Best 15 toddler water bottle for your little ones

Keep your babies hydrated with 2018 best toddler water bottles

By Linda F.
Best 15 toddler water bottle for your little ones

Water is the essence of life. Over 60% of our body’s composition is water. Drinking it has however become challenging to kids; thanks to the kaleidoscope of sugary beverages that are so easily available today.

Read on to and find out what are the top picked beautifully designed and eco-friendly reusable water bottles for most parents as well as our editor's favorite!

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Toddler water bottles for school

Reusable water bottles keep billions of disposable bottles out of the landfill. Besides this, most are BPA, PVC and Phthalate free; harmful chemicals which disposable bottles may contain and are harmful for humans. 

Stainless steel toddler water bottles

Stainless steel water bottles offer the advantage of insulation. Your child will have easy access to cool refreshing water on hot summer days which will make her reach for that water bottle more often. Similarly, pack warm beverages on cold days and she will never want to part from her favorite bottle. 

1. Thermos insulated water bottles for toddlers

The Thermos Funtainer is great for keeping drinks cold or hot.

Touted as one of the more popular choices with parents, Thermos insulated foogo are easy to wash and comes with a push button for a pop out silicon straw. With an integrated carry handle, you can be sure your kid will be happy to carry these cute designs on their own! 

2. Contigo's Insulated steel water bottles

The Contigo water bottles keep baby hydrated in style

The Contigo bottle keeps liquids cold for 12-14 hours; a really big deal for a bottle this size. The spill-proof lid makes carrying this bottle a breeze and also keeps the spout dirt free. The loop makes for easy carrying between busy activities. 

Both the bottle and lid are dishwasher safe. The bottle comes with a lifetime warranty. Uniquely shaped it, ensures a snug fit in the car seat.  

3. Zak Designs Paw Patrol

Zak designs offer a wide choice.

Zak brings before you a great selection in stainless steel water bottles for your 3+ active toddler. Designed for the outdoors, the insulated bottles keep beverages cold or hot for a long time and are dishwasher safe. Not designed for the microwave, the spout is of silicone and the screw on lid itself allows for ease of use even in your child’s little hands. Comes with a built-in loop which allows for easy carrying. 

4. Pura KikiĀ® 9oz Vacuum Insulated Straw Bottle with Sleeve

Pura Stainless Bottles promises you years of use

The Pura Kiki is an impressive water bottle in this category on account of its easy functionality.

The beautiful sleek design allows for a cap that can be easily switched as your baby grows. It is BPA free and without any harmful inner liners which can leach harmful chemicals into the contents.

The attachment on the cover allows you options of either a straw, spout, a nipple or the classic sports top; all dishwasher safe and easily purchased and switched. The stainless steel body is durable and allows for a long period of use. It comes with a cover to keep dirt out. 

5. Skip Hop Zoo 12-ounce Stainless Steel Bottle

The wide mouth allows for easy cleaning and filling

The Skip hop bottle has a non-slip silicone sleeve to protect your kid hands from the cool surface and is PVC, Phthalate and PVC free. The dishwasher-safe convenience is a plus for busy mums and das. Made with stainless steel, the wide mouth helps for easy filling and its flexible bendable straw folds down easily to avoid spillage.


This very attractively designed bottle has a built-in loop for easy transportation and lessens your kid's chances of losing it. 

6.Hydro Flask 12oz Wide Mouth Water Bottle - Kids'

The Hydroflask for insulation of upto 24 hours

The Hydro Flask offers 24 hours insulation for your toddler’s favorite beverages. This will make her reach out for it on sultry hot days. The sleek design and spill-proof straw make this bottle a top pick. A wide mouth allows for easy filling and cleaning. Although, BPA and Phthalate free, it is not dishwasher or microwave safe.

7. Summit Kids Water Bottles

The Summit bottes can be used as sippy cups as well as water bottles

The simple Modern summit bottle is perfect for kids on the go! With its powdered coating and silicon sleeve, this bottle will never slip off those tiny hands due to condensation. With a limited lifetime warranty on its quality, this one will last your baby for a long time. 

Leak proof Toddler water bottles with and without straw for the active baby

8. Polar Bottle

The polar insulated water bottle for toddlers

The polar bottle comes as a convenient 12 oz. water bottle perfect for your toddler. The bottle itself is BPA free, dishwasher safe and comes with a handy loop for convenient latching on to a backpack or be easily carried. It is available in a variety of colors and patterns including anything from cartoon characters to their favorite dinosaur.

