What Is Pegging And How To Even Attempt Your First

Find out this new sex craze and how to dominate your man

By Diana Nadim
What Is Pegging And How To Even Attempt Your First

What Exactly Is Pegging?

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Pegging is a sexual practice where the woman penetrates the man’s anus using a strap on dildo. It is a great way to explore for couples who are more comfortable with each other. Since women don’t have a penis, the dildo is, therefore, essential for this purpose. It can also be known as when a woman uses a dildo on the significant other butts since she does not always have to, i.e., the strap on dildo.

Additionally, it may involve the stimulation of the male genitalia during the process. Many people see pegging as a way of a woman dominating over her man. The woman is in full control, creating a state of submission by the man.

Its further thought as a homosexual act, which is not the case. This is because no matter the sexual practice; it is still sex between a man and a woman. The multiple nerve endings on a man’s butt make pegging even more enjoyable. It further creates a world of wonderful opportunities for power and role exchange. In addition to this, pegging can also occur between people of the same sex.

How Pegging Became Popular

Pegging has been on the rise due to the belief that it stimulates the prostate glands, and women love the experience too. However, the term Pegging was popularized after being the winning entry in Savage Love column advice on sex. This was after the realization that the act had no name or no dictionary could define the act in the English language. Savage came in to suggest the name of the practice. He named it Peg and was voted top with over 5,000 votes.

Additionally, the first documentation was in the film, Myra Breckenridge on the novel Gere Vidal. However, this was not in pornographic nature. Later on, the opening of Misty Beethoven film exposed the first act of pegging in 1976.

With the mainstream media, pegging popularity has been on the rise in the adult entertainment world. With continued exposure, people have become open and free to talk about it, further increasing its popularity.

According to Glicksman, pegging gives men a chance to understand their partners as well as their bodies. Popular culture has also led to the increased practice of pegging.

Why Some Enjoy This So Much

Helps to reach maximum orgasm

It is ideal for men with erectile dysfunction. The reason being that the prostate stimulation results in orgasm even without penis stimulation. Orgasms from being pegged tend to last for long, and you produce more semen. Additionally, pegging takes off much focus on the penis; therefore, it guarantees you maximum stimulation hence reaching an orgasm.

Changes in sexual life

The act of pegging will have you communicating with your partner. This way, you gain the confidence to talk about your sexual fantasies. Talking openly about what you want and expect in bed is very important and results in better sex in the long run. Now that pegging requires much communication, you will find yourself comfortable talking about your needs, and this way change your entire sex life.

Shifts the dominant role

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Pegging ensures a change in role-playing during sex. This way, you can trust your partner not to hurt or judge you. The ultimate goal here is achieving maximum intimacy. The fact that a woman wants to beg her partner makes the men feel the desire of women.

It further creates more trust between partners as the man allows the woman to take control and dominate over him. Through the trust built, the bonding experience becomes better by day, especially with the man submitting.

Prostate stimulation

Most men enjoy pegging due to the stimulation of the prostate glands with the multiple nerve endings around it. There are also health benefits that come along with prostate stimulation. Men further enjoy the rubbing against the prostate.

Kicks out bedroom boredom

After years of being together, ‘normal sex’ may become too common and boring. Pegging, therefore, comes in to help boost your sex life. 

For Beginners: How To Start

As a beginner, pegging might be a bit difficult to start. After the following few steps, as I will illustrate below, you will find it easier and more comfortable to try it out with your partner. Here are some of the steps on how to start pegging as a beginner:


Make sure that you first talk with your partner about pegging. Talk about what you have heard about pegging with your partner. Let him also tell you what and how much he knows about pegging. This way, you will know if your partner would like to enjoy or experience the act.

Get comfortable

You must be comfortable with pegging even before the auction begins. Begin by using your fingers with lots of lubrication before investing in toys. This will help you know that your partner is comfortable with a particular position and movement.

Know the male sexual anatomy

The male sexual anatomy is the anus and prostate glands. Learn the tactics for safe anal play. Check on how he reacts when you stimulate his prostate glands. However, not many are comfortable with this, so it’s advisable to blindfold your man and watch him react to pleasure.

That way, he can easily sip into his imagination. On the other hand, you can now be as up-close as you wish to.

Get a quality gear

Finding the right dildo is an important feature for enjoyable pegging. The female should choose the strap on dildo that she’s comfortable with. Additionally, ensure the dildo is of the right size and shape. You don’t want to purchase a dildo that will inflict pain and discomfort to your partner.

Make sure that you also have plenty of water-based lubricants on your hands or gloves. Depending on the type of dildo, you should further ensure that you have some condoms for maximum protection.

Solo trials

At first, the strap on will feel awkward; therefore, make sure you try it solo in your house before the act. As real as it may feel, you must try it on yourself, especially because that you will now reverse the role-playing.

You can also put your clothes on and then undress with the strap on dildo in place. Try masturbating with the dildo on, as this will help you learn on the ways to make the dildo move during pegging.

Don’t rush

Never rush for anal penetration, you need time to warm up and make sure that both of you are turned on. You have to be relaxed and ready. Most people choose to start with penile-vaginal intercourse and later switch to pegging.

When the man is ready, you can now put the dildo in with and don’t force it. His body movements will speak volumes, depending on the pleasure he gets. Do not forget to use a lubricant and continue adding more lube when penetrating.

Apply more on the tip as its being penetrated more. Allow your man to set his own pace; be it slow or fast. This will have you watch his movements on the dildo that you can use later.

Get to action

Start taking control when he gets comfortable with the dildo beginning with slow and shallow penetrations. He will be ready for deeper penetration and thrusting once you are fully comfortable with each other. Do not forget to pay attention to what his body tells you as well as what he says.

Include other parts also during pegging. Depending on the position, reach out to his back, inner thighs, or the legs. You can give a handjob if in a position to do so. Incorporate touching through rubbing, massage, or slapping. Run your fingers through his body. It is worth noting that some men lose their erections when penetrated anally. It, however, doesn’t mean that they are not turned on.

In addition to this, experiment with the different positions and let your physical comfort become your guide. Trying new positions will help you to identify one that provides flexibility whenever you want to move.

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Pegging is gaining its popularity day by day with the maximum stimulation that it brings to the men. To enjoy it, you must be very patient with your partner to gain trust and comfort. What I mean is, pegging is worth trying as it helps you to keep in touch with your sexual fantasies as well as talking about these experiences.

In conclusion, a phenomenal orgasm may be achieved by the stimulation of the prostate glands and the skin area under the testicles and anus. Enjoy the real fantasies and orgasms through pegging.