6 Baby Due Date Calculator Apps to Track When’s Baby Due

The best 6 popular baby due date calculator used by parents

By Linda F.
6 Baby Due Date Calculator Apps to Track When’s Baby Due

Few things in life fill us with as much anticipation as the arrival of a new baby. From the first instant of holding a positive pregnancy result, new parents instinctively start trying to find out what is best for the baby. One of the first thoughts that cross the mind or what the parent can’t wait to find out is the baby’s due or arrival date.

Back in the days, there was no other way than being patient and waiting for the first visit to the gynecologist to know it. Once there, it was calculated using a plastic pregnancy wheel which was pretty accurate too; just not as fun or detail oriented as the modern tools we have available to us today.

The Pregnancy Wheel (image source-www.acog.org)

A list of Free and Paid 6 Baby Due Date Calculator for Android and iPhone Users

In modern times, thanks to technology and the invention of the smartphone, the due date can be found in an instant by a swipe of the screen.

These due dates can be found with the use of the modern tool known as the app on the smartphone. Some of them are free some paid and these could be compatible with an apple or android phone. Most are compatible with both. The reason for their success is that parents can make informed decisions once the requisite data is entered in an instant.

Here are six of the most popular ones.

The American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists (ACOG) App:

The ACOG App

The Estimate Due Date (EDD) calculator within the ACOG App comes with a very impressive recommendation list. It is jointly recommended by the ACOG, the American Institute of Ultrasound in Medicine(AIUM) and the Society for Maternal-Fetal Medicine(SMFM) for arriving at the most accurate due date. The use of this app is invaluable, where it is crucial to arrive at the most accurate pregnancy due dates as possible, such as an IVF, or other high-risk pregnancies,  where either the baby or the mother’s life is at risk and the gestational period is vital for a positive outcome.

Compatible with both iPhone and Android phones, the app is available for free on apple and google play. Within the app, new expectant parents can find invaluable resources, tools, clinical guidelines and professional advice by leading specialists on women’s health.

According to www.acog.org it is more accurate than, out of almost 2000 due date calculator apps available today, which stands as its own personal testimony. In fact, Dr. Nathaniel DeNicola, Senior fellow at the Penn Social Media and Health Innovation Lab referring to its accuracy said, “It’s made by ob-gyns for ob-gyns”.

2. Pregnancy Due Date Calculator:

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator

With over ten thousand plus installations/downloads, this is one of the more popular due date calculator apps. The app requires an Android 4.1 and up and is available for a free download on google play. The attractive design and interface add to the ease of use of this app.

The due date is calculated using the first day of the last period following the Naegele’s Rule. This is the same rule used by gynecologists all over the world to calculate the baby’s estimated due date.  

For those planning for a future pregnancy, the newer version allows to put in a future menstrual date to calculate the EDD.

3. Due Date View Pregnancy Calculator:

Due Date View Pregnancy Calculator

Sometimes pregnancies can be difficult to initiate and may require medical intervention such as fertility treatments, and IUI and IVF procedures.

These treatments may result in high-risk pregnancies, on account of them possibly resulting in multiple births and other medical challenges. At these times, finding an accurate expected due date becomes paramount. The Due Date View Pregnancy Calculator available for free downloading on the app store is a vital tool to have in such cases. 

The app calculates the EDD for up to five different conception types such as IUI and retrieval ovulations. Once you chose the conception type you will need to enter in details such as when the conception occurred and the app displays the estimated due dates with how far along in your pregnancy you are. The ‘Plan ahead’ tab allows you to plan a future pregnancy by entering a conception date in the future for you to plan it better. 

4. Pregnancy Due Date Calculator and Calendar:

Pregnancy Due Date Calculator and Calendar for Android phones

Available on Google play for free, this app is compatible with all Android phones.

What sets this app apart is its unique illustrated pregnancy calendar to document a weekly guide to all the changes in you and your little baby. It contains important medical information to ensure you and your baby stay in good health. It will give you advice on when to contact your doctor in case something doesn’t feel right, which can avoid needless stress. It has a fun countdown clock that actually counts down the days, hours, minutes and seconds till your baby’s birth.

It also includes a packing list on what to carry in your bag and keeping it ready for when you go into labor and need to go to the hospital. The app also gives helpful tips on setting up your baby’s nursery.

5. Pregnancy Due Date and Fertility Calculator Tools:

Pregnancy Due Date and Fertility Calculator Tools

This free app is compatible with iOS 7 and will stay with you right before you start your pregnancy journey and even after that. This is the perfect app for those who like everything in one detail-oriented place so that they don’t have to keep switching. 

It has features such as ovulation calendars and calculators to let you know when you have the highest chances of getting pregnant. This will help you get pregnant faster and also when it is going to be the most convenient time for you. The days are color coded in red, yellow and green just like traffic lights for you to know when is the safest time for you.

Once you’re pregnant it has a fetal kick counter to ensure that your baby is growing as she's supposed to and meeting the necessary milestones. It keeps track of your weight to help you maintain it at a healthy level all through your pregnancy.


6. My Baby Wheel & Countdown Birth Calendar:

My Baby Wheel & Countdown Birth Calendar

This app is available for a free download for all your Apple devices.

It calculates your baby’s due date while factoring in your last menstrual date and is great for those who are not sure about the conception date. It has a very attractive interface that you can maneuver through easily. It also shows you the end of your first-trimester date which is so crucial getting through safely in your pregnancy.

The app allows you to chat with other women in the same position as your pregnancy journey. This helps you communicate with a network of moms who may be having the same due date as you or at around the same time, building a kind of support system for you.


A pregnancy shifts the paradigm of a couple’s relationship. It’s an emotional time filled with ups and down for both the mom and dad, especially for those going to be parents for the first time.

It is a time of both joy and trepidation. With the right tools at your disposal, you can certainly enjoy this precious time with each other and your yet unborn baby; to make good memories that will last you a lifetime.

So pick the right baby due date app that meets your needs and embark on a wonderful journey like no other.


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