6 Sure Tips to Make a Scorpio Man Obsessed with You

To get a Scorpio man all it takes is a little room for mystery

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6 Sure Tips to Make a Scorpio Man Obsessed with You

What Are The Common Characteristics of Scorpio Men?

Among all of the various signs, our Sun sign takes the lead in roughly shaping our personalities. Depending upon the location and position of the Sun concerning other stars and planets at the time you were born, the Babylonians assigned people one of twelve zodiac signs. Each sign of the zodiac possesses unique qualities and can tell you a lot about a person.

So, if you have developed a crush on a Scorpio and are not well acquainted with them yet, but want to make a good first impression, this article is for you. Here are some well-known features of the Scorpio male:

• Intensity

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One of the most popularly talked about the traits of a Scorpio is their intensity. Scorpio men are recognized for fierce eyes. As a water sign, they tend to stare and are not ones to shy away from eye contact. This quality also makes them passionate lovers when it comes to intimacy. They are driven in whatever task they do which also makes them suitable for positions of leadership. Though, they can come off a bit aggressive at times.

• Enigmatic People

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Scorpios are perhaps the most misunderstood sign of all the zodiacs. This is mainly because they are highly mysterious. Secrecy is the most prominent trait of this eighth sign of the zodiac. They do not trust very easily as trust can be violated. Betrayal is humiliating and they always like being in control. Therefore, your Scorpio crush is a hard nut to crack.

• Strong Intuition

This sign possesses a strong intuition. They hate dishonesty and can see through a person. They like to connect with people on a deep level. Even though this zodiac is known for being cruel or emotionless at times, Scorpio men are really in touch with their feelings. They just prefer to not show them to everyone they meet. Hence, they are not an open sign but are in tune with their emotions.

What Attracts a Scorpio Man?

A powerful and confident person will attract the interest of a Scorpio. They like people who are comfortable in their skin and not trying too hard to please other people. Don’t pry too much by asking him questions he seems unwilling to answer. A Scorpio values his privacy. Challenge him and don’t take it too seriously. If you start to get fixated on what he is thinking of you, he will be able to detect the change in your aura.

What Are The Top Three Sign Compatibilities for Scorpio Men?

• Pisces

Pisces is one of the most compatible signs with a Scorpio. Pisces has a way of making people feel safe enough to share their secrets with them. It is almost like a superpower the way a Pisces can make even one of the toughest signs open up and be vulnerable with them. The mutable sign will never make their partner feel judged. Pisces makes it clear that their love is unconditional. With the absence of fear of judgment, a Scorpio will begin to trust their lover. Gaining the trust of a Scorpio man is not an easy task. But a Pisces female is just perfect for the job.  A Scorpio man will tend to chase a Pisces woman because she will generally be quite creative. As Scorpios can get bored easily, this uniqueness will grab the attention of the eight Zodiac sign.

• Cancer

Both being water signs, the relationship of a Scorpio and Cancer couple will thrive. They are both well connected to their emotional side. Cancer is a very selfless sign and enjoys helping those around them. They perhaps can be a bit too giving to the point where it is damaging for their own mental and emotional health. A Scorpio values loyalty and Cancer can provide just that in this relationship. It is a pair that will last in the long term.

• Taurus

Earth and water element signs generally make wonderful couples as they balance each other out. A Taurus is much grounded and likes to be honest and open about who they are. They do not like to hide their true identity. A Scorpio admires this honesty. As both signs have aggression as common traits, their life in the bedroom will be very steamy. But a passionate sex life is not the only reason, they are a fantastic match for each other. A lot of their traits are opposing but this is precisely what creates that spark between this pair.

6 Sure Tips to Make a Scorpio Man Obsessed with You

1. Authenticity is key

Scorpios are known to have the ability to “see right through your soul”. When you are trying to impress a Scorpio man, don’t try to be somebody you are not. They can read people well, so they will pick up on your nervous energy. Avoid topics that you do not know much about in conversation. Pretending to like a certain band or movie that you haven’t even heard of just won’t do in this case. As cliché as it sounds be yourself. A Scorpio man appreciates a genuine person.

2. Don’t reveal too much

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Scorpio men are secretive by nature. As mentioned in the previous point, most Scorpios will have you figured out in the very early stages. They are good at predicting humans, so don’t be predictable. He is the type of person who enjoys being challenged. It is not likely that you will meet a Scorpio that is an open book. Thus, when he sees that you too prefer to not disclose everything about yourself he will relate to you. With most people being easy to puzzle out, he won’t be able to get you out of his head.

3. Be Confident

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Known for being an intimidating individual, a Scorpio is used to people getting anxious around them. If you challenge his power over you, it will intrigue a Scorpio man. Carry yourself with poise. When he sees how secure and sure of yourself you are, he will instantly be attracted to you. Don’t be a pushover. Remember to stand up for yourself and show him you are not someone to be taken lightly. A Scorpio is not into people who have a weak image of themselves. Make him believe his approval is of no consequence to you. They will surely enjoy the chase and become obsessed with you.

4. Groom Yourself

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The poet and author of the bestselling Milk and Honey, Rupi Kaur stated:

“How you love yourself is how you teach other people to love you.”

Someone who takes care of their physical appearance is automatically seen as way more attractive. Neglecting your own body has a big influence on people’s impression of you. Take care of your body on the inside as well as the outside. But remember to not become too obsessed with your appearance because that will drive a Scorpio away. Elevate your looks but make sure you have more to offer than just good style. Your personality is what will draw in the interest of a Scorpio.

5. Bring out the flirt

The eighth zodiac is ruled by Pluto and Mars. In astrology, these planets represent war and sex. This means Scorpios are heavily influenced by these planets. They are known to be players and sexual people. Playing along with their little game and indulging in a bit of flirtatious banter will go a long way in building up that tension.

6. Be witty

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Intelligence is extremely attractive to a Scorpio man. So, don’t be afraid to show off a bit. Let him know you are powerful and smart. He will be interested in what you have to say. Although you should be careful to not come off as a know it all. In no time, the Scorpio man you are chasing will start chasing you.

“Intelligence is power; it is the flame behind the spark of intrigue.”

How Do You Know If A Scorpio Man Is Already Into You?

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With the mysterious aura that a Scorpio man carries, it can be really hard to figure out if they are interested in you. But there are some sure-fire ways to know if they want to be with you. Firstly, they will make a lot of eye contact with you. Scorpios flirt with their eyes so pay attention to the energy when your gazes meet. Secondly, he will ask you a lot of questions about yourself. Because they are trying to figure you out. Lastly, a Scorpio can get jealous very easily. So, if he thinks you are into someone else, he will act possessive and covetous. 

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Scorpios can be difficult to understand and possess an intimidating personality. Falling for this sign can be tricky but with a bit of patience and confidence in yourself, there is potential for an incredible relationship that feels electric even after the years pass.