15 Sex Positions You Need To Try ASAP

In order to keep your relationship going, you and your lover have to try different sex positions from time to time. Here are some ideas you can use.

By Auntrone89
15 Sex Positions You Need To Try ASAP

Sex position guide for lovers

When all is said and done, sex is and will always be a beautiful thing. And if you’ve had the pleasure of reading the Kamasutra, then you are aware of the different sex positions you can use to make your sex life a tad more exciting. Just like it is the case with everything else in life, some sex positions happen to be way better than others. You must also acknowledge the fact that different people prefer different sex positions. As a couple, you need to try all the interesting sex positions and only stick to those that tickle your fancy. Trial and error are what makes sex much more enthralling as you explore your erotic emotions. Don’t get me wrong, the common missionary position is indeed great. But if you and your lover stick to it and only it, chances are that your sex life will get boring in the long run, if it already isn’t. That said, it would be a high time you did something about it and do it fast. If you can’t get your hands on the Kamasutra, then feel free to use the internet. The internet will give you a lot of valuable material about sex that’ll literally end up blowing your mind away. Remember to always be in agreement with your lover before trying out something new instead of catching them off-guard. Without further ado, here are the top 15 sex positions you can try out tonight!

1. Spooning sex positions

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Spooning is one of the many universal sex positions that come very highly recommended by any trustworthy sex position guide. This is a sex position that can be done on any comfortable surface. It is also famous for usually achieving a lot of stimulation with the least amount of effort. Many also consider spooning to be among the best sex positions because it gives the man the freedom to explore the woman’s ever-intriguing body. While thrusting as slowly and as lovingly as he possibly can, the man can use his hands to either spank her nice round butt or rub her sensitive clit. Or even better, he can reach further out and tenderly massage her soft, squelchy boobs. The man can also kiss her on her neck while whispering sweet nothings or talking dirty to her. Instead of thrusting, the woman can also wind her waist as she uses her pussy lips to excite the man’s penis. In other words, the spooning position is always open for customization in a whole lot of different ways. Therefore, you should never limit yourself when it comes to spooning. Always feel free to be as creative as possible and you’ll definitely reap the rewards. All you need to do is pick up a good sex positions guide and learn how to do it perfectly. From there, you can do it however you deem fit.

2. The reverse spoon sex positions

Sex experts with a sense of humor like to refer to this sex position as spooning’s first cousin. And just like its first cousin, the reverse spoon is one of those positions that can completely revolutionize your bedroom life with little to no effort at all. It also involves the couple laying lazily on a comfortable surface such as a bed. But unlike spooning, this sex position involves the couple lying down while facing each other as they enjoy some slow, sensual penetration. The position also requires them to be in close contact. Close contact is also good because it allows for their skin to rub which can easily result in further stimulation which has always spruced up the sex. This explains why it is rated among the hottest, most sensual and intimate sex positions that also allows room for deep eye contact. Eye contact is very important when it comes to sex as it connects you and your partner on a spiritual level. The man can also grab and gently squeeze her butt while strategically kissing and breathing on her neck. The woman, on the other hand, will have the opportunity of exploring her man’s beautiful, naked body. She can kiss his lips, rub his chest, abs or balls – in no particular order.

3. The horny mantis sex positions

Also known as the gift-wrapped sex positions, the horny mantis is usually effective in achieving much deeper penetration hence making the sex a tad sensual. According to any reliable sex position guide, this position doesn’t differ much from reverse spoon sex positions. It usually involves the man and the woman facing each other while being as close as they possibly can. The horny mantis is also among the best sex positions. This is because it involves the woman wrapping her legs around the man right before angling her vagina. When she does this, the pleasure levels from such a strategic position usually doubles and usually results in some bomb sex, from start till climax. The position also allows room for a lot of kissing, touching, caressing as well as eye contact. It also doesn’t require a lot of hard work and therefore can, therefore, last much longer. It, therefore, goes without that trying this position will give the both of you a ton of pleasure while keeping you connected. According to the best sex positions guides available, it’s always better when a couple tries this sex position while completely naked. Skin stimulation can go a long way in making the sex a lot more sensual and intense. Thankfully, horny mantis is very easy to learn, meaning you can get to try it out tonight if you really want to!

4. The fusion sex positions

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The goal of attempting any kind of sex position aid the couple achieves the most orgasmic climax ever. And that’s why I highly recommend the fusion sex position among a few other positions I am yet to mention. The good thing about these sex positions is that both the man and the woman don’t have to work too hard to achieve the intended sensation. The fusion sex position involves a man sitting down and spreading his legs and allows his woman to sit in between. She would then put her legs on his shoulders right before moving in for the penetration. This is a sex position I would highly recommend since it always results in muscular tension in her vagina that allows her Kegel muscles to tighten firmly around his hard penis. Luckily, the fusion happens to be one of those easy-to-learn sex positions that can be mastered overnight. The position is good for enabling eye contact as well as admiring each other’s perfect, naked bodies. This fusion can always be used before or right after spooning in a bid to finish off the sex on a much higher note. Feel free to include dirty talk, groaning and moaning in the name of sprucing things up a little.