9. The Camelbak Eddy 12 oz bottle

The Camelbak Eddy 12 fl.oz bottle is perfect for little hands.

Backed by the Camelbak warranty, this bottle is available in a wide array of color and designs. 

The bottle is made from BPA Polypropylene and is top rack dishwasher safe. The lid has an attached straw and fitted with a pliable bite spout made from medical grade silicone designed for little mouths.

10. Zak Designs TROF-K870-B

For your Little Troll's Fan

This is a beautiful drinking bottle for your little Troll fan!

Available in unisex colors and designs, the Zak TROFK870-B series bottles are BPA free and made of Tritan, known for its strength. This makes the bottle shatterproof.

The bottle’s wide mouth allows for easy cleaning as well as slipping ice cubes into it. The bottle ergonomically designed for little hands allows for easy use. A loop aids in convenient carrying. A cleverly inserted vent on the lid allows for seamless drinking through the spout.

11. Contigo Autospout 14oz 2pk Kids Straw Water Bottle Blue/Green

The Contigo Autospot for kids

This water bottle is spill-proof technology at its very best!  

Both the lid and bottle are dishwasher safe. The tight-fitting lid that covers the straw doesn’t allow for any spillage even when the bottle is held upside down. This feature makes it a regular favorite among parents. The bottle is available both individually as well as in a pack of two. 

12. Mountop's Kids Water Bottle with Straw and Handle

For your outdoorsy little one

If you have an outdoorsy toddler then this bottle should be the perfect choice for you. The BPA free plastic bottle is designed so as not to collect any grime which allows for easy cleaning in the top rack of the dishwasher. 

The Easy pop up lid is very exciting for the 3 years and over toddlers who look for excitement in everything. The button can easily be pressed allowing for one handed operation and the hidden straw pops up from under the cover. The lid itself fully disassembles for you to get to every nook for thorough cleaning.

13. Contigo AUTOSEAL Trekker Kids Water Bottles

All of Contigo’s products are BPA free and so is this one. Available in multi-packs, the bottle is also  PVC and Phthalate free.

Designed for top rack dishwasher washing, this bottle has a one-touch auto-seal operation button for easy use without any spills. The lid is sealed tight to ensure no leakage while being carried in your toddler’s backpack.

The bottle's design allows it to fit snugly into the car seats cup holder and it comes in many attractive colors. 

14. Nalgene Tritan 12oz On the Fly


BPA and Phthalate free and made with Tritan, this bottle practically locks in the liquids on account of its unique locking system. Easy to use for your little toddler this bottle is designed for kids 3 years old and above. 

15. Editor's Pick: The Leak Proof Greens' Kids Water Bottle

Ergonomically designed for little hands

No. 15 has got to be the holy grail go-to choice for most parents!

The curvy design makes the Greens’ toddler bottle very easy to use. Cleverly measured to dispense just the right amount of water, your toddler will love drinking from this bottle.

It can be used with or without the included straw. Either way, you can be guaranteed no leaks. The 18/8 304 food graded stainless steel used for its construction ensures
an odorless and tasteless storage of your child's favorite beverage.

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Cleaning advice on your water bottles

As a parent, how often have you wondered if you’re cleaning your kid’s bottles well enough? Granted, most of them do come with the assurance of being top rack dishwasher safe, but sometimes if we’re brave enough to look, you will find some scary gooey stuff hidden in those hard to reach crevices.

A gentle dishwashing soap and a bottle and straw brush can sometimes give better results. To do this, empty the bottle out of any remaining liquids. Add a few drops of detergent mixed in warm water and pour it into the bottle. Give it a good shake and leave it for some time. Rinse thoroughly.

If you are looking for a thorough cleansing, natural cleansers such as vinegar or baking soda will work wonders. Do these steps after you’ve washed them with the dishwashing soap.

Dismantle the bottle completely. Separate the straw from the lids. If using vinegar, fill one-fifth of the bottle with white vinegar and top the bottle with warm water. If using baking soda, fill the bottle with warm water and throw in 1 to 2 tablespoons of the baking soda. Shake vigorously till all the baking soda has dissolved and let the bottle rest for a few hours. Rinse the bottle, lid and straw out thoroughly.

Spread them out on out on a clean dishtowel in order to drain and air out properly. The next morning they will be ready to go.


Often times kids don’t drink enough liquids simply because they forget to do so. 

Let them pick the coolest, reusable, water bottle they can find and your kid will reach for it everytime they're thirsty. Your kid's health and our planet's future depend on it.