The Top 3 Cutest To Sexiest Zodiac That You Should Date

Attracted to cute or sexy? Take your pick with these zodiac signs

By Evelyn
The Top 3 Cutest To Sexiest Zodiac That You Should Date

Is There A Difference Between Cuteness And Sexiness?

Who do you feel more attracted to? A guy who's cute or a guy who's hot and sexy. Do you know the difference? Beauty and hotness and sexiness are very subjective terms, right? Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we each have our own criteria. Nevertheless, there are certain features that men have that could differentiate between cuteness and sexiness.

How do we as females, break down male attractiveness by markers like handsome, beautiful, sexy, cute, or good-looking? If you Google those terms, there's going to be lots of different ways of how we perceived cuteness or sexiness. There are studies now that say that we go for the high-status, older, muscular and slightly bearded, the likes of George Clooney. For some women that is totally true, they see Clooney and they swoon, but it may not be the case for other women. Are you a Clooney girl? 

You may go for the hunk and total hotness that is Chris Hemsworth or maybe Zac Efron? Yet, for some women this two are OK but they like something a little bit less conventional (in the handsome-o-meeter). 


When you think about cuteness, where does your mind go? Do you maybe think about stuffed animals? They are cute, they are soft and adorable and lovable and special. The word cute may seem silly when applied to someone but it's just a way of saying that that person is charming and delightful or endearing or just sweet. When we say that he is cute, what we're saying is that he's attractive in a nonthreateningly way. He's all smiles and accessible but we can't imagine him making a move (although he could have some very good moves) but you can't tell just by his looks.

Guys like the adorable Tom Holand (aka Spiderman) comes to mind when thinking about cuteness or maybe Justin Beaver? or Joseph Gordon-Levitt? What do you think? Do they rank in your cute-o-meter?


They say everyone is sexy in their own way, but there are some people that really stand out when it comes to sexy and sometimes it's more than their looks. When it comes to thinking about who's sexy one image that comes to mind is the most recent OO7, aka Daniel Craig. He is Sexy, he is extremely commanding and has brute masculinity while not being conventionally handsome or cute. His sex appeal definitely sets him apart and it's not dependent totally on his looks. People magazine, in its annual edition of Sexiest Man Alive, has awarded the title now to the British actor Idris Elba, what do you think, is he worthy of the title? Yes, he totally is!

According to Astrology, what zodiac signs are cute?

Everyone has something that's cute about them. Think about it, cuteness is that something that makes a person special and adorable and lovable. Picture someone on your mind, you may not think he's cute per se but if you find him endearing or sweet, then you might as well call him cute too because, as silly as the term may seem that's what he is. According to Astrology, every one of us has our own unique qualities, and those special traits or personality characteristics are what make a zodiac sign cute.

Have you've been called cute? Cute is a compliment and it should be a fun term too. Some people (especially guys) may feel offended if people call them cute instead of hot of handsome because they may not feel comfortable being called that (though they totally are), but really, cuteness is harmless even when it's said in a snooty way.

Also, some people are naturally cute, you look at them and that's the first thing that comes to mind. like when you think about babies (adorable, sweet, lovable). But you can also think someone's cute because of his actions. Like when he remembers how you take your coffee or how he blushes when you compliment him on his looks or some accomplishment.

Cuteness is something that should be celebrated because it helps us see the brightness and sweetness in the world. In Astrology, the cute zodiac signs are people that are adorable, people that we like to be around and of course, people we love. When someone's described as cute, it means that he or she has some traits and qualities admired by others like kindness and honesty (not the brutal kind).

Cute people may not be drop-dead-gorgeous but usually, there's something appealing about them ( a smile, a twinkle in the eye or a friendly face). So if you're wondering how you rank (or how he ranks) in the cuteness-o-meter according to Astrology, these are the top 3 cute zodiac signs.

1. Pisces

Pisces is the epitome of cuteness. It may not seem that way because he gives a struggling artistic vibe that could throw you away but, don't be fooled by that. Pisces is kind, he is caring and selfless, he's always ready to help when you're in trouble or in need, he's the best listener. You know you can be opened to him because he cares about other people's feelings and emotions very much. He's got the mentality that "we're all in this together", so he wants to do anything he can to make your life better. Pisces is always learning, and he uses that knowledge to be the best person he can be. That's what put Pisces way up high in the cuteness-o-meter.

2. Cancer

Is he a Cancer? What makes a Cancer cute? Well, have you noticed how kind he is to all the people he cares about? That's just one of his traits. He likes to make sure that whenever he has house guests, they have what they like (favorite food, favorite drink) and that they feel comfortable and welcome. Let's see what else... Oh yes, he's respectful and warm; he's such a considerate person and is always ready to help. He makes everything he can to create a comfy and warm environment so that when you think of his home, you picture a happy place. He's so patient and respectful of others' wishes (he doesn't like to force anyone to do anything they don't want to do.) All that makes Cancer a cute zodiac sign too.

3. Libra

What's so special about Libra? What makes it a cute zodiac sign? Libra has a way of knowing exactly what to say so he can make people happier so their day becomes a little brighter. It's so cute how he is an advocate for others, he strives to see things from their perspective, and he goes the extra mile fighting for them when they need it. He's so cooperative and knows how to get things done but doesn't need to step on others to get it. He knows how to succeed when he sets goals. He's very likable and when he smiles people smile right back at him. That's what makes Libra cute.

Which zodiac signs are the sexiest?

When you think sexy, you think hot right? We've talked about what is considered a sexy guy. He's a looker but not in a conventional way, there's just something about him that makes us stare for a very long time. Sometimes it's not something physical, this has something to do with their zodiac sign. Do you know someone like that? He enters the room and you definitely notice, apart from his good looks, he's got confidence and that's sexy.

The following zodiac signs have a totally sexy nature, something that comes from within, it's all about their personalities.

1. Aries

Aries sexiness comes from his work ethic, whenever he's faced with a challenge he goes for it, he's not afraid of competition either. He's got a killer smile and knows when to use it and just like that all eyes are on him (he loves that). He's got kind of a temper and that is sexy too. His attitude is a combination of playful and aggressive. The sexiest thing about Aries is his passion, he transfers that to everything he does and that's irresistible.

2. Scorpio

Scorpio has a mysterious side and that's one the things that make him sexy. Also, he can be cool and collected but if you cross him, he'll let you know. He has a passion for the truth and that's just a glimpse of how passionate he can be in other areas. His most sexy feature is his loyalty, you know you can tell him anything and he's going to keep your secret and always be on your side. He is sexiness incarnated, he just can't help it. 

3. Sagittarius

Sagittarius is independent and loves a good adventure, but what really gets you going is his ruggedness. Sexiness overload. He can be so funny, you'll think he's crazy. He can sure make you laugh and well, there's nothing sexier than a good sense of humor, right? And just when you can finally stop laughing, he gives you that smoldering look that you just can't resist.

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So, if you have to pick, which zodiac sign will you date? The cute Pisces or the hot and sexy Sagittarius? Tough choice right? Well, you can't go wrong either way, because there's a little bit of cuteness and sexiness in everyone. wink