9 Subtly Honest Signs Your Soulmate is Thinking of You

Read these signs to find out if your soulmate is thinking of you!!

By Sylvia Epie
9 Subtly Honest Signs Your Soulmate is Thinking of You

How To Know And How To Identify These Signs That Your Soulmate Is Thinking Of You

The laws of Karma hold that your soulmate is a person you’ve known and loved in your previous life or multiple lives. Your twin flame and significant other in every aspect of life. It’s generally believed that when you meet your soulmate, there’s this instant cosmic connection that is inexplicable. There’s an affinity between your souls that you can’t seem to figure out, the person will bring out the best in you and you in them. The relationship will increase your spirituality, your health, finances, happiness and improve your outlook on life. 

No one knows exactly when or how they’ll meet their soulmate and if you’ll recognize them when they walk into your life. This part always remains a mystery, however, the universe or whichever higher power you believe in prepares you by sending signs and clues to tell that person is around the corner and you’re on their mind. It’s important to be able to identify these signs so that you don’t miss the opportunity and for you to be the best version of yourself when you eventually meet your soulmate. These signs are energy signals your spirit senses when your soulmate is near or thinking of you. Watch out for these signs to be absolutely sure your soulmate is thinking of you and is about to come into your life.

1. You Have a Sudden Urge to Improve Yourself

When you feel a sudden urge for personal development and growth, with this inexplicable need to work on yourself and be the best version of yourself. Your soul is preparing for your soulmate, it’s like there’s a force pushing you to remove all the clutter from your life and make room for something new. You’re inspired to focus on working out, improving your appearance, character, personality, spirituality, emotions and overall happiness. You can’t help but feel you have to put your life in order, improve who you are and let go of all that is holding you back. All these feelings are not mere coincidence, they’re signaling you that your soulmate is out there thinking of you and your soul is trying to connect with theirs.

2. Your Purpose In Life Is Clear

As you draw closer to meeting your soulmate, your life’s purpose becomes clear. You develop a kind of heightened mental and spiritual perception. It’s like you gain perspective on the things that really matter. You appreciate life more, live in the present and are optimistic about the future. Even your decisions become easier to make because you have this clear path to follow. You may not have figured out how to get there yet but you’re clear on where you want to be and what you want your life to be like. This simply means your soulmate is in the same mental and spiritual state as you and it’s just a matter of time before you two are united.

3. You Feel a Sudden Energy Rise

Suddenly there’s this spontaneous outburst of energy that envelope’s your entire being. You feel energized and motivated to step out of your comfort zone, try new things, socialize, travel, meet new people as well as connect with others. These are signs that help you open yourself up for your soulmate. You put yourself out there and invest yourself in making others happy. With this new energy comes the need to fulfill your life’s purpose and go after your personal goals and these make you even more attractive to that special someone who is thinking of you and will soon walk into your life.

4. You See Love All Around You

Love seems to be everywhere you look, all around you there are signs of love in the air, couples holding hands, kissing, animals nesting, love songs on the radio, etc. It’s like the universe is trying to tell you something. You’re suddenly conscious of discussions about love on TV, articles in magazines, romantic movies, love is in full bloom all around you and you can’t help but notice it. This is not a coincidence, it simply indicates that your soul is getting ready for that special someone. And I bet the same thing is happening to them wherever they are. 

5. You Focus on the Essence of Your Ideal Partner

Everyone has an idea or a blueprint of what they want their ideal partner to be, they have to be tall, have black hair, love animals, be athletic and so on. But when the time comes for you to be connected to your soulmate, you develop clarity on their essence instead of the physical and superficial. It’s not about their hair or eye color anymore but rather about their core. You become specific about their values, their purpose. You’re like, ‘’ I want someone who is happy, fulfilled and in touch with their spirituality.’’ This realization and maturity is a clear sign you are thinking of a specific person and they too are thinking of you even though you haven’t met yet.

6. You Dream About Your Soulmate

Psychics believe that before your soulmate shows up in your life there are signs that appear to prepare you for a cosmic romance. For example, you have dreams about them and being in love and being loved by someone genuinely. You may not even remember the details of the dream when you wake up, but the feeling of happiness it brings lingers for days. Your subconscious which is a window to your soul is sending out vibes to tell you that there’s a special person out there thinking of you. 

7. You Feel Inspired

For some time now you feel bold enough to come out of your comfort zone and try new things, you spontaneously spring into action at any given opportunity. You are getting fit, living healthy, chasing your goals and learning new things. You want to do the things that add value to your life, make you a better person and increase the chances of you crossing paths with your soulmate. This creative vibe and energy are because your soulmate is thinking of you and making the same adjustments to his/her life with you in mind.

8. You Finally Understand the Lessons of Your Past Relationships

You seem to have come full circle, the mistakes of your past, heartbreaks, and failures in past relationships all suddenly make sense. They do not weigh you down anymore, instead of looking at them as burdens they have become lessons you have learned on the way to becoming the person you are right now. And you know exactly what to do when you meet the right person. You have gained perspective and you have moments of epiphany where everything is clear, makes total sense. You’re grateful for how far you’ve come and all the lessons you learned throughout your journey.

9. You’re Happy With Yourself

Like icing on a cake, you’re happy with your life and love the person you’ve become. You haven’t figured out everything yet and your life is not perfect but it doesn’t really matter, you’re happy regardless. You now realize people’s opinion of your doesn’t count, it all about how you see yourself. Your happiness comes from within and even if you don’t meet the right person you’ll still be happy. This confidence about life, in general, opens up your perception and makes you much more likely to attract the right people in your life including your soul mate.

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As cliche as it may sound, if you’re in the right mental, emotional, physical and spiritual frame of mind, you’ll know instantly when you meet your twin flame. Everything becomes clear at that moment, all the things you’ve experienced up till that point suddenly make sense. That’s why the universe sends you all these signals so you won’t get distracted by other things instead of working on yourself. All the signs don’t just appear at once and you might not experience some of them but most of them will definitely come your way at one point or another. It’s up to you to act on them and keep an open mind as you watch out for your soulmate who has been getting ready for you in the same way you have been preparing for them. Now you are ready for your soulmate, it's now a matter of time to find him/her and we wish you good luck!


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