her open candor and don't care attitude towards industry standards on what beauty should be about.

2. Pink

Pink: @pink/Instagram

 We can only wish to be as cool as this mom. Pink is famed for her great alternative style in literally everything she does. She has two kids and she's tough as Teflon when raising them. Just raising her kids as best as she knows how while working at the same time.

Good parenting is like... @pink/instagram

She has been shamed before for raising her kids in a way that is questionable before and how does she respond? She raises her middle finger to the haters and lives her life with funny, sarcastic and on-point captions on Instagram.

Pink with husband and two kids: @pink/Instagram

Pink with her daughter: @pink/Instagram

3. Beyonce

Queen Bey: @beyonce/Instagram

She has often expressed her joy in being a mom, wanting to set the right example for her kids and just making sure that they get a normal childhood. Well, as normal as it can get for the American version of the royal family.

Beyonce, JayZ with Blue Ivy: @beyonce/Instagram

She posts really cute pics of her entire family and we just love how she normalizes the whole celebrity mommy thing by doing stuff only mums do like carrying snacks and juice boxes for her daughter when they go out. 

Beyonce with twins Rumi and Sir, @beyonce/Instagram

4. Serena Williams

Serena Williams: @serenawilliams/Instagram

Serena Williams is America's greatest. She's one of the most legendary women in sports history with her record in Tennis. She has won herself countless championships and has run a successful campaign against body shaming and the industry's ideal body type. 

Serana and husband, Alexis Ohanian: @serenawilliams/Imstagram

While keeping a busy work schedule, Serena has also found time to create a very beautiful family for herself.

Mama and Alexis Jr catching a nap: @serenawilliams/Instagram

She actually won the 7th Australian open while she was pregnant with her daughter. She spends as much time with her daughter and husband as she does on the tennis court and doing her other various projects.  

Serena and her daughter Alexis having a good time: @serenawilliams/Instagram

5. Kim Kardashian West

Kim Kardashian West: @kimkardashian/Instagram

She portrays a near-perfect life on her social media pages but the KUWTK star is not shy about sharing her joys and struggles of being a mom.

The West family: @kimkardashian/Instagram

Kim Kardashian, wife of famed rapper, Kanye West is open and candid about posting her life with her kids while also posting great photos of her great body, make-up and pretty much every perfect thing she does.

Kim and her family: @kimkardashian/Instagram

6. Kristen Bell

Kristen Bell: @kristenanniebell/Instagram

Kristen Bell has a comical look into parenting her two babies with her husband. Although she might not share their faces on Instagram, she's very open about the struggles as well as the beautiful side of it and we love how she's not afraid of letting us see it all.

Breakfast and hair by her kids: @kristenanniebell/Instagram

7. Kylie Jenner

Kylie Jenner, Stormi and Travis: @kyliejenner/Instagram

In between building a billion-dollar makeup empire for herself, Kylie Cosmetics, Kylie Jenner takes time to enjoy life with her adorable little girl and her boyfriend, Travis Scott. She occasionally posts sweet pics of her family and we love how dedicated she is as a parent and if you're looking for some baby fashion inspo, then hers is the account to follow.

Kylie with Stormi: @kyliejenner/Instagram

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 Carrying a child in your belly for nine months is one of the most extraordinary things a woman can go through in her life. 

8. Jessica Biel

Jessica Biel in the shower: @jessicabiel/Instagram

Kudos to all the moms out there who, between running a full-time career, raising a young toddler and totally killing it at supporting their partners, have no time for themselves and result to really drastic and crazy things like having lunch in the shower. Jessica Biel is one tough mama and we love, love her adorable family with music powerhouse, Justin Timberlake.

Summer holiday: @jessicabiel/Instagram

9. Katherine Heigl

Katherine with her kids: @katherineheigl/Instagram

She runs a successful parenting blog, 'Those heavenly days' and her Instagram is also dedicated to showcasing those wonderful mom moments with her three kids and husband. Her Ista videos and stories are hilarious, and so on-point and will just make you see the beauty in being a mom. #thoseheavenlydays is all about great parenting, both the good and the bad.

Katherine and Josh: @katherineheigl/Instagram

10. Jessie James Decker

Jessie James Decker showing her post-baby bump: @jessiejamesdecker/Instagram

Country singer Jessie James Decker is very open when it comes to parenting and what she goes through as a mom. She posts pics that dare to expose the real deal about parenting. From post-baby bumps that don't go away as easily, to a cute picture breastfeeding her baby while holding a glass of rose. We love this mom's openness and breathtaking take on parenthood.

Jessie with her newborn: @jessiejamesdecker/Instagram

Feeding on the job: @jessiejamesdecker/Instagram

11. Busy Philipps

Busy Philipps: @busyphilipps/Instagram

Busy Philipps Instagram is full of her moments as a mom, from her Instagram stories where she bawls over on the fact that she forgot her daughter's stuffed animal to posting hillarious videos of her daughter being completely cute hashtagging.

Family holiday @Disney: @busyphilipps/Instagram

12. Ayesha Curry

Ayesha Curry: @ayeshacurry/Instagram

Ayesha Curry is a busy woman but she still finds time to post adorable pics and videos of her adorable family. She shares plenty of pics of her husband Stephen Curry and their three beautiful munchkins and will throw in real-parenting struggles in there. 

The Curry family: @ayeshacurry/Instagram

13. Hilary Duff

Hilary Duff and family: @hilaryduff/Instagram

Hilary Duff keeps it real on the struggles of parenting: Pregnancy while also raising a young man, her son Luca. She has admitted to the mom-guilt that comes when she has to leave her kids and go work. Well, we love her for her great roles and even more honesty when it comes to being a mom.

