Common Items That Can Double Up As Emergency Sex Toys

10 everyday items that you can never look at them the same way again

By Sophia R
Common Items That Can Double Up As Emergency Sex Toys

Time to get Creative

Sex is one of the most beautiful things there are, I know we all agree on that, but innovating in bed without dropping your salary in the neighborhood’s sex shop is also wonderful.

To add some spice to our sex life we do not need to get a bunch of the latest and most expensive sex toys out there, because at home, many everyday objects taken out of their conventional context will get us to experience a series of new and very pleasant sensations. Interested in know what they are? The answer is here!

Hygienic and Safety Precautions

As all of the objects we will mention are not made especially for sexual use, you have got to take some precautions when using them.  Our genitals are very sensitive and we don't want any ER visits or discomforts after some sexy time, am I right? That is why you are going to want to be careful about this one. 

As these objects are all different, we will mention each one's precautions down below, so keep an eye and take note!

10 Everyday Items That Can Double Up As a Sex Toy

Not everyone wants to drop some bucks on sex toys, but don't let that limit your sexual adventures. Yes, using common everyday items as sex toys is completely possible! In fact, many of the things you use and see every day could have another way sexier use in your life. Don't believe us yet? Keep reading and find out about 10 everyday items that can double up as a sex toy: 

At home

Perhaps you are bored at home one day, or you are feeling adventurous with your partner one day, but you don't have either time, want, or money to buy any toys. What should you do to still get a similar experience? I have got the answer for you: use something that you probably already have somewhere around your house. Here are 5 items we advise you to use:

1. Fruits, vegetables and other foods

Fruits such as bananas or vegetables such as cucumber and zucchini are objects that can be used as a dildo, but two essential factors must be taken into account: one is the size, which fits our limits, and the other is protection. In other words, fruits or vegetables that are not directly used as elements of genital stimulation do work as supplements: chocolate, cream, caramel. 

But, however it may be, you should always keep in mind that everything is clean, that it cannot be broken and that a condom should be used as a sterilizer. Direct contact with the genitals can lead to tears, cystitis or irritation. Nobody wants that when you are just looking for fun, am I right?

2. Belts, ties, or sheets

In addition to new positions or places, the morbidity of including erotic paraphernalia in relationships provides a dose of lust. Ties, belts or sheets are suitable for tying, tightening or gagging, but always taking special care not to dangerously alter blood flow or prevent basic actions such as breathing. There are two main actions you can add to your sexual game with these objects: sensory deprivation (covering the eyes or ears) and immobilization (handcuffing the hands, paralyzing a part of the body). 

The important thing with this kind of game is that you should always start with simple things, set realistic limits, make it clear how far you can go and don’t do anything until you are sure of that. If it is not practiced this way, there might be an ER at the end of the lovely evening. Good luck explaining to your doctor how your accident happened!

3. A duster

A common household duster could give you amazing sensations, believe it or not. Of course, you are not going to take your old dusty dirty one. Buy a new one and try to caress your partner with it, it will even feel better than real feathers. Ask your partner to focus on the place where the sensations feel stronger and nicer. You will love it!

4. Kitchen spatula

Let’s admit it; we all think of bondage and the majority of us would like to try it, we are just too afraid to say it or admit it to our partner. If this is your case, and you don’t really know how to or where to start, or are just too shy to admit it, a kitchen spatula is just what you need. It won’t seem too weird of crazy, but you will steal experience and get your bondage fantasy! Win-win!

5. Pearl necklace

A simple pearl necklace can give you more games than you imagine. All you have got to do is rub it around your naked body or your partner's foreplay. You can also try to stimulate the penis and clit with it once you are involved in the act. If you want an even more pleasant experience, put the necklace in the freezer hours before your encounter. Trust me, it defiantly works!

Travelling / At the hotel

Now, what if you are traveling somewhere and that you need to experience and be adventurous gets to you? What should you do in this situation? Don't worry because you can also find something you probably have around your bag or hotel room and use it in your favor! Can't think of anything? We have got it figured out for you:

6. Phone

Who has not been startled the tickle of their mobile phone vibrating in their pocket? Well, yes, that tingle can also have a special role in the erogenous zones, it is a way of replacing a vibrator. Of course, the phone only has a certain vibration speed, it does not have the ergonomic silhouette of the toys and their functions are so varied that you have to be very clear that the camera tabs, calls or messages are not open. We don’t want any embarrassing situations!

Also, you should beware of the electric current that this item has, I mean, nobody wants that a literally electrifying orgasm. There is also a possibility of having any allergy to plastic or metals, so watch out for that, too.

7. Shower

Showering is already a pleasant activity itself. Letting the hot waterfall from your back or changing the pressure and temperature to relax or wake us up is a joy at our fingertips. In addition, the shower is the most commonly used accidental dildo. Directing the water jet towards the genital area causes intense and delightful sensations. The biggest drawback - apart from environmental spending - has to do with the imbalance between the vagina and anaerobic bacteria or, in common words, the drivers of infections in the genital areas. Just be careful about that!

8. Hairbrush

A brush with soft bristles is one of the fundamental elements to stimulate sensitive areas of the body. Combing the back or the inside of the thighs can be a good start to continue massaging manually or even to end by introducing the handle into the holes of our body. 

This regard, precautions are similar to those of fruits or vegetables: cover with a condom, take care that nothing is sharp and, most importantly, never forget that all objects should be used in combination with lubricants. This way, each experience will be most pleasant, free from scratches or possible irritation. in addition, the most desirable are those manufactured from water, as formulated with oil or vaseline can increase the risk of infection or damage condoms latex. Keep that in mind.

9. Electric toothbrush

Like the phone, the electric toothbrush will work as a vibrator, but much stronger and easier to handle. The way to use it is to hold it against the clit, never introducing it into the vagina. Of course, use the base part, not the brush itself, or it will actually hurt. Remember to make sure you have washed it with soap and water before using it, or try using a condom to cover it.

10. Hairband

Seriously, who doesn’t have a million hair bands in their traveling bag or just lying everywhere! Now, have you ever thought of using them in a sexual way? I’m telling you, it is possible, my friend. You just got to put the hair band over the penis as a sex ring would go. Tension can help keep an erection longer. And you'll love it.

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Now you have no excuse to not get freaky and adventurous by yourself or with your partner sexually. I mean, you literally have a bunch of sex toys to try out without even spending anything. Just grab one, take your precautions, and enjoy your sexy time! You will definitely thank us later.