20 organic baby products you'll need in your baby drawers

Certified natural baby products that are best for little ones

By Sylvia Epie
20 organic baby products you'll need in your baby drawers

Why organic?

Your baby is a delicate little bundle of joy under your care. As a parent, you pay close attention to what they eat, drink, wear, breathe and play with. A baby is far more sensitive than an adult, their little metabolisms absorb chemicals from everything they come in contact with. It is vital to choose the right products that protect your baby from toxins causing health problems. When it comes to the things you surround your baby with, natural and organic products are your best bet.

Here is why switching to organic products is the best option. 


A baby’s skin is five times more tender and fragile than yours and it absorbs and loses moisture twice as fast. Babies do not have all the barriers and strength needed for protection, so whatever your baby comes in contact with, is absorbed straight into their bloodstream. Regular baby skin care products contain petroleum jelly and phthalates which are harmful. Organic products are chemical free and rich in essential oils that protect your baby’s skin.  


Clothes and bedding have synthetic fibers that contain plastics and petrochemicals, responsible for different types of cancer. Even cotton fabrics that seem healthy are processed with chemicals like bleach and cotton is grown with pesticides. All these items come in contact with your baby’s skin daily. Just thinking about all the chemicals and pollutants found in clothes is enough to get you started on an organic journey.

When it comes to toys, they are often made from cheap plastics and contain chemicals like mercury and lead. As we know with babies, what goes to their hands goes to their mouth. Even cribs may have paint and other finishing that are harmful to your little one. 

So here is a list of baby products that are certified natural to guide you in choosing the kinds of products you surround your baby with. 

A list of 20 best baby products that are certified natural

Skin Lotions

1. Burt’s Bees Baby

Burt's Bees Baby Bee Skin Care | Burt's Bees Baby®

A line of organic nourishing and moisturizing oils and lotions that are pediatrician tested. Made from certified all-natural ingredients, and eco- friendly. They have a wide range of certified organic products that are highly rated and very popular. 

2. Organic Pharmacy

Apricot & chamomile lotion | baby essentials | baby care | the organic pharmacy

A nourishing lotion with apricot oil and shea butter as its main ingredients. It is quick to absorb, it moisturizes and softens your baby's skin. The shea butter and apricot oil create a quick-absorbing moisturizing effect that soothes and softens baby skin.

Baby Shampoo

3. California baby. 

Shampoo & Bodywashes - California Baby Official Site

This hair and body wash has cleansing ingredients derived from plants. It contains oatmeal and lavender that soothes the skin. This product gets rid of germs and it is dermatologist-approved for sensitive and allergy-prone skin.

4. Zoe Organics

Baby – Zoe Organics

Baby products like shampoos and oils need special attention not only because of parabens but also because fragrances could irritate the skin and damage the hair. Zoe Organics shampoo and bath wash are 100% natural, non-toxic, vegan formula and fragrance-free. It boasts of being so safe you could eat it.

Baby Powder

5. Nature’s Baby Organics

Nature's Baby Organics – naturesbabyorganics

Certified natural and organic dusting powder, with gluten-free and scent-free options. It absorbs moisture and soothes irritated skin. For fragrance options, they have coconut pineapple scents for freshness and lavender chamomile.

6. Redmond Clay Baby Powder

Redmond Clay Baby Powder

Made from 100% natural and pure bentonite clay, it pulls toxins out of the body and absorbs moisture and odor.

Bottles and Pacifiers

7. Natursutten Glass Baby Bottle


Unlike plastic bottles that run a risk of transferring toxic chemicals, glass is natural. This is from glass manufactured in France and designed in Sweden. It has a natural rubber nipple to ease feeding and prevent gas.

8. Re-Play

Re-Play | Recycled Cups | BPA Free No-Spill Sippy Cups, Soft Spouts

Recycled plastic feeding products for babies, it is leak-free and easy-clean with a silicone valve that keeps milk, juice or water from spilling.

Clothes and bedding

9. Baby Earth

Baby Earth Organic Baby Products

This is 100% certified organic cotton, it is safe and cozy and is good for sensitive skin. Your baby will feel comfortable with their dye-free and chemical -free cotton fabric. 

10. Little Green Radicals

Baby & Toddler Archives - Little Green Radicals Retail

They have organic sheets and mattresses made with no springs, latex and foam fibers that allow your baby to breathe and sleep peacefully.  

Diapers and wipes:

11. The Honest Company Diapers

Natural Baby Diapers | The Honest Company

These are natural and organic plant-based diapers. Unscented and dye-free they are gentle on baby skin and are from renewable wood pulp.

12. Babo Botanicals

All Natural Baby Wipes | Babo Botanicals

3 in 1 face, body and hands cleansing wipes, made without synthetic fragrances, dairy or parabens. It is dermatologist-tested to prevent eczema; soothe sensitive skin and leave your baby clean and calm all night.


13. Plan Toys

Plan Toys

These are toys made from sustainable sourced rubber and wood. Coated with organic color pigments which are safe for your baby to play with and even put them in their mouth.

14. Apple Park Toys

Apply Park Toys

Apple Park Toys take pride in making environmentally friendly baby products which are not only safe for your baby but are also safe for the planet. Their toys are colorful, soft and plush with a comfortable feel that babies love.


15. Babyletto Lolly

Babyletto Lolly 3-in-1 Convertible Crib with Toddler Bed Conversion Kit

Babyletto Lolly makes cribs from organic New Zealand Pinewood, they have a natural non-toxic finish. The crib is convertible and can be transformed into a daybed.

