30 Best Flirty Texts For Her To Get Her Interested In You

Get the dream girl interested with these best flirty text for her

By Diana Nadim
30 Best Flirty Texts For Her To Get Her Interested In You

Good Morning Flirty Texts For Her

1. You’re probably sleeping like a cute little baby right now. I just wanted to say good morning beautiful. I hope you have a smile on your face right now. In case you don’t, you better have one now. Because your smile is just so damn pretty and I can’t get it out of my head. I hope you have an amazing day today cutie.


2. As you open your eyes and begin your day, remember that you will never have this day again. Make it count. Spend the day with me. Good morning, sweetie!


3. Knock!!! Knock!!! May I come into your world? I bring no flowers, no cakes, only wishes to keep you fresh, prayers to keep you healthy, and love to keep you smiling… Good Morning.


4. Many beautiful things are waiting to welcome you to this new day. Wake up my beauty, wake up! Let this morning see your wonderful smile and energetic activities! Have a blessed morning.


5. A smile can make a day complete. A hug can make a day better. So I’m sending my smile and hugs your way. For you to have a complete and better day! Good morning!


6. Mornings remind us how lucky and blessed we are, to be blessed with another day to be with our loved ones, and let them know how much we love them. So this morning, I want to let you know that I love you. Good morning, enjoy your day!


7. The beauty of your eyes can never be seen without the radiance of the morning sun. So let us wait for the light to shine, as I will witness the future in your sparkling eyes. Good morning, babe!


8. There’s news this morning that the police are looking for an escapee. The escapee has been described as sexy, beautiful, intelligent, funny, and great in bed. You better come over and hide in my arms.


9. When I woke up this morning I immediately thought of you and there was proof of it underneath my sheets.


10. 5 steps to a lovely morning: Open your eyes. Take a deep breath. Throw aside the covers. Get up from the bed. And read my message. Good morning my dear.

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Good Night Flirty Texts For Her

11. Watching the moon from my window makes me imagine your beauty glowing by the moonlight, and it’s mesmerizing. It instantly makes me smile. 


12. Every morning I see you after a night separated, I can sense how much you’ve missed me in your eyes. I’m sure you can sense it for me as well, so, for now, the only thing we can do is meet in our dreams. 


13. You see, the night is an interesting thing. I have never loved and hated something so much at the same time. I hate it because it is the only time during the day when I can’t be with you. But yet, it is the time where I can dream of you endlessly. 


14. As the clock ticks to midnight, all I wanted to say is that you are the prettiest and smartest girl I have ever met and I hope to see you every day. 


15. Want to know my perfect date idea? It’s not some fancy restaurant; it’s just you and I cuddling at night and watching a movie together. That is the only thing I want to do at the end of my day. 


16. When I come home exhausted from work, I just close my eyes and imagine you. Your beautiful bright eyes make all my tiredness to go away. 


17. At night when I lie on my bed, I always recap all the wonderful moments I spent with you. My favorite ones are those in which you smile. Your smile is very toxic and just makes me want to capture it and never let go. I hope to see that again tomorrow. 


18. Even after spending the entire day with you, I just don’t seem to get enough of you. I wish we could just stare into each other’s eyes till the sun rises.


19. I wish I were the moon so that I could watch you while you sleep. I wish I were the pillow so that I could comfort you in your dreams. I wish I were your blanket so that I could wrap my arms around you and hug you tightly while you sleep. In the end, all I want is to be with you. 


20. Sometimes I can’t sleep because I miss you so much then I remember that I can meet you in my dreams and I fall asleep instantly. Thank you for being in my life, my lucky charm. 

Examples Of Best Flirty Texts For Her To Get In The Mood And To Turn Her On

21. Do you prefer chocolate syrup, honey, or whipped cream? Of course, I could put all three by the bed tonight just in case you want to “taste” them all?


22. What are you doing for dinner tonight? I thought about getting reservations for my bedroom but wanted to make sure you were available.


23. If I had it my way, I was there right now; I would have pushed you up against the wall with one hand around your neck and the other down your pants.


24. Honestly, I think every woman on earth is jealous of how beautiful and sexy you are. And all the men are jealous that I get a taste of it.


25. I want to grab your neck from behind, suck it with little nibbles of bites to get you moaning my name. I want to spread my wet kisses all over your thighs and make you drag my head such that I am kissing you all over. I want you to moan in ecstasy as I try crazy new things I have learned.

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26. I like when you slowly hold me tight, I can feel your beautiful self pressing against me. You come close and slowly put your tongue on my ear and go around in a sexy way. 


27. The next time we are together, I am going to slam your door shut. I want to make your heart beat so fast in fear and wonderment as I deliberately remove your bra and push you down to have tiny bits at the round mold of flesh that drives me crazy all the time. I want to grab your hair gently and lick your shoulders down to your belly button as I watch goose pimples cascade all over your body. I want to kiss your earlobes and bite it sexily as you tell me to be gentle with you. I want you to make you want me more than I want.


28. Remember our date last week, where we had a few drinks and thereafter we went home. This week we are moving over to your place. What I have in plans? We will make out in a sloppy way, and I will push you gently onto the couch while making out. I will hike your mini skirt up and grab a handful of your bums. I will carry you and lead you down to the courtyard where I will pull your behind to me. Whatever happens thereafter is up to you. Your decision is mine!


29. Do you know what I am thinking about right now? Okay, I doubt if you would have any idea at all. I was just using my tongue to lick the bowl of soup.


30. Right now I’m thinking about how much I’d love to be in your bed, ripping off your clothes and kissing every inch of your perfect body.


Texting is one of the most popular means of communication and you can use it to spice up your relationship. One of the reasons why texting is most suitable for this role is that it makes it much easier for us to freely express ourselves compared to talking in person. Texting gives you the time to recollect your thoughts and to come up with a freaky and mind-blowing message which will bring you two lovebirds maximum pleasure.



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