Pregnant Hilary with her son at the beach: @hilaryduff/Instagram

14. Rachel Zoe

Rachel Zoe about to give birth: @rachelzoe/Instagram

She is a stylist turned designer and has dressed some of the biggest names. Rachel is quite candid about sharing her experiences on parenthood and we are in love with her two boys, Sky and Kaius, especially when Kaius does those adorable videos that will burst your heart wide open.

Family of four: @rachelzoe/Instagram

15. Brie Bella

Brie Bella and her daughter: @thebriebella/Instagram

We get a glimpse in the life of Brie Bella and her twin Nikki Bella on the E! series show, Total Bellas but Brie also takes to Instagram on a regular basis to post on her struggles as a mommy who's also in the wrestling world and all the while being married to WWE superstar Daniel Bryan. Awesome!

#family: @thebriebella/Instagram

16. Jenny Mollen

Jenny Mollen sharing mom moments: @jennymollen/Instagram

Actress Jenny Molen posts lots of cute pics with her two boys and even though we can't see their faces, we totally can relate to her funny and on-point captions. She doesn't mince words and many moms relate to her life as a mom because we go through it as well.

Mollen and her kids: @jennymollen/Instagram

17. Drew Barrymore

Drew Barrymore looking perfect for the red carpet, Source: @drewbarrymore/Instagram

 Drew Barrymore is the perfect example of a woman that handles both career and family effortless and with equal dedication and a whole lot of love for both. She is one of America's most celebrated actresses of all time, a mother of two gorgeous girls and a successful businesswoman as well as model.

I like that I’m fulfilled as a person, and it makes me so much more excited to just be and do kid things and focus the entire time I’m with my kids

Olive and Frankie, Drew's little angels, source: @drewbarrymore/Instagram

I think if you did nothing but work, you’d be exhausted and resent work. And if you do nothing but [be with] your children, you’d be exhausted by that. It is a balance."

Drew Barrymore, source: @drewbarrymore/Instagram

Sometimes I feel like the two are pulling in different directions, and I feel really torn and freaked out in my head and my heart and kind of all over the place. I think there’s a lot of days where I feel like, 'Good, I took care of work stuff, now I can focus solely on my kids,' and I’m revitalized by work to just go and be a mom and nothing but a mom. And then when I lean in with my kids so much, I’m like 'Good, I’m glad I have something else to focus on.' It makes me feel reenergized."

18. Olivia Wilde

Olivia Wilde: @oliviawilde/Instagram

 Talk about doing it all! But I bet you would too if you had the great support system that is Olivia's mother, Leslie Cockburn, as your role model growing up.

The beautiful mom bod: @oliviawilde/Instagram

The famed actress has used Instagram as a platform to condemn body shaming and encourage breastfeeding, showcase her multitasking between work and lulling her babe to sleep like a boss. She also good at keeping it real with the changes a woman's body goes through after birth, and it is not pretty at all! 

Full family: @oliviawilde/Instagram

director and mom:@oliviawilde/Instagram

Save the puppies: @oliviawilde/Instagram

19. Fergie

Fergie, source:@fergie/Instagram

Fergie has always been so outspoken about her life as a career woman and as a mom. She has proved to many critics out there that being a mom doesn't mean changing who you are and you can keep doing you as well as being a dedicated mom... #momgoals.

Fergie on vaca with her son Axl, source:@fergie/Instagram

“I remember going to the studio the first couple of times and sobbing in the car. It was the weirdest thing ever. That had never happened to me in my life. I’m going, ‘What is this?’”

Fergie on the sturggles of being a working mom

Fergie getting that money, source: @fergie/Instagram

The men can have all the career in the world and still have children, but if you’re a mom and you have a career, it’s the mommy shaming,” the “You Already Know” songstress told Kelly. Being told, “‘You can’t do that anymore, you’re a mom!’”

What am I supposed to do? I love singing and dancing. It’s who I am as a human.”

She'll keep doing what she loves, whether people agree with it or not

20. Alicia Keys

Alicia Keys, source:@aliciakeys/Instagram

Her biggest challenge was to bring her whole family together as a blended family but the songstress has made it work. She says being a mother completely changed her perspective and she loves how naturally she fit into the role. We also love how she totally adores her stepson, Kasseem Dean and is co-parenting with her husband's ex. 

Alicia Keys with son Egypt, source:@aliciakeys/Instagram

Alicia with her boys, source: @aliciakeys/Instagram

“The biggest challenge recently is how to balance all the travel. It’s a lot of time away, and I want to make sure they have consistency and are not being dragged from here to there all the time.”

Mama having an easy day, taking care of yourself, source: @aliciakeys/Instagram

“I am a very present mom, and you know us moms want to do it all, but we have to be good to ourselves too. We do the best we can and make the best choices we can.”

Alicia Keys speaks on parenting

Egypt and Genesis with their mom, source: @aliciakeys/Instagram

I trust myself, and I’m glad [Genesis and Egypt] get to see me working hard and going after my dreams so they know what it takes to go after theirs.

Alicia on setting a good example for her boys

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 Looking at them, you’ll think that celebrity moms are from a completely different planet. 


Being a mom, a working mom is one of the most challenging things a woman can embark on and we commend all the women out there who are working hard to provide food and shelter for their babies while still staying strong and showing the rest of the world that there is more to being a woman than just what society dictates.smiley