Which birthstone might be the best gift for Scorpio

The natural and types of birthstones that are good for Scorpios

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Which birthstone might be the best gift for Scorpio

Birthstones for Scorpios born in November and their meaning

Apart from the Zodiac name, Scorpios can be known to have a tough exterior. Despite, Scorpios are actually very good-natured and are dedicated to those around them. What better reason to buy a Scorpio girlfriend a beautiful birthstone representing her Zodiac? Here are some wonderful birthstones that will only bring out the best in her while helping her life and luck to blossom. 

Topaz birthstones for Scorpios

White Topaz


This stone is beautiful as it can assist in finding and bringing out the best in themselves. It brings clarity to your inner tuition as well as awareness to your gifts allowing for inner growth and prosperity in your life. You will become mentall dettached from things that are unhealthy for you thus allowing for happier and healthier things into your life. 

White Topaz is especially ideal for personal growth which can benefit your relationship. If you have an ambitious woman a White Topaz gift can help her connect within more deeply, which will bring her lots of success and good luck. 

Brown Topaz


Brown Topaz can greatly assist in helping you blossom in various areas of life. It rids one’s mind of disorders and negative emotions such as low confidence and agoraphobia. This stone also allows for a more open heart while helping to strengthen current relationships and develop new ones. Also, if you're looking to stabilize your environment for life-changing events Brown Topaz provides energy of stability helping to ensure the success of future endeavors for things like having a baby,

Brown Topaz can bring you closer to the lady in your life by providing security within emotions and fonder hearts. 

Pink Topaz

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Pink Topaz is similar to Rose Quartz in that it represents love. It has the ability to bring real, genuine love to you instead of just a fantasy. Pink Topaz helps to heal your heart from past hurt due to hurtful lovers and grief from losing a loved one. 

This birthstone provides the beauty it embodies. Any relationship would benefit from this stone as a gift. 

Rutilated Topaz

This may be the most unique of the Topaz stones as it's colors are a mixture of clear white and gold. If you are very ambitious and are looking to obtain things the Rutilated Topaz birthstone can aid in tapping into your strongest ability to manifest and attract those things into your life. This lovely stone also safeguards from negative things in both the spiritual and physical realm. 

The lady of your life is guaranteed to achieve and accomplish her dreams with this rare Topaz birthstone. Its beauty is also sure to compliment hers!

Imperial Topaz


Imperial Topaz helps to bring lots of positive effects for those who wear it. It can help provide the ability for one to access and harness their inner potential in order to attract and live an abundant and prosperous life. It can revitalize and re-energize you physically if feeling drained and helps promote positive emotions such as higher confidence, higher self-esteem, and optimistic feelings. You will also have the potential and abilities to attract people into your life who can help most with your success. 

It's not always easy going after your goals and what you want. Success takes lots of energy and positive emotions on a daily basis. Giving your girlfriend the gift of Imperial Topaz in the form of jewelry will not only make her feel special but also bring her lots of luck and that ability to go after the things she desires in her life. 

Protection birthstones for Scorpios


Onyx is one of the boldest stones and as history tells, it was once considered evil due to its dark color. However, Onyx actually protects and repels against evil energies. It also strengthens intuition and promotes higher intelligence which can help when making serious life decisions. 

This gorgeous stone can also promote happiness and stability in relationships and even marriage, thus making it a unique idea for a birthstone gift for your Scorpio girlfriend. 



This birthstone is said to embody the light of the sun and its beautiful hues are enough to make any Scorpio smile. Citrine can protect and uplift negative emotions such as depression and overall feelings of darkness. 

A piece of jewelry adorned in this birthstone will protect your lady from feeling down and providing feelings of warmth and positivity in those moments she’s not feeling like herself.  

Rose Quartz


Perhaps one of the best birthstones you could provide to your Scorpio girlfriend, Rose Quartz is perfect for growing love in your relationship. It certainly lives up to its romantic name as it enhances your love life and allows for courage when opening up your heart to someone. 

Strengthen your love with your lady with a Rose Quartz gift. It will bring lots of love, stronger romance, and greater happiness into your relationship. 

Purple Topaz

Purple Topaz has special abilities to protect from bringing or attracting bad people into your life. This helps protect you from more pain but instead attracts the right people or maybe even the love of your life. It helps to elevate you internally and is perfect for helping one make life-changing decisions.  

The Purple Topaz stone is gorgeous and very romantic for giving to your girlfriend as a present. This will help to bring her more happiness within her work life and making healthier decisions for her well being.  

Black Tourmaline

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Black Tourmaline has very positive effects for both Scorpio men and women, despite its dark name. It's been known since ancient times to keep away and protect from evil spirits as well as negative dark energies. Black Tourmaline helps provide the wearer with greater self-confidence and a strong sense of self. 

It's not always easy having lots of confidence but gifting your girlfriend with a Black Tourmaline stone will help her come into her own even more, allowing her to explore a better happier life for her own. 

Lucky birthstones for Scorpios



Like a body of water, Aquamarine is a calming stone that brings lots of peace and relaxation. It's considered a lucky birthstone and as such, can bring lots of happiness and joyful feelings. Problems with mental disorders such as depression and anxiety will remain at bay while an abundance of peace will blossom in your life. 

Scorpios can be tough by nature and if your lady is tough an Aquamarine stone in the form of a gift is sure to soften her heart. 


Apart from bringing you good health, Topaz has lots of value and can bring about good luck into your life. It helps to open the mind and bring clarity and guidance. Even in relationships, Topaz can bring you and your girlfriend much closer. It promotes being faithful, loyalty, and even greater love between partners. 



The Ruby is considered the most valuable jewel of all the birthstones. It comes close in value to the diamond and is also considered a very lucky birthstone. It represents peace and positive energy while helping to get rid of negative energy around you. 

Ruby is also known to provide great luck when it comes to love. If your relationship is on the rocks getting your girlfriend the gift of a Ruby is sure to help center and provide lots of love between you both. 

Yellow Sapphire

Yellow Sapphire is among the most prosperous of zodiac stones and is said to bring an immense amount of luck to those who wear it. It brings an abundance of happiness and good to the wearer also. Yellow Sapphire can help to hone in on your thoughts bringing focus only to the positive and help you to move forward in life. 

Yellow Sapphire is not only perfect for a girlfriend as a gift but for couples in general. It can uplift sad or negative spirits which can greatly benefit lovers in a relationship. 



Beryl has abilities to both heal and protect while helping to promote positive emotions such as cooperation and harmony. It also helps to encourage the ability to be compatible with others, which is ideal when it comes to friendships and relationships. 

This stone is sure to bring nothing less than sweet results for anyone who wears it. Compatibility is especially important in relationships which makes it even more worth it to give the lady of your life as a special gift. 

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Gifting a Scorpio any of these birthstones would be ideal enough, but especially for your Scorpio girlfriend. Each is breathtaking and invaluable in both purpose and meaning. These birthstones will bring luck, protection and more importantly, even more, love into  your relationship.