Is He Always Thinking About You? 15 Signs You Need To Know!

He might be thinking about you, and your body can tell you when

By Diana Nadim
Is He Always Thinking About You? 15 Signs You Need To Know!

What Is Telepathy?

Have you ever wished for a deep connection with a person, so strong that they can tune into your most delicate sensibilities? You won't have to tell them what you want, what you love, or your plans. It would be much easier if they would pick up your essential thoughts intuitively, right?

You most probably can’t find it possible, and when you think about it conjures up images of aliens and superheroes with mystical powers. But, what if it is real and everyone possesses telepathic abilities?

Telepathy is the process where individuals can share thoughts, feelings, and ideas. It usually happens over a distance without the individuals using their senses, such as hearing, speaking, and touching.

Do People Generally Have A Telepathic Connection? How?

Human beings have had the innate ability to transmit their thoughts and moods to each other's consciousness since time immemorial.

Ever wondered why individuals who are far away from each other could hold the same opinions, ideas, and feel each other's pain? Check out for circumstances under which that can happen.

Twin Telepathy

One of the best connections in the world is between identical twins. For your information, they can do much more besides sharing similar body features. 

For instance, twins can communicate with each other without speaking, finish each other’s sentences, or talk about the same thing simultaneously. 

Apart from that, they can unconsciously feel each other’s vibes no matter the distance between them, such that they know instantly when the other is happy, sad, hurt, or sick.

Through this, there is no doubt that anyone can be telepathic as long as you vibrate on the same level.

Telephone Telepathy

Phones are technological, but minds are natural. Everyone must experience such a connection at some moment in their life.

There are moments when you think of someone, and they immediately call you. Other times, your phone rings, and in some way, you know who is calling without checking your phone. If it happens, then the person was connecting with you telepathically.

How Do We Pick Up Other People’s Feelings? Is This Unconscious?

Feelings are infectious. Human beings can feel and react to other people’s situations even when they have not been affected first-hand.

However, no one plans to take in the emotions as it is something that happens naturally and unconsciously. It is an effortless and unintentional activity.

Read on and find out how people pick up one another’s moods.


Individuals with telepathic abilities can pick someone else’s thoughts by hearing or sensing what is going on in their minds. For instance, you can spontaneously read your friend’s moods, and take it on unknowingly.

Most people find it creepy when their phones get hacked. Now, imagine how creepier it can get if your mind gets hacked.


You can have a conversation and argue with another person without speaking to each other. Like you literary exchange ideas and reach a consensus without uttering a word.


Individuals can plant a word, an image, or thought into another’s mind. For instance, do you ever feel like you hate someone without reason, and the person feels the same way too?

It usually occurs without initial encounter, confrontations, or doing anything that makes the other person hate you. Your minds send signals and negative frequencies to each other.


Telepathic abilities can allow individuals to control someone else’s actions by impacting what they think. 

Is He Thinking About Me? (Emotional Signs)

It is no coincidence that you usually get a sudden feeling when you are sitting alone somewhere. For instance, when a strange face keeps lingering in your mind and you feel like you know, yet you’ve never seen the person.

As odd as it might sound, someone could be thinking about you at that time. Other emotional signs occur if someone is connecting with you through your mind.

Find out what they are.


People can telepathically connect through instincts. The fact that you can pick up vibes and intentions from another person can make you make conclusions about someone or prevent a situation.

For example, you can make out someone with ill intentions without them necessarily do anything.  However, when they do something that turns out to be the way you thought it could happen, you realize you were right all along.

The next time you pick such a vibe, you’ll trust your guts.

Sudden Shift Of Emotions

Sometimes mood swings don’t just happen for no reason. If you are going on with your usual activities and then you suddenly cry, feel sad or light up from nowhere, someone could be thinking about you.

It could be because they miss you, and it makes them sad. Therefore, they send the ambiance to you as well. If you are happy, someone could be wishing you well or admiring a random picture of you.


Have you ever had a dream about someone who calls you or comes to see you the next day? Or, you get dreams about someone doing something nasty to you and they, do it?

The fact that you got it in a dream means that the person was literary thinking about you, or planning to harm you.


For example, you go to a place and get a feeling that you are likely to meet a specific person there, and it happens. Or when a song comes up, and it immediately reminds you of a friend, who then reaches out to you the same day.

Is He Thinking About Me? (Physical/Bodily Signs)

Apart from acquiring emotional vibes, you can also sense if someone is thinking about you physically. These signs are usually ignored because truth be said; people find telepathy superstitious.

However, it could be truthful. Check out for these signs.

A Body Touch

When the emotions of the individual who is missing, you are strong, or they long to be around you so hard, you might perceive a hand on your shoulder or a tap on the back.

Although it displays a feeling of familiarity, you can quickly know who the individual is with this sign because an intuition arises alongside the touch. You only need to feel it and tap into your mind to know them.


Unsurprisingly, it is a negative sign, just as it is annoying. They suggest that someone is complaining, lying, or speaking ill about you. Although they may not be dangerous or capable of harming you, they don’t hold the best wishes and thoughts about you.

With this, it can be a bit hard to decipher who it could be, and if you do, be wary about them.

Sudden Goosebumps

It starts like cold chills before tiny bumps erupt on your skin. It can send both negative and positive signals, which reflect another person's thoughts at the moment.

Unlike others, chill bumps suggest that the person thinking about you carries an intense psychic frequency. When you feel this, calm down and assess the situation. It could be mimicking romantic feelings!

Burning Sensation In The Ears

The sensation is the most pleasurable one can ever feel. Similarly, the person thinking of you holds good intentions or is crushing on you.

Sudden Sneeze

If the weather is calm, not raining, nor is it dusty and you happen to sneeze, it could mean that someone is missing you. Almost everyone in the world experiences this.

Burning Cheeks

Someone is busy condemning you somewhere. It means that their thoughts and words are as harsh as the slaps you are feeling on your cheeks.

Therefore, ensure that you reflect after such a feeling, and if it's not a fever, you probably got into someone's nerves.

Mid-Meal Discomforts

Choking or coughing on food does not usually mean that you have bad table manners. Sometimes it means that your subconscious mind is tense.

The subconscious detects, picks, and reacts to a feeling of tension from a familiar individual. Be careful!

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Getting a sign that you could be in another person’s thoughts does not always mean they are negative towards you.

The beauty or intimidation you feel could reflect your ideas about the person, because as energy transfers, so do emotions. Therefore, you should always pay attention when you get such feelings for no reason.