5. The bottom’s up sex positions

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This naughty sex position involves the woman lying face up and the man going on top of her. It’s almost like the missionary position but done in reverse. This is because your heads will be facing the opposite direction. Once the man penetrates her, she will lift her legs and lock him in before the sensual thrusting commences. The leg locking is usually effective as it increases the grip. If you are having a problem visualizing the bottom’s up sex position, then try imagining the man on top missionary position. Once he has penetrated her, he goes ahead and does a six o’clock spin around. Or even better, you can get your hands on a comprehensively written sex position guide and get enlightened. The bottom’s up is among the best sex positions especially for men who don’t mind some butt action. The woman can spank or penetrate his asshole with a lubricated toy. Or even better, she can end up stimulating her balls while he passionately thrusts in and out of her tight, wet vagina. Apart from reading any approved sex positions guide, there are plenty of videos online that you can use to learn about the bottoms up sex position. This position will also give her vagina much more stimulation since his balls will be rubbing and stimulating her clit which will make the sex much better.

6. The romper room sex positions

Buying a medicine ball should be the first thing you do if you want to try the bounciest of all sex positions. Once you have secured the ball, you and your lover can embark on learning how to sit on it without falling off. The man has to sit on the medicine ball first then followed by the woman who will sit on his lap, her legs spread over his knees. Mastering this position is important as it will give him access to her vagina. Once everything is all sorted out, the next step will include going naked and engaging in slow, sensual bouncing sex on the ball. This happens to be among the sex positions allows the woman to control just how far the penetration will go. Whether she wants it in too deep or shallow, all she’ll be required to do is using her vagina and thighs. The man, on the other hand, will have an all-pass access to her vagina while remaining free to use hands as he pleases. He can either grab on her waist during penetration or even better, play with her bouncing boobs. The good thing about this awesome sex position is that it gives both the man and woman the freedom to be as creative as possible.

7. The bee’s knees sex positions

Another personal favorite sex position from popular sex position guides is none other than the bee's knees sex positions. Most couples consider it to be among the best sex positions and it is so for a number of reasons. First, the position has everything to do with wet, sensual fellatio – something both men and women can’t resist. This sex position involves the woman sucking her man off while on his knees. Once she’s comfortable, the man can put his throbbing penis into her mouth and she can suck him for as long as possible. This position also allows the woman to play with her man’s butt, balls, and abs. The man, on the other hand, can run his fingers through her hair while whispering sweet, erotic words into her ears. The bee’s knees sex position is also convenient for maintaining strong eye contact. According to the best sex positions guide survey carried out recently, both men and women love this position. Nothing makes a man happier than looking down at the girl of his dreams sucking him off in this position. And to ensure the woman doesn’t end up bruising her knees, finding something soft and comfortable for her to kneel on should always be prioritized.

8. The hovering dragonfly sex positions

The good thing about these sex positions is they can serve both the man or the woman with a healthy dose of oral sex. This position allows the giving of oral sex in the best, most comfortable position for both parties involved. But first, ensuring your partner is comfortable with oral sex before proceeding is very important because not everyone is. If you are trying this position for the very first time, I bet my bottom dollar that it’ll end up blowing both your minds to smithereens. First of all, you’ll need your lover to sleep on the bed, facing up. Then a pillow should be used to hold his or her head up at an angle allowing the mouth and genitals to come in contact with ease. Once in position, start grinding or thrusting in your lover’s mouth, depending on whether you have a pussy or a penis, respectively. Start slowly right before you increase the tempo. Try maintaining the rhythm as you steadily increase the tempo and you’ll end up enjoying it. The hovering dragonfly sex positions are recommended especially for foreplay. This is because they will get both your genitals wet, stimulated and ready for some unforgettable penetration. The one on top should remember holding on to the headboard for support to avoid crushing the other’s head in the name of oral sex. A fruit flavored or mint lube can be used to spice things up a little. It can also be used when one’s mouth feels dry as it usually is the case from time to time.

9. The over and under sex positions

A reliable sex position guide isn’t a reliable sex positions guide until it has the over and under sex position included. Most people popularly refer to this sex position as the 69-sex position. And needless to say, its hailed as one of the very best sex positions for some oral stimulation. For those who don’t know about the popular position 69, it involves the man lying on the bed facing up while the woman is on top of him. She’ll then sit on his face and put her face right above his erection. Once they are locked in this position, the sucking commences. At this point, some nice, erotically soothing music playing in the background wouldn’t be such a bad idea. You can also use a sex positions guide to acquire more information on how to properly prepare before engaging in a 69. Before trying out the 69, a little grooming down there is highly recommended, for your partner’s sake. You can shave your pubic area to allow some easy eating. A little “wash and oil” leaving your privates freshly scented is one helluva good start.

