How To Read A Woman And Man’s Flirting Body Language

Find out what are the flirting body language of men and women

By Diana Nadim
How To Read A Woman And Man’s Flirting Body Language

How To Spot These Obvious Flirting Body Language Of A Female

Most people usually associate flirting using body language with women, this, however, is not something reserved only for women as even men use body language to flirt. Body language is an art and women can be very difficult to decipher which is why it’s important for you to know what to look for.

The following are examples of conscious and subconscious flirting body language signs that are common with ladies:

1. Smiling at you

When a lady is interested in you she will smile at you. You will have to check carefully since the smile can just be a genuinely friendly smile. A smile does not automatically mean that a woman is interested in you. One of the things to look out for is how she is smiling. If you find her smiling brightly, then she is flirting with you as it means that she is relaxed. If you find yourself unable to interpret her smile, do not first make your move as you can easily find yourself in an embarrassing situation, instead, look out for more signals.

2. Making eye contact

Eyes are the gateway to the soul! This is true as a woman who is flirting with you will most likely keep on making some eye contact with you lasting more than 3 seconds. This helps to develop a silent connection between the two of you. This is a very easy sign to spot as a woman who wants nothing to do with you will not even look at your direction.

3. Touching her face

Women will always touch their faces when flirting with you; the difference is how they do it. If you find her touching her face while smiling at you, then, you should know that she is interested in you. If she is not interested in you, she can still touch her face but the attitude will be different as she looks bored and will seem to care less about what you are saying.

4. Playing with her hair

When a woman plays with her hair either when looking at you or when talking to you, this should be a clear sign that she is flirting. The reason why she might do this is to try to get your attention and to look presentable. When she is flirting with you she might simply adjust her hair or might even do the hair flip where she will raise her hand up and gently push it through her hair. If a woman, however, plays with her hair looking disinterested, frustrated, and distracted, then, that is a sign that she is not interested.

5. Laughing or giggling

A woman listening carefully to whatever you have to say and giggling or laughing as a response to your conversation is a very clear sign that she is flirting with you. This is one of the signs that are hard to mistake as you can clearly tell that she is not laughing at you as she appears to be relaxed and genuinely interested in you.

How To Spot These Obvious Flirting Body Language Of A Male

Some of the most obvious flirting signs exhibited by men are as follows:

1. Messing up or smoothing his hair

What he does with his hair will depend on factors such as his hairstyle, you should, therefore, expect any of the two. This is one of the subconscious signs that men show when they are interested in you. Guys mess up or smoothing their hair by using either one of both hands.

2. Raising an eyebrow

This is one of the most common flirting sign in the world. The problem is that it happens so fast that if you are not keen you will miss it. When a man sees a woman he is interested in, he’s eyebrows quickly go up and down and in less than a second, the whole thing is over. This is why this sin is also known as an eyebrow flash. If you see this sign, you can be sure that the man is attracted to you.

3. Flaring of his nostrils

It might sound weird but it’s true that when a man is interested in a woman, his nostrils tend to flare. This sign might also be accompanied by other signs such as smiling and it’s usually a gesture of openness.

4. Smoothing a lapel or stroking his tie

This gesture is the equivalent of lip licking for ladies and men usually do this in order to look presentable. When somebody is attracted to you, he or she does everything to look good for you as it’s the best way of getting your attention.

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5. Comes too close for comfort

This is one of the flirting signs that can be exhibited by extroverts. A man may come inside your personal space when you are having a conversation in order to see how receptive you are to his advances. You can watch out for this kind of sign when you are in noisy or crowded places.

6. Staring at you only to turn away when you look at him

This is more common with shy guys. When a man is attracted to you but does not have enough courage to make his move, you might catch him staring at you several times and with him looking away almost immediately. This happens mainly because he is attracted to you and cannot seem to keep his eyes off you.

7. Tilting his head towards you

When you are having a conversation with a guy and you notice that he keeps tilting his head towards you, it can be a sign of flirting. This signs clearly shows that he is interested in you and you have his attention.

8. Has dilated pupils

It has been proven that every time we are attracted to something or someone, our pupils dilate resulting from an increase in size and when we don’t like something they contract. Seeing a guy have dilated pupils when having a conversation is a clear sign that he really likes what he is seeing.

9. He is mirroring you

This is another common subconscious flirting sign you should watch for. If a guy mirrors some of your actions when having a conversation this can be a sign of flirting. Some of the things that he might find himself copying even without knowing are such as your blinking rate and laughing every time you are laughing.

10. Accidentally touching you

Touch is one of the most obvious signs of flirting which is why this is a classic! When a man touches you accidentally, it can be a sign that he is looking for a chance to speak with you and that he is desperately trying to get your attention. The downside of this is that many people usually brush it off as they are afraid that the touch might be accidental after all.

Universal Flirting Body Language by Touching

Universal flirting body languages by touching refer to flirting signs that are expressed by both men and women and they involving touching. Touch is a very powerful sense and one which the success of our relationships dearly depend on.

Men and women can show signs of flirting by using a friendly touch which involves touching gently on places such as the shoulder or even using a simple handshake. Flirting an also involve another type of touch which is much risky and daring compared to the friendly touch. It involves touching you on your forearm or touching around your waist or shoulder. The last universal body language in this category is the face touch. This is one of the most romantic among them all but it’s usually for those with enough courage and for those who are sure their crush likes them back too.

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Every human being consciously or subconsciously shows signs of hate or love and these are the signs that usually guide us in our search of love. This is one of the key reasons why it’s important for you to be able to interpret the various body languages associated with flirting as they can tell you if that gorgeous person who has stolen your heart is also interested in you.