Bye Girl: Obvious Signs a Scorpio Is No Longer Interested

Don’t waste your time trying to get a Scorpio back, not worth it.

By Madiha A.
Bye Girl: Obvious Signs a Scorpio Is No Longer Interested

What are the characteristics of Scorpios?

He keeps stuff to himself and is very secretive, he is a control freak, possessive, and gets jealous quickly; wish you knew all these things before getting involved. However, he was very passionate and that’s what mattered. The Scorpio man can have his own set of good and bad personality traits which may reveal as time passes, so be prepared. 

People born between October 23rd and November 21st are Scorpios. This zodiac sign is ruled by Pluto and Mars and is governed by the element of water. The major positive and negative characteristics of a person born with Scorpio as their zodiac sign include:

  • They are intimate and emotional but often misunderstood for the intensity of their emotions
  • They are calm on the surface but actually very deep and mysterious
  • They are very determined and once they have made up their mind, nothing can waver their decision
  • They are risk-takers and stand tall in the face of challenges. They are brave and will go to any limit if it comes to the safety of their loved ones
  • They are honest and loyal in personal and professional lives. 
  • They are very ambitious and will achieve their goals at any cost. Nothing is impossible for them
  • They are passionate and intense which often turns them into control freaks. 
  • They are very stubborn and would never compromise. It is very difficult to convince them as they stick to their principles.
  • They are resentful and would hold a grudge for a lifetime
  • They keep their feelings, ideas, and plans to themselves 
  • They are the jealous type and often take life as a competition where everyone is running against them  

How do Scorpios act when they’re interested in you?

Scorpio men are known for their persistence and determination. They will go to any limit to get what they want. How do a Scorpio man act or behave if he is interested in you, to know the answer you need to read on.  If you are unsure if the Scorpio man in your life is actually interested in you or not, you should look for the following signs. 

  • Since Scorpios are intense, their interest will show in their actions, behavior, and words. He will not sit back and relax rather he will take the lead and will do anything to get you equally involved.
  • If you feel a deeper connection with him that’s because he wants to have it this way. In-depth conversations about life, relationship, and other important aspects of life are a sign that he is interested in you.
  • He will act sexy if he is interested in you. To get your attention, he will flirt with you in sensual ways and will try to evoke emotions in you that you never think existed.
  • Although Scorpios are known for their secretive nature but to get your attention and love, he will share everything with you. From the plans and ideas to time and money, they will be very generous in love.
  • Being competitive, Scorpio man will do anything to win a girl and steal her from others. If he has set his eye on you, believe me, no one stands a chance against him.
  • With him, life will be a roller coaster ride. If he wants to take you out for adventure, he surely is interested in you.
  • If he is protective of you and worries about your safeguard, it is a clear sign that he is interested in you.
  • It will be in his eyes; intense looks and eye contact from him means he is involved and expects the same from you.

How are they like in a relationship? 

Scorpios by default are intense so in a relationship, they passionately convey their feelings and emotions. Whether it is conversation or sex, get ready for intense and heated moments. When they love, their love shows in their actions and behaviors. They can’t hold back their feelings and make sure their partner understands the intensity of their emotions. If you are in a committed relationship, you will find them loyal and honest. In a relationship, they will give everything they have and will expect the same from their partner. They are often very open and expressive and will let their partner know what they want from them. They do not rely on intuitions and guessing games. They are straightforward and will say anything in the face of their partner and will expect the same in return. 

Scorpios are old school when it comes to relationships. They are devoted partners and believe in traditional ways. Their emotional and physical availability can be very alluring and enticing. Their partners feel irresistible attraction and intimacy. However, since they are very sincere, they can get extremely furious even with the hint of betrayal. So, if you are emotionally and physically available, loyal, and ready to offer one-on-one time, you won’t be taken for granted.

Obvious Signs a Scorpio Is No Longer Interested In You    

As much as he is passionate when in love, Scorpio can be a real heart breaker if he is no more interested in you. If you’ve been worrying about your relationship going sideways, chances are your sixth sense is right about it. Here are few signs that the Scorpio who was head over heels in love is no longer interested,

He is being rude

He is a gentle lover and treats you in the most sensual way only if he is attracted towards you. As soon as he loses interest, he will become mean and rude. He will utter harsh words and will talk at the top of his voice. 

He becomes distant

When in love, a Scorpio man will attract you like opposite poles of a magnet but once the phase is over, he will become distant. He will make himself unavailable for you. He will not be around in times of need and will do anything to detach himself. He will make you realize that he doesn’t feel comfortable in your company anymore. He will have all the excuses, no matter how lame, to avoid you.

He is no more intimate

Scorpio men are known for their passionate intimacy but if he is planning to part ways, he will stop being intimate. One of the first signs of lost interest by a Scorpio man is him not wanting to have sex. 

He doesn’t care anymore

Scorpio men are the nurturing type but if he has stopped caring for you, Oh girl, he has lost interest in you. The same man who would listen to your problems and would always extend a helping hand will act like a stranger.

He stops responding

Whether you text him or make a phone call, he will not respond. One of the obvious signs that a Scorpio man has lost interest in you is rejected phone calls and unopened text messages. The worst thing is he won’t be bothered by what you might think.

He won’t be attentive

Scorpio men love to talk but only when they are in a relationship. Once the Scorpio man has lost interest, no matter what you say, he will turn a deaf ear to everything you say. He will have everything on his mind except for you and it will show in his inattentive and aloof behavior.

He will become silent

If, the very talkative man who was once interested in knowing everything about you, has suddenly become silent, means only one thing; not interested. Avoiding conversation by a Scorpio means he doesn’t want to communicate and make things work. 

Can you make a Scorpio gain interest in you again?    

Nothing in this world is impossible even getting a Scorpio man back in life that otherwise lost interest in you. Yes, you heard that right. You can make the Scorpio man gain interest in you all over again and here is how:

  • Give him time and space to think things over. He might realize that his decision to leave you was wrong.
  • Use social media to share stories of your success. Successful women attract Scorpio men like a beacon. Once he knows you are doing well in your life, he will surely regret leaving you and will bounce back.
  • Scorpio men love mysteries so acting mysterious might help you get him back in life. The temptation to know about the aspects of your life that are new to him will make him gain interest in you again.
  • The special moments that you had together and the intimate time you spent together, if you can make him miss that time, you can get him back. Don’t do anything to make him jealous as it is a big deal-breaker for him. Make him miss you in subtle and casual ways and he will start thinking about getting back with you. 

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To get a Scorpio man all it takes is a little room for mystery


We meet several people in our lives and not everyone is meant to stay. No matter what the zodiac sign, if a man actually loves you, he will do anything to make the relationship work. If a Scorpio man has made up his mind and seems to have lost interest in you, you should understand one thing; you two were not meant for each other. The best thing you can do now is to move on with your life because there surely is someone who is waiting for you.