10 Best 25 Year Anniversary Gifts For Your Love Ones

10 best anniversary gifts ideas to celebrate 25 years of love

By Hana O.
10 Best 25 Year Anniversary Gifts For Your Love Ones

The silver wedding anniversary, or a couples’ 25th anniversary, is one of the most celebrated wedding anniversaries. Reaching 25 years is no small feat for a marriage, and it must be recognized and celebrated in a special way.


Many choose to hold a second wedding to renew their vows while others go for extravagant trips and gifts. We will be looking at the gift ideas to commemorate a silver wedding because finding a gift for this special event is harder than it seems.

Why Celebrating Anniversaries Are Important

Your anniversary should be celebrated because it is a special day. You spend the day remembering all the challenges, accomplishments, and amazing moments you and your partner have shared.


Anniversaries are also a way to take some time to assess the marriage. Are you happy in the relationship, or are there some things you want to address and change? A wedding anniversary sets the mood for some deep conversation, whether its addressing issues or setting goals and plans for the near future.


Celebrating your anniversary is important because it shows your steadfast love for one another, and at a time where maintaining a relationship is getting harder and harder, commemorating your love is a day that must not be overlooked. Your anniversary gives you the opportunity to spend time with your family and loved ones, which will only further strengthen the marriage.

Best 25th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Him

We ladies tend to strive for perfection when it comes to gifts. How much more when it’s a significant milestone in your marriage? Below are some ideas that could help lead you in the right direction in choosing a gift for your hubby.

A watch

A watch is every man’s jewelry. Since it is your silver wedding anniversary, why not get him a memorable item in silver that is also a necessity. You can take it up a notch and get the back engraved with a quote, your initials, or the date of your anniversary.


The beauty of getting a watch is there are so many options to choose from that will fit your budget and his preference.

Ventura Chrono Quartz

Ventura - Chrono Quartz | Hamilton watch

Take this Ventura Chrono Quartz by Hamilton for example. It was even worn by Agents J, K & M in Men in Black I, III & IV. Guaranteed to be a stylish choice.

A watch stand

If your husband is already an avid watch collector, then how about something to ensure they stay in pristine condition like a watch storage case. A watch storage case is a thoughtful gift to give because it shows that you care about your husband’s collections as well. 

Caddy Bay Collection Vintage Wood Watch Display Storage Case

Caddy Bay Collection Vintage Wood Watch Display Storage Case

Best 25th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Her


It is a special occasion that calls for extravagant gifts. If you have a wife that adores the shiny things, then take her by surprise and get her a diamond bracelet, necklace or earrings. Every girl needs at least one diamond jewelry in her collection.


Anniversary jewelry is a traditional gift for silver weddings because it is sentimental and long-lasting.


Wow the love of your life with these classy diamond hoop earrings that are on sale at Macy’s. There is an undefinable effect that jewelry has on a woman. Watch the face of your partner light up as she opens up the tiny box. It’s the same face she had when you first proposed to her.

Diamond hoop earrings

Spa weekend

For the hardworking superwoman, a day to unwind and relax is a thoughtful and beneficial gift. We’re not talking about a 1-hour massage. No, this is the full package. To help with the list, try to get a package that includes a massage, facial, salt scrub, and manicure and pedicure.


You can book a weekend at a hotel and get an appointment for the spa treatment for your wife; that way, you celebrate the occasion together as well as giving her some time alone to rejuvenate.

Best 25th Anniversary Gift Ideas For A Couple


Gifts for a couple celebrating their silver wedding anniversary can be tricky. You cannot get a gift for newlyweds, and at the same time must commemorate their two and a half decades together.


Cutlery is one gift idea that will never go out of style and need. Any household can always use more cutlery, whether for personal usage or simply as an addition to the collection.


New silverware is a classic anniversary gift which you can personalize and get their family name engraved in the utensils.

Vista Hammered Silver Flatware Set

Vista Hammered Silver Flatware Set | Williams Sonoma

This Vista Hammered Silver Flatware Set is both sleek and sophisticated – a perfect anniversary gift for a couple celebrating their 25 years together.

Decorative piece

A painted family portrait is another great idea for a silver wedding anniversary gift to a couple. Subtly ask for their family photo and get an artist to blow up the picture into a canvas. Not only will this be a gorgeous piece to add to the house, but it is also a gift that will last.


Art is a skill and something that cannot be skimped on. Therefore, expect to pay at least $1,500 for a family portrait. The good news is that this is a big gift, so feel free to get your group of friends to pitch in for the surprise.

Best 25th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Parents


As children of parents celebrating their 25 years together, we often have a dilemma on our hands. What to give our parents when they have everything, right? Unless you hear your parents saying, “we need a new microwave, coffee machine, or dishwasher,” it is difficult to choose a memorable gift.


Fortunately, one can never go wrong with wine. If your parents love their wine sessions of relaxation and conversation, then they will appreciate your gift.


If your parents are more of the whiskey type, you can add these glasses and whiskey stones to the gift.

Double Old Fashioned Set + Whiskey Stones

Then and now photo frame

To capture your parents’ journey in time, a then and now photo frame is a thoughtful gift. Get it in silver, and it becomes a silver wedding anniversary gift. Scavenge for your parents’ photos of them when they got married and a photo of them now.


Watch them get moved as they reminisce on how far they’ve gone together.

Best 25th Anniversary Gift Ideas For Husband And Wife

Second Honeymoon

A second honeymoon is a great way to celebrate the quarter of a century that you and your partner have spent together. While your first honeymoon focused on the new, your second could be on the lasting.


Take a trip to another country, book a hotel, renew your vows, and spend this time basking in your relationship.


A second honeymoon allows you to get away from your regular schedules and look back to everything you’ve accomplished together.

The following are a few do’s and don’ts for your second honeymoon:

- Do leave the kids behind

- Plan the vacation together and do something that each one of you really wants to try or experience

- Try to spend some time on the trip renewing your vows

- Don’t try to do too much. It is your time to relax

- While it may seem like a one-stop-solution for all the issues and problems in your marriage, try not to approach the second honeymoon as one. It will not erase the problems, but it will give you the opportunity to address them

- Sneak in a wedding gift

Coffee machine

For some couples, there is one appliance that is absolutely critical and essential in the house. Whether it’s the television, coffee machine or refrigerator. Try to find one that needs a major upgrade (maybe your appliance has lasted you 25 years already), and splurge on a new one.


Novelty brings about a nice feeling, especially if it’s been a while. Plus, you both deserve it!

Cuisinart Coffeemaker

Cuisinart DCC-3200CP PerfecTemp 14 Cup Programmable Coffeemaker

How about this Cuisinart coffeemaker that looks sleek and uses state-of-the-art technology.

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At the end of the day, a wedding anniversary gift is not based on the price or the size but is really a symbol of love – the love a couple who have been through so much for each other and the love that others have for them.


The gifts mentioned above are suggestion which could hopefully give you ideas on what to get your loved one. Whether it’s a material thing, like a decorative piece, or the time you spend with each other, a gift is a special way to show appreciation.