The ultimate guide to buying the best baby stroller

How to choose baby strollers features that best fit your needs

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The ultimate guide to buying the best baby stroller

List of baby strollers that are single piece fold-able

When you’ve become a parent, you find yourself in the middle of so many chores and baby work that you prefer buying stuff that eases you, rather than something that increases your work pile and stresses you out more. When out with your baby, that’s the time to get things done or maybe relax a little. But what if you get hold of a baby stroller that is just too stubborn and adds to your stress.

Here’s a guide to help you choose the best stroller that is single piece foldable and makes it easy for you to handle.

1. Qbit Lightweight Stroller : gb Qbit LTE Travel Stroller, Rasberry : Baby

The Qbit lightweight stroller is so compact and user-friendly that you can travel with it in every way, it even fits in the airplane overhead compartment. It’s really easy to pack and unpack, with just one hand. It collapses so easily when you’re done using it. Comes with a bag to carry it easily. You will find a storage basket underneath it and a nice canopy to protect your kid form the sun.

2. Chicco Bravo Stroller : Chicco Bravo Quick-Fold Stroller, Ombra : Baby

With this stroller, all you need to do is hold the handle behind the stroller in one hand, and give it a little tug. It’s not that hard, you can do it on your own without some guy’s help. It is fully compatible with your car including the adapter. All the other features like storage basket, canopy, cup holders for parents etc. are present.

3. Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller : Baby Jogger City Mini Stroller In Black, Gray Frame : Lightweight Strollers : Baby

This stroller only helps you if you’re a busy person and frequently needs to go out. This stroller is for you. It takes one step to fold it up and is quick and easy. Comes with lockable front wheels and suspensions. Canopy contains two windows and can be adjusted according to height.

4. Maclaren Quest Denim : Quest Denim : Baby

This single piece fold stroller is equipped with extendable leg rest, four-position recliner seats and premium wind-resistant rain cover. Your child is comforted with shoulder pads and head hugger. Using a stroller has never been easier when you can open and pack it in one step.

5. Mama’s & Papa’s Armadillo Stroller : Mamas & Papas Armadillo Stroller (Lemon Drop) : Baby

Quick, easy fold - opens in seconds with just one hand. Extra stability keeps your baby all safe and secure. Easy ride for the parents as well even off-road.

Strollers by weight

You can get guidance on buying the perfect stroller for your baby by checking out their weights. This will have a major impact on the handling of the whole system. A lightweight stroller won't be able to carry your healthy child and a heavy stroller might get out of control by the weak handlers.

Here's a very useful resource with a chart to help you out through the catalog of strollers according to their weights: 

Single Stroller Comparison Chart | Mom's Stroller Reviews

Strollers suitable from newborn stage

A newborn baby usually keeps lying down flat so when put in a stroller,  the old-fashioned prams are great. However, they are heavy and expensive, plus they have a 3-month limit too. Nowadays people are going for 'carriage systems' in which for the first three months, you can use a separate bassinet that fits onto the stroller and then use the regular stroller after that.

Here are some baby strollers and modern prams best suited for newborns:

1. Roan Rocco Classic Pram : Baby Stroller for Infant Newborn and Toddler Roan Rocco Pram Stroller 2-in-1 with Bassinet, separate Seat & big air-inflated wheels - Coffee : Baby

This very affordable modern pram protects your baby from rain, sun with a shield and keeps them warm with footmuff. Plus it has many color options. Moreover, a diaper bag is included too.

2. UPPAbaby VISTA : 2018 UPPAbaby Vista Stroller - Emmett (Green Melange/Silver/Saddle Leather) : Baby

As the look indicates, high-quality materials used to make this one with. Has an elegant touch to it. Its breathable bassinet is approved for overnight sleep too. Just a little towards the expensive side, but worth it.

3. Evenflo Pivot Modular : Evenflo Pivot Modular Travel System, Sandstone : Baby

Here is another one of the really affordable and safe one. The Evenflo Pivot Modulator has a 2in1 seat and easily converts into a bassinet. You don't have to worry about storing lots of gear.

4. Joolz Hub (bassinet & cocoon sold separately) : Joolz Hub Stroller - Hippo Grey : Baby

Made from eco-friendly fabrics of the best quality, this stroller gives you two options. Either a bassinet or flat recline for the newborn OR a newborn cocoon. Gives a stylish and luxurious look but comes with a price too.

5. Silver Cross Wave Stroller

Silver Cross Wave Stroller 2017 - Midnight Blue - Free Shipping - No Tax

If you're going for the extra-fancy and royal looking pram, then this one's your choice. Though it is probably the most expensive pram of 2019, but comes with great value and comfort for the baby, with 16 configurations to use from newborn to toddler, even twins and siblings!

Strollers by feature

Make sure you get some concrete recommendations from friends and family when buying a stroller because there are a lot of nice features you might miss just because you’re going for the brand name or the superficial look of it.

Here are some basic but highly essential features these strollers have to offer:

Height Adjustable Handle

When there’s more than one person to push the stroller around, then an adjustable handlebar is a must feature. The perfect height of the handle is at the level of the waist or a little below. Soft rubber grip is very comfortable to hold and gives you maximum control, absorbing all your sweat from your palms.

Top strollers with this feature are:


  1. Babyhug Joy Ride Stroller with reversible handle
  2. Chicco Bravo Stroller Ombra
  3. Jane Rider Pushchair
  4. Britax B-motion 4 baby stroller

Braking Mechanism

Something that is the ultimate safety feature for your baby, brakes. Integrated braking mechanisms are becoming the key feature to modern day strollers, without which we can’t keep the baby safe.
Breaks are of many types like, Hand Brakes, Foot Brakes, Front Wheel Brakes, Back Wheel Brakes, and All Wheels Brakes.

Best strollers with braking mechanisms are:

  1. Bob Revolution Pro Single Stroller
  2. Instep Flash Fixed Wheel Jogger
  3. Chicco True Performance Jogging Stroller

Safety harness

This very important feature keeps your baby in place whether there’s a jump to the stroller or your baby is overall active and likes to explore. The necessary points that a harness should have in a stroller are:

  • It should be very easy to hook or unhook
  • It should be secure for the child whether the child is lean or bulky
  • The harness doesn’t have to be hard and rough. It should come with extra padding to provide comfort.

Types of Harnesses:

1. 5-Point Harness

As the name suggests, it has five safety straps which include two chest ones, two for the waist and one for the crotch. This type is the safest of them all, and it’s easy to wonder why.

2. 3-Point Harness

In this type, there is a combination of either two chest straps or two waist straps along with the crotch one. This is secure for toddlers and sitters who can support a little on their own.

3. 2-Point Harness

This one is an option for older children with only two straps for the waist.


The best quality ride for your baby comes with great tires, forget about the plastic ones when you have the following varieties to consider:

1. Air-filled

The most comfortable in this range, but no doubt they need a bit of maintenance and a little extra attention as they get punctured quite often.

2. Foam-filled

The foam ones have very fewer chances of getting punctured and also give great shock absorbance and avoid jumps and jerks. Younger babies are all set with these type of tires.

Other things to look for at the bottom of your baby stroller are

  • A good suspension
  • Wide wheel base for balance and support
  • Footrest for those tired little feet

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Summing it up

You never know what could be the best option for your baby if you don’t explore. Get some advice from experienced parents if you’re a new one and keep every little detail in your mind when choosing the best stroller for your little one. Good luck!