16. Ergo Baby Organic Baby Carrier

Organic Baby Carriers | Ergobaby

This carrier is from 100% organic cotton fibers that are comfortable for baby’s delicate skin. It is easy to carry around and shields your baby from the sun.

Creams and Balms

17. Acure Organics

Acure Organics All Natural Organic Baby Sunscreen Stick With Zinc Oxide Sunblock, Coconut Oil, Beeswax, Candelilla, Castor Oil, Carnauba, Shea Butter, Borage, Pumpkin and Aloe, 0.5 oz (Pack of 2): Beauty

Acure Organics produces sunscreen suitable for babies, based on cocoa butter, shea butter aloe vera and essential oils formula, it shields the skin from the sun.

18. Earth Mama Organic Balm

Eartg Mama Organic Diaper Balm

This multi-purpose, petroleum-free ointment or balm prevents diaper rash and irritation.

Cleaning Products

19. Limegreen

Limegreen | All-Natural Multi-Use Products

They have herbal hand wash and other soaps that come from natural ingredients.

20. Babyganics

Babyganics | babyganics

They make organic and natural baby laundry detergents that are biodegradable and have no chemicals.

Organic baby products that are made in USA

Unfortunately not every product labeled organic actually is, some are packaged as such while others are labeled as 50% or 75% natural.  It means extra attention is needed to ensure a baby product is truly organic, especially when dealing with less known brands. When buying organic baby products, you could ask to verify the certification when in doubt. In the USA, for example, organic products are strictly vetted to make sure they meet the requirements to be certified as organic products. Here is a list of 9 certified organic baby products that are made in the USA.

1. California Baby

California Baby Official Site

They cover a wide range of products from body lotions, creams, bath soaps, shampoos, and hair conditioners. All products are organic and natural, there are also vegan formulas.

2. Badger Made

Badger Natural & Organic Body & Skin Care - Made in the USA

Derived from natural ingredients, it is organic and their line of oils and balms are popular in the US for soothing bites and bruises as well as comfort during restless nights.

3. Hygeia

Hygeia Health

They are popular for their Hygeia EnJoye Electric Breast Pump.

4. Polka Dot Moon Wooden Teething Ring

Polka Dot Moon Teething Ring | Teething Toys | Wooden Baby Teether

Organic and natural toy for your baby to chew on when teething.

5. Green Toys

Green Toys | Made Safe in the USA

All their toys are made from recycled plastics in the USA, they are not just organic but are environmentally friendly as well.

6. Baby Bear Shop

Baby Bear Shop

The baby bear shop has a range of organic baby balms, soaps and wash.

7. Flynn crib

Flynn Modern Nursery Crib - Modern Cribs & Changing Trays - Modern Kids Furniture - Room & Board

They provide organic baby cribs made under strict USA safety standards. Manufactured from American maple wood, handcrafted and painted with a non-toxic finish.

8. Babyganics

Babyganics | babyganics

It offers non-alcoholic, non-scented baby skin care products like lotions, hand sanitizers, all-purpose surface wipes, and bubble baths.

9. Dr. Browns

Dr. Brown's Baby

They carry different sizes of glass baby bottles that are organic and natural.

10. Bamboosa


Bamboosa Offers organic and non-toxic baby clothes and wears like onesies, crib sheets, towels, wraps, blankets, bibs, and cuddle sack.

Best Organic Gift Baskets For New Babies

1. Welcome Home Baby Gift Basket

Welcome Home Baby Gift Basket -Yellow/Green: Home & Kitchen

This gift basket is perfect for a newborn, it contains lots of essentials such as a handmade blanket, 4 layette outfits, a hat, baby booties, socks, a nip, and a hand-woven dinosaur. 

2. Burt's Bees Baby Blossom Basket

Burts Bees Baby Girls Organic Take Me Home Stripe Blossom Basket: Clothing

Burt’s Bees organic basket is so cute with a baby bodysuit, a kimono T-shirt, a bib, a burp cloth, and a mini lotion for after-bath time. Everything is made with certified natural and soft, organic cotton.

3. Froggy Baby Spa Gift Basket

Bath Time with Froggy Baby Spa Gift Basket - Small: Health & Personal Care

This is a woven wood basket filled with baby bath products like a scrubby, an extra soft hand towel, a handmade stuffed frog and a few other starter baby products, all in green.

4. Organic Baby Gift Basket

Organic Baby Clothes-Baby Shower by IveArrivedOrganics on Etsy

A charming baby gift crate filled with neutrally toned items for your newborn baby. It is not gender-specific and all products are organic. The crate contains baby clothing with cute animal prints, washcloths, caps, leggings, booties.

5. Gender Neutral Gift Basket

Gender Neutral New Baby Gift Bouquet New Mom Gift Gender | Etsy

This gift basket is perfect for baby showers and when the baby's gender has not yet been revealed. It has a little of everything from diapers to onesies, burp cloths, washcloths, and many other useful items in neutral colors to fit any gender.


At this point, you most likely have become familiar with organic and natural baby product options that are out there. It all comes down to minimizing risk and buying your baby the safest and healthiest products. Contrary to popular opinion, organic products do not have to be expensive. In the long run, they can even be cheaper if approached in the right way. Choosing to use organic products benefits us, our environment and the entire planet.

Do your best and remember, the best thing you can give your child is love and care.