10. The spider sex positions

The spider sex positions are usually recommended for couples who wish to experience more intimacy during sex. First, both the man and the woman are required to sit on the bed facing each other. Then man will then spread his legs, giving room for the woman to slide in and put her legs around his waist before penetration. At this point, the man should be supporting his upper body off the bed using both his hands. The woman, on the other hand, should do the same using her elbows. Once locked in this position, the couple will be expected to rock gently while maintaining strong eye contact. This also happens to be among the best sex positions that allow the man to hit the g-spot irrespective of penile size. The man can also use one hand to either rub her clit gently or hold her waist to reinforce the thrusts. The woman can also move her mons pubis in a circular motion while tightening her Kegel muscle. Doing this well will cause a lot of stimulation for the both of them to enjoy.

11. The X sex position

In most sex position guides, the X sex position is referred to as the scissors. It goes without saying that it is one of the best sex positions for clitoral stimulation. In this position, the man and the woman both lay down facing each other. They then cross their legs so that each leg goes between the others. The woman should then put one of her legs over the man’s shoulder before commencing with the slow, sensual gyrations. Always remember to be as slow and as sensual as possible for this position to achieve its purpose. The man can get a little creative and use his hands to stimulate the woman by rubbing her clit as gently as he can. If you don’t know how to go about the X sex position, worry not. You can always find it in Kamasutra or any reliable sex positions guide without much of a hustle. The couple can also hold hands and do some nice, rhythmical pelvic thrusting. In other words, you should never hold back especially when it comes to being creative when it comes to the X sex position.

12. The spork position

Another sex position that makes couples look forward to the next time they are having sex is the spork. Pulling it off is quite easy because it involves the woman lying on her back and spreading her legs. The man will then lie across and opposite her in a 90-degree position, thus getting to hit it directly from below. The sex position was so-named because the woman’s legs take the form of a fork and a spoon. Therefore, if her legs aren’t in the shape of a spoon and a fork, then there is clearly something wrong with your sex positions. The thing about sex positions is that they require a lot of practice. But the good news is constant practicing is fun and therefore something worth looking forward to. This position is also great because the woman is free to do with her hands as she pleases. She can either play with her boobs or clitoris, depending on whatever floats her boat. A little exchange of dirty talk and eye contact can go a long way in lighting things up a bit. Remember, never limit yourself when it comes to the spork position. Always try new things and improvising with the spork and you’ll surely reap the results.

13. The pillow driver sex position

If you are looking for deeper penetration, then you and your partner ought to try the pillow driver. The pillow driver is ranked among the best sex positions and hence comes highly recommended especially for men who aren’t that well-endowed. Another advantage of this position is that you don’t need a sex position guide to learn how to do it perfectly. It simply involves assuming the missionary position but only after putting a pillow under the small of her back. The woman will then put her legs on his butt to control the depth of his thrusts. Apart from giving her vagina some “out of this world” stimulation, the pillow driver sex position is also great for eye contact, kissing as well as dirty talking. It is, therefore, a good idea for you to take advantage of this position and reap all of its benefits. Again, don’t be shy to improvise especially with all the opportunities that this sex position presents. Feel free to learn some useful tips from the best sex positions guide you can get your hands on.

14. The pushup sex position

Just like the name of these sex positions suggests, the man is required to assume the pushup position. But the only difference is this time around he’ll be naked and the only thing moving will be his waist as he thrust in and out of her “cookie jar”. The woman will be expected to lay on her back, raise her legs as far apart as she needs to. In this position, her hands will remain free for her to do with them as she pleases. She can either feel his chest or stroke his beard while maintaining intense eye contact with him or do both. The sex position also allows him to lower his head and kiss her from time to time.

15. The bends a.k.a. the quickie-fix

This position is incredible for the man to admire his woman’s butt while stimulating her vagina with deep, erotic thrusts. Some sex position guides describe the quickie-fix as the standing doggy position. This is also among the best sex positions that allow the woman to easily rub and stimulate her own clitoris. This is because she’ll be bending over and having her hands all to herself. The best sex positions guide advice the woman to playfully rub his balls to achieve that extra stimulation. The man can also lean over to gently caress her breasts as lovingly as he can. These kinds of sex positions are also convenient when she is wearing a short skirt under which the man can sneak his “stiffy” in without any hustles. The same should be the case when she is wearing a thong. The man can also hold onto her hips to add some more “horsepower” to his thrusts. This kind of sex position is incredibly fun and at the same time leaves a lot of room for improvisation.


The reason for any couple to have so many sex positions is so that their sex life never gets boring. It is therefore shrewd for you and your lover to take advantage of these many possibilities and never look back. Also, it is important to note that some of these sex positions take time to master. And for that matter, a little patience from you and your lover will definitely go a long way. On the bright side, practicing the different sex positions can be a hell lot of fun. But first, you’ll need to get your hands on a good sex position guide. The undisputed king of sex positions guide is none other than the Kamasutra. The Kamasutra has almost all the best sex positions and also comes complete with beautifully sketched illustrations. If you can’t get your hands on the Kamasutra, worry not because the internet will definitely have your back. Going through the sex positions guide together as a couple and picking the positions that’ll work out for you can be lots of fun. Always be open and honest about what you feel will personally work for you and what won’t. Also, being open-minded is what’ll make your sex life as mind-blowing as it’s supposed to be! Last but not least, try and find more sex positions to try out. And for the love of Venus, the goddess of love, try and have some fun while you